Hi, my name is Matty and I’ve been a chef for 15 years. I run my own Restaurant and am cooking every day. Like you, I go online to find products for my restaurant and for my home, and to be perfectly honest, there’s a LOT of rubbish products being sold on your popular cooking sites!

Our website is mainly focused on kitchen, cooking, recipes. We share lots of different and unique recipes that might you all should try out in your home. We always share our best recipes with you all.

Over the years I have used a lot of cookware in my restaurant and friends and family were always asking what they should buy so that they would have a quality product that would give them a great result.

One of the reasons for setting up this site was to pass on some advice on good quality cookware I’ve found and that would work well for you in your own kitchen.

Unlock the secret to commercial quality in your own home.

The products are rated/reviewed by real chefs!


Chef Matty

Hi I’m Matty, and welcome to the website I created. I have been a Chef for more than 15 years.  I did my apprenticeship in Australia and have worked in various places around the world.  I currently own Café Strand in Falmouth Cornwall.

Along with my parents we started “My Home Selection” because we realized that most kitchen equipment is not great.  We want to help you find the very best products for your home that will give you Chef quality meals.

Jack Nicholas

Jack is a Chef from the north of England but has mainly worked around the Cornwall area. He is co-owner of Café Strand in Falmouth and brings several years of experience to the team. His love of cooking has inspired him to create his own recipes and share them with out readers. His knowledge of kitchen equipment also adds great value to our reviews.

Amy Hand

Amy is a writer living with her dog and two cats. Before becoming a writer she studied patisserie at Silwood School of Cookery and worked as a head pastry chef and head chef at a number of restaurants where she created recipes and delighted customers with her creations. Her favourite part of working with food is discovering new ways to use ingredients through recipe development and, of course, eating.

David Rice

David Rice is a writer and chef of many years. He enjoys gardening, cheese making, gathering people around the table, and fly fishing. He brings years of experience to both equipment reviews and recipes that he has created for the website.

Braam Botha

I'm a bit of a ‘Jack of all trades', I'm a qualified chef, self-taught web developer, business operations manager and I'm currently studying for a number of certifications in IT.

If I'm not behind my computer I am busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen or working on some food-project like curing meats or making fermented things. I dream of travelling, finding the best and most bizarre foods, learning about all the hidden culinary secrets this world has to offer.

I love meeting new people, arguing about anything, and above all, meeting new dogs.

Jan Dubsky

Originally from east Europe, I have spent several years in the UK working in hospitality. Lived the chef’s life in a busy kitchen. Shaking cocktails in a renowned cocktail bar. Managing a cafe and guesthouse in Asia. I constantly seek new culinary experiences through travelling. It helps me find inspiration and develop my knowledge in the world of gastronomy. I am interested in an active lifestyle with great passion for martial arts, skateboards and badminton. I can speak three languages, currently studying the fourth one.

Alison Stringer

Hi, my name is Alison and I live with my husband and two sons in the tropics of Darwin, Australia. I have been a High School Food & Hospitality teacher for many years, and I am trained as a Plant-based Chef. My passion is growing food in our garden then preparing it for our plate.

Healthy cooking and lifestyle are so important today but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. From online workshops to retreats, my love of food and food creation for people continues to grow. I believe food connects and nourishes us all.

Ali Fagan

As an American chef and writer currently living in Amsterdam, Ali loves to explore all that Europe has to offer. From traveling and trying different cuisines to attempting to recreate them in her kitchen at home, she loves to share experiences over food and wine. Professionally trained at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, Ali has worked in restaurants, professional test kitchens, and as a private chef. Currently she is freelancing full time as a recipe developer and food content & copy writer.

Researchers, Writers And Reviewers

Cate Nderi

Hi, I'm Cate. After completing my university education, I decided to follow my passion. I’m very good at one thing, “researching and writing articles.” When I’m not writing, I’m trying out a new recipe or munching noodles! With my experience I will bring you top-notch kitchenware and valuable home improvement tips to enhance your cooking experience.

Scarlett Soodhoo

Hi I’m Scarlett and I’m a self-certified foodie and chocoholic. I have a marketing background and have been lucky enough to work across several exciting industries from film and entertainment to events and of course food! Over the past year I have been running my own DIY pizza delivery kit business ‘The Home Dough Co’. I am obsessed with exploring new places and would love to one day travel the world and write fun food articles at the same time!

Web Development And Marketing

Our Marketing Team

Trish Riedel – Website Design

Trish, as you may have guessed is Matty’s mother. She has been a foodie her whole life. After yet another conversation with her son on what “insert piece of kitchen equipment” do you recommend I buy”, jointly decided we should build a website to answer that same question for everyone. She has been co-owner of an SEO and Web Development agency based in Australia for more than 10 years. Her main role is web design and management of the web development team.

Andrew Riedel – SEO and On-line Marketing

Andrew is Matty’s dad and co-owner with Trish of our SEO and Web Development Agency. He is a highly experienced SEO consultant and on-line marketer and has been assisting small business clients rank their websites for more than 10 years. His success shows with the large number of long-term clients whose businesses rely on his expertise.

Dexter Astoria – Web Developer

Dexter is a very passionate and dedicated website developer working closely with Trish and Andrew. He enjoys every step of the design process, from discussion and collaboration to concept and execution. Dexter has years of experience in the web development field and he acquired skills and knowledge necessary to make any project a success.

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