Hi, my name is Matty and I’ve been a chef for over 15 years. I run my own Restaurant and am cooking every day. Like you, I go online to find products for my restaurant and for my home, and to be perfectly honest, there’s a LOT of rubbish products being sold on your popular cooking sites!

Over the years I have used a lot of cookware in my restaurant and friends and family were always asking what they should buy so that they would have a quality product that would give them a great result.

One of the reasons for setting up this site was to pass on some advice on good quality cookware I’ve found and that would work well for you in your own kitchen.

Unlock the secret to commercial quality in your own home.

The products are rated/reviewed by real chefs!


Head Chef and Restaurant Owner Matty Riedel

Hi I’m Matty, and welcome to the website I created. I have been a Chef for more than 15 years.  I did my apprenticeship in Australia and have worked in various places around the world.  I currently own Café Strand in Falmouth Cornwall.

Along with my parents we started “My Home Selection” because we realized that most kitchen equipment is not great.  We want to help you find the very best products for your home that will give you Chef quality meals.

Chef Amy Hand

Amy is a writer living with her dog and two cats. Before becoming a writer she studied patisserie at Silwood School of Cookery and worked as a head pastry chef and head chef at a number of restaurants where she created recipes and delighted customers with her creations. Her favourite part of working with food is discovering new ways to use ingredients through recipe development and, of course, eating.

Chef David Rice

David Rice is a writer and chef of many years. He enjoys gardening, cheese making, gathering people around the table, and fly fishing. He brings years of experience to both equipment reviews and recipes that he has created for the website.

Chef Braam Botha

I’m a bit of a ‘Jack of all trades’, I’m a qualified chef, self-taught web developer, business operations manager and I’m currently studying for a number of certifications in IT.

If I’m not behind my computer I am busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen or working on some food-project like curing meats or making fermented things. I dream of travelling, finding the best and most bizarre foods, learning about all the hidden culinary secrets this world has to offer.

I love meeting new people, arguing about anything, and above all, meeting new dogs.

Chef Patrick Browne

I’m a classically trained chef with over 30 years in the culinary industry, having spent time as both a research and development chef and executive chef.  I enjoy understanding the science of cooking and applying it in a simplified manner for the home cook.  

When I’m not at the stove, I love to be in the outdoors hiking, hunting, and fishing.  My wife and I enjoy traveling and currently split our time between the mountains of Montana and the beaches of Portugal.

Chef Jan Dubsky

Originally from east Europe, I have spent several years in the UK working in hospitality. Lived the chef’s life in a busy kitchen. Shaking cocktails in a renowned cocktail bar. Managing a cafe and guesthouse in Asia. I constantly seek new culinary experiences through travelling. It helps me find inspiration and develop my knowledge in the world of gastronomy. I am interested in an active lifestyle with great passion for martial arts, skateboards and badminton. I can speak three languages, currently studying the fourth one.

Chef Alison Stringer

Hi, my name is Alison and I live with my husband and two sons in the tropics of Darwin, Australia. I have been a High School Food & Hospitality teacher for many years, and I am trained as a Plant-based Chef. My passion is growing food in our garden then preparing it for our plate.

Healthy cooking and lifestyle are so important today but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. From online workshops to retreats, my love of food and food creation for people continues to grow. I believe food connects and nourishes us all.

Chef Ali Fagan

As an American chef and writer currently living in Amsterdam, Ali loves to explore all that Europe has to offer. From traveling and trying different cuisines to attempting to recreate them in her kitchen at home, she loves to share experiences over food and wine. Professionally trained at the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, Ali has worked in restaurants, professional test kitchens, and as a private chef. Currently she is freelancing full time as a recipe developer and food content & copy writer.

Researchers, Writers And Reviewers

Co-Founder, Writer, Researcher – Maria Kelley

I teamed up with Matty, the cooking genius to put this website together. He’s our expert Chef and Restauranteur and I am the guiding force behind the website information, web development and team management. I’m a total extrovert and an avid communicator. I also love my coffee and a good chat with friends. As a stay-at-home mum with a couple of kids and a husband who works all the time, I’m a jill-of-all-trades and dab hand at working things out around the house with the help of YouTube videos!

Scarlett Soodhoo

Hi I’m Scarlett and I’m a self-certified foodie and chocoholic. I have a marketing background and have been lucky enough to work across several exciting industries from film and entertainment to events and of course food! Over the past year I have been running my own DIY pizza delivery kit business ‘The Home Dough Co’. I am obsessed with exploring new places and would love to one day travel the world and write fun food articles at the same time!

Caz Meyer

Caz is a freelance writer and editor living in sunny South Africa. With an interest in organic gardening and cooking and using kitchen products that last, she whips up delicious meals for her family and friends, mostly with home grown produce. Many years in research and writing and even more in keeping an excellent kitchen. Wanting to share reviews on products and healthy recipes that any one can make.

Chrissie Stephen

Originally from Hertfordshire in the UK, Chrissie Stephen has lived and worked in Germany, Cyprus, France and the UK as a writer. She admits to being a real foodie and enjoys cooking and growing her own fruit and vegetables. She has written several regional cookbooks and worked as a recipe tester for a top women’s magazine in the UK. Her mantra is to try one new recipe every week!

Florah Njoki Munga

Hello! My name is Florah—a cooking and cleaning enthusiast, but most importantly, a mother. If you won’t find me doing any of the above, you’ll catch me reading a book or writing. I have been cooking since I was 19 and the journey only gets better. Every chance in the kitchen is an opportunity to try something new or repeat the old. I enjoy the former.

Henrietta Saunders

Hi, I’m Henrietta. It’s fair to say I have had a lifelong obsession with food. I like to grow food, cook food, write about food, photograph food, and most importantly – eat food! My first experience working with food was on a biodynamic farm. This involved cooking for large groups, milking cows by hand, and teaching children how to cook in an outdoor kitchen. After over a decade in teaching, I now work as a freelance copywriter/ content creator. I enjoy concocting recipes and writing about food sustainability and seasonal eating, among other things.

Saskia Booyens

My name is Saskia and I am a passionate foodie, psychometrist and life coach. I suffer from an auto-immune disease (Hashimotos), which has further exacerbated my passion for creating delicious meals that are also help prevent and manage health conditions. Not only do I love creating new recipes and meals but I also love traveling and exploring different flavors, cuisines and restaurants.

I believe holistic health to compromise of nutritional, mental and physical health and I love working with people of all walks of life in helping them achieve the best version of themselves.

Gordana Radenkovic

Hello! My name is Gordana. I am a freelance food writer, blogger, and photographer. I love cooking and baking; it brings me so much joy! Food is not only my creative outlet, but a big passion and I love to tackle any recipe, from the old, traditional, to new and innovative cuisine.

Food is a way of sharing my Serbian culture but also a creative way to gain insight into other cultures and cuisines. Along with all the recipes, I also love to share my travel stories.

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