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The 20th century was full of technological innovations. One of those that drastically changed the way we live was refrigeration. Low temperatures slow the growth of bacteria and extend the freshness of our food. Just imagine how would our lives be more difficult without this piece of equipment that we take for granted these days.

America was the place that pioneered fridges for home use and today we will compare some of them in our list of best American style fridge freezers. What makes them so distinct from traditional fridges is the size and functionality. 

Their features can be different from one model to another, but generally, they are larger, have double doors opening in the middle, and feature an ice cube dispenser. 

American style fridge freezers on our list go beyond just that. Which one will fit in your kitchen the most? 

Best American Style Fridge Freezer: Our Top 9

1. Samsung RS52N3313SL

Samsung RS52N3313SL Freestanding American Fridge Freezer with Digital Inverter Technology, Water Dispenser, 520 Litre, 91 cm wide, Clean Steel, Decibel rating: 42, EU Acoustic Class: D

To start our list of best American style fridge freezers we have to start with Samsung, one of the industry leaders in the field. 

This two-door model is suitable for larger households or avid cooks that need extra space to store their food. If you use the freezer as often as the fridge you’ll appreciate the convenience of a vertical freezer. Just open the doors and reach for frozen berries and oat milk for your morning smoothie at the same moment. A vertical compartment allows you to organise your storage more effectively. Put your most frequent ingredients on the top shelves so you don’t have to bend as often as if the freezer was only at the bottom.

This fridge freezer keeps food fresh for longer thanks to the internal airflow, maintaining the temperature consistent and even in every compartment. It also prevents the buildup of ice on your food with a no-frost feature.


  • Vertical fridge and freezer compartment
  • Plumbing-Free Water and Ice dispenser
  • Practical compartments


  • Light less bright

Features & Benefits

Ice And Cold Water Dispenser

Get fresh ice cubes, or crushed ice directly into your glass or just fill it with cold water. Plumbing is optional but not necessary. Simply fill in the container with fresh water.

Temperature monitoring and control

Temperature can be monitored and easily controlled. The Digital Inverter Compressor keeps the temperature consistent and energy-efficient with less noise.

Vacation Mode

One of the interesting features is vacation mode. Remove all perishable goods from the fridge, select vacation mode on the control panel and leave for the holidays. The fridge will consume less electricity while keeping the food chilled and frozen. 

2. Hisense RQ560N4WC1

Hisense RQ560N4WC1 80cm Free Standing American Fridge Freezer Cross Door - Total No Frost - My Fresh Choice - Non-plumbed Water Dispenser - Stainless Steel

Hisense is better known for making TVs. Their American fridge freezer range is worth taking into consideration. 

The 4 door model has a fridge compartment on the top and a freezer at the bottom. View and set the temperature easily using the display comfortably positioned at eye level. You can set a different temperatures for both parts of the freezer compartments.

The accurate technology will make sure your food stays at the right temperature all the time. 

Its wide fridge compartment can hold big trays of food, perfect if you frequently prepare cakes or throw garden parties.

The well placed LED light will illuminate every corner.


  • Wide fridge storage shelf
  • Non-plumbed water dispenser
  • Small Size


  • Short warranty period

Features & Benefits

Temperature Adjustable Freezer Compartments

You can set the custom temperature of the freezer compartments using a touch control display.

Non-Plumbed Water Dispenser

Refresh yourself with chilled water straight from the fridge using the built-in dispenser.


This American fridge freezer doesn’t have to be manually defrosted. This self-maintenance extends its longevity while saving your time.

3. Samsung RS50N3513SA/EU

Samsung RS50N3513SA/EU Freestanding American Fridge Freezer, Total No Frost, 534 liters, Graphite, Noise level:

A bigger brother of the first model on our list of best American fridge freezers.

This version holds all perks and benefits of the same model but consumes less energy. 

The compressor adjusts its power and speed that preserve energy with lower noise. Extending the lifespan of your fridge freezer.

Plumbed water and ice dispenser are always ready to fill your glass or jug with ice and chilled fresh water.


  • Lower energy consumption
  • Powerful Freezing


  • Requires Plumbing

Features & Benefits


Plumbing keeps the water and ice dispenser always with fresh water so you’ll never have to refill the tank again. 

Powerful Freeze

Freezer will quickly lower the temperature when you’ll put new things inside and freeze them rapidly.

4. Samsung RS50N3513WW

Samsung RS50N3513WW Freestanding American Fridge Freezer with Digital Inverter Technology, Plumbed-In Water and Ice Dispenser, 501 Litre, 91 cm wide, White, Decibel rating: 42, EU Acoustic Class: D

This American style fridge freezer is another from the side by side series. This model is featuring water and ice dispenser and plenty of storage space.

It’s main focus however is on it’s freezing capabilities. 

The alarm will notify you if the doors were not closed properly.

It will prevent unnecessary leakage of cold air and build up of frost.


  • Water and ice dispenser
  • Energy efficient
  • Alarm


  • Requires Plumbing

Features & Benefits

Fast Freezing

This model has great freezing capabilities. The digital inverter compressor will freeze your food quickly, preserving its freshness

5. Samsung RF65A977FSR

Samsung RF65A977FSR French 4 Door Family Hub

Sometimes the fridge can be more than just fresh food storage. It always was a messaging board in my family. Your fridge is probably also decorated with notes and important memos of every member. 

This American fridge freezer took that function to a whole new level. The big touch screen on the front allows you to write notes and memos for yourself or as a message for others. View your calendar, browse the internet, order groceries or access the digital meal planner. 

Pair it with your phone or smart TV and enjoy music or watch videos. You can even answer a phone call. Forgot what you had to buy at the shop? View what’s inside your fridge, directly on your phone.

Big capacity will satisfy even the biggest families. Cleverly designed compartments help you organise your food, keep it fresh and crips all the time.

The water dispenser will fill your glass with chilled water or cubbed ice. An Internal Ice tray can collect enough ice to fill all the glasses at your garden party or football afternoon with friends. 


  • Big Capacity
  • Smart touch-screen
  • Bluetooth and Wi-fi Pairing
  • Large Ice tray
  • Coldwater dispenser


  • Price
  • Energy consumption
  • Plumbing is required

Features & Benefits

Voice Assistant

“Hey Bixby, read the recipe again!”. Get guidance, set timers or answer phone calls while you cook with a Samsung voice assistant. 

Internet Access

You can browse recipes or websites directly on the screen. Your phone can rest in your pocket without getting dirty again. Did you know that our smartphones are nearly 3 times dirtier than a doorknob? 

Memo Board And Entertainment

Leave notes for your family, edit your family calendar, share pictures, watch videos and more. Your fridge becomes your family’s dashboard.

6. Fridgemaster 378 Litre

Fridgemaster 378 Litre American Fridge Freezer - Black

“Jack of all trades is a master of none”.  Fridgemaster brand, probably, took this saying literally and focused only on one trade. You guessed it, fridges.

They focus on the production and development of fridges and freezers. Fridgemaster is one of the most affordable brands in American style fridge freezers. 

The powerful fan rotates the cold air in the fridge compartment, maintaining a consistent and even temperature.

It is also one of the most silent models on our list thanks to the durable inverter compressor. 


  • Price
  • Lower energy consumption


  • Fewer functions
  • No Ice Maker Or Water Dispenser

Features & Benefits

Humidity Control

Keep your fruit and vegetables crisp and fresh longer by adjusting the humidity level with a manual controller. 

No Frost Technology

Forget about scraping buildup ice from inside the Fridgemaster. This fridge freezer is designed to keep the optimal airflow and temperature throughout the compartments preventing ice buildup on your food or walls.

7. Haier HSR3918ENPG

Haier HSR3918ENPG Freestanding American Style Side By Side Fridge Freezer, 528L Capacity, A++ (E) Energy Rated - Silver

Thin, powerful and spacious with low energy consumption, that’s Haier Side-By-Side American style fridge freezer.

The first thing we have to mention is that this is the most energy-efficient model on our list. Making a lower impact on the environment and your electricity bills. 

It comes in 3 models: Plumbed, Non-plumbed water dispenser or water dispenser free. Haier has options for all requirements and budgets. 

Side-by-side fridge freezer models provide accessibility and comfort


  • Side by side compartments
  • Easy to move around
  • Lower energy consumption


  • Door shelves are a bit narrow

Features & Benefits

90 Degree Door Hinge

When you open the doors they will automatically stop at 90 degrees, preventing damage to the surrounding appliances. The fridge content is still well visible. 

Fast And Quiet

The inverter compressor is designed to reduce vibrations during the operation, providing quiet performance and fast cooling.

Effortless Maintenance

The automatic defrosting process keeps your freezer free of frost. Protecting your food and preventing energy loss.


LG GSL761PZXV Freestanding American Fridge Freezer, Frost Free, 246 liters, Stainless Steel, Noise level:

This American style fridge freezer is the golden middle way for most big families. Large capacity food storage with quiet performance. The unique LG’s Inverter Linear compressor operates on a lower energy consumption.

The optimised airflow distributes the temperature throughout the fridge evenly. This cools the food faster and prevents the buildup of frost, making maintenance and cleaning a piece of cake. 

It features a door alarm and will beep loudly if the doors were not closed properly. The child lock feature will prevent the little intruders from raiding the fridge outside opening hours.


  • Remote control
  • Plumbing-free water and ice dispenser


  • Price

Features & Benefits

Smart Phone Pairing

Pair your fridge with your smartphone and control the settings remotely or receive notifications. You won’t find spoiled food in the fridge again because someone forgot to close the doors properly.

Clever Compartments

Some food and ingredients may be more sensitive to the way they are stored. This model has a unique dairy or vegetable compartment keeping your food fresh for longer.


COMFEE' Fridge Freezer Freestanding 170 Litre RCB170WH1(E) Low Frost Fridge with Reversible Door Hinge - Energy Saving LED lights & Adjustable thermostat – White

Maybe you’ve realised that you don’t need as big of a fridge freezer as most American style models are. Having a half-empty fridge freezer in your kitchen will just increase unnecessary electricity consumption and your bills. 

This fridge freezer model is more suitable for smaller kitchens.

It features low frost technology that is minimising the build up of ice inside the fridge and freezer so you don’t have to defrost it that often. 


  • Reversible door hinge
  • Small size


  • Manual defrost

Features & Benefits

Reversible Door Hinge

Sometimes our fridge selection can be limited to the models that have door hinges only on the right or left side. The Comfee door hinge can be reversed accordingly to the position of the fridge in your kitchen.

Considerations When Buying An American Style Fridge Freezer

Proper food storage will help you minimise food waste, lower the impact on our environment and lower your expenses. Having a good overview of your ingredients is vital for food rotation. Remember the last time you bought something only to find out you already had it tucked somewhere in the fridge? 

Keeping vegetables and fruit fresh for longer could help you bring some healthy habits into your daily diet. 

A fridge and freezer are some of the most important appliances in our households therefore it is worthwhile to do your research and weigh up your options properly.

American style fridge freezers are usually very spacious, providing convenience in food storage. That makes them most suitable for large families or cooking enthusiasts that require a lot of storage space for their creations.

The following list may give you a better idea of where to start or what to look at when buying an American style fridge freezer.

Size And Capacity

It is good to start asking yourself what size will be optimal for your household? A too big fridge freezer that is half empty will only cost you a lot of money spent on electricity. A small fridge will frustrate you with not enough space for your needs. 

A fridge and freezer crumped too much with bags and boxes will limit the airflow. The temperature will not be consistent and even. You could find your soup half-frozen and milk not cold enough in your fridge. 

An uneven temperature distribution will cause condensation and accumulation of water. This can start freezing and develop a layer of ice. A fridge freezer with a frost layer will have to work harder to maintain the set temperature, raising energy consumption during the process. 

The size of a fridge freezer will vary depending on the household, diet habits and how many highly-perishable items they require to keep chilled. 

A household of 1 or 2 people will find 300L fridge freezer capacity sufficient to store most of their items. 

A family of 4 will usually aim for 500 to 600L capacity.


Space available in your kitchen will be the second most important aspect to look at as that is putting physical limitations in your decision-making process. 

Measure the available area in your kitchen first before conducting your research. Otherwise, you may end up like my friends who spontaneously bought a fridge freezer they loved only to find out that it won’t fit in their kitchen. Now their dining room is decorated with a massive fridge freezer. 

Temperature Regulation

Temperature consistency is key in extending the freshness and longevity of your food. Look for models with accurate temperature control. Digital display settings panels are the best options. Some more advanced, and expensive, fridge freezers can be paired and controlled with your smartphone.

Water And Ice Dispenser

Models with water and ice dispensers will provide chilled refreshment and help you stay hydrated throughout the day. Very useful in a hot climate, if you’re planning to fill your glass or bottle often you may also consider plumbed version. Otherwise, you may get annoyed by constantly refilling the water tank. 

In climates where the cold season takes longer, you may don’t use this feature that often. In this case, a non-plumbed version may be more suitable. 


The next thing to consider are compartments and how are they organised. Will you use a wine rack? Or is it just taking unnecessary space that you could use otherwise? Are there dedicated compartments for fresh meat and vegetables? How easy is it to remove and clean? 

Side By Side Or 4 Door Style?

American style fridge freezers feature two doors most of the time that can be opened either side by side, also called the french doors. This adds more convenience to everyday use. Placing the most frequently used items on top shelves will minimise unnecessarily bending as if the freezer was only at the bottom. 

The second most common option is a 4 door style. This version keeps the freezer at the bottom. The benefit is that the fridge shelf is more wide and able to store spacious containers. Some American style fridge freezers can be split into two parts where temperature can be set individually. 


Last but not least is the design and aesthetics. While this part is based on personal preference, well synchronised design can bring visual harmony into your kitchen. Some fridge freezers are more stylish than the others but always weigh in other features of the fridge freezer as well. 

Smartphone Pairing

More appliances are able to pair with our smartphones these days and the Internet Of Things trend is here to stay for a while. It can bring a lot of useful functions, adding more convenience to our lives. But sometimes it is only a marketing buzzword with limited functionality only consuming memory on our phone. Consider wisely whether it is worth paying extra money for something that you may not use at all.


What Is An American Style Fridge Freezer?

American style fridge freezers are big and spacious, and they able to store a lot of food with double doors that open in the middle. They usually feature a chilled water and ice dispenser.

How To Defrost Samsung American Style Fridge Freezer?

Most Samsung American style fridge freezers have their own automatic defrost cycle. You can set it to defrost manually by a function Forced Defrost or fd in short.

You will have to press and hold a set of buttons, for a few seconds, to access this mode but most models have different settings. Have a look into your user manual to learn what buttons you have to press and hold on your model.

The Forced Defrost may take from 20 to 30 minutes. 

How Much Electricity Does An American Style Fridge Freezer Use?

The energy consumption varies by model and size but in general it may take from 650 to 850 kWh per year. 

How Long Should An American Style Fridge Freezer Last?

You can expect most American style fridge freezers to last up to 10 years with good performance. The more reliable brands can go beyond that to up to 15 or 20 years.

Do American Style Fridge Freezer Need Plumbing In?

Water and ice dispensers that most American style fridge freezers have require a source of fresh water. Some models have refillable containers, and some require plumbing, but in most of the cases it is optional. 

Summing Up

Choosing an American style fridge freezer may not be easy and, for the average household they are a significant outlay. It is long term purchase however, and spending more for quality appliance ensures you get value for money in the long-run. 

Samsung RS52N3313SL Freestanding American Fridge Freezer with Digital Inverter Technology, Water Dispenser, 520 Litre, 91 cm wide, Clean Steel, Decibel rating: 42, EU Acoustic Class: D

Samsung RS52N3313SL

Editor's Choice

  • Vertical fridge and freezer compartment
  • Plumbing-Free Water and Ice dispenser
  • Practical compartments
Jan Dubsky