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Argos Griddle Pan Review

Argos has a wide reputation across the UK. Inspired by Richard Tompkins, the catalogue retailer has shone their flag so high, thus gathering customer loyalty. Syllogism makes you understand that Argos products are top-notch, like the brand they pride themselves on. 

Over time, we’ve seen Argos limited introduce various brands. Their entry into the cookware industry is something you will live to appreciate. Perhaps due to their success in the market, you have to trust there’s no way they’ll ship mediocre cookware. 

Griddle pans are the cookware you want to add flexibility in your kitchen. Usually, there is more than meets the eye regarding griddle pans. What material is the best? Is it heavy or light? Non-stick or not?

Argos Griddle Pan Review

Hold on. This guide tears down the Argos griddle pan. It’s one item you will love as it brings a tone of benefits with its exciting features. 

The Argos griddle is the ideal pan, especially if you don’t want to spend hours scrubbing and washing off stuck-on food wastes. What’s more interesting is its health aspect, you don’t have to use too much oil or eat food with excess fats, thanks to its excellent ridging. 

It allows you chargrill meat and cook some of your favourite vegetables very fast. Measuring just 23cm, it is an ideal size, especially if you stay solo most of the time. The visual appeal of the griddle pan cannot go unnoticed, not particularly in a beauty-skewed society. There are various colours, but orange is remarkably the best. You’ll love to see it in your kitchen.


  • Cost-friendly 
  • Trusted brand
  • Attractive colours
  • Cast-iron design 
  • Durable enamel coating 


  • Small size
  • Very simple
  • Considerably heavy


Argos Griddle Pan Features

1. Cast Iron 

Like many of Argos’s cookware, this griddle pan is made of cast iron. Cast iron is strong enough and withstands a lot of heating. It’s the sole reason the pan is oven safe. Furthermore, the fact that the pan is made of cast iron guarantees uniform distribution of heat. All you must do is pre-heat your pan to ensure your food cooks evenly.  

2. Enamel Coating 

The enamel coating is famous for one reason, durability. The enamel coating is comparable to stainless steel coating to put things into perspective. It’s worth noting that the ceramic coating is free from cadmium and lead. 

This griddle pan features enamel coating both in the interior and the exterior. Even though it’s not dishwasher safe, you don’t have to worry too much if you leave it damp or use it on the hob.

3. Cast Iron Handle 

This pan has a cast iron handle that is riveted strategically. The enamel coating covers the rivets from the inside, making them uniform. It’s good to note that while it guarantees a good grasp, it can get scalding and thus a need to be cautious when handling it. However, we have an excellent solution to protect your hands from being burned. The Lodge Silicon Hot Handle Holder will work perfectly with the Argos and comes in a variety of colours to match the colour scheme of your kitchen.

4. Collection Channel

This pan has a tactful oil or fat collection channel cut on one side. Collecting the excess oil or residue fat is made easy. You must hold the handle firmly and tilt slowly in the direction of your container. 

Argos Griddle Pan Benefits

Since many kitchen enthusiasts gauge cookware with its benefits, we’ve decided to delve deeper into the advantages of the Argos griddle pan. 

1. Oven Safe

The Argos griddle is made of solid cast iron, thus oven safe, although not past 240 degrees. It’s also compatible with most hobs. You can use it on induction, electric, ceramic, halogen and gas hobs.

2. Manufacturers Guarantee

Argo puts a 1-year warranty alongside this griddle pan. Even though it’s not designed for extremes, one year is more than enough to push the pan off-limits. It automatically gives you some deep confidence when purchasing the item. 

3. Cost-Friendly

Going for just £8 from some retailers such as Sainsbury, Argos griddle pan is one of the most affordable in the market. Its desirable features are what make it a real catch at a price.

4. Healthy To Use

This griddle pan has uniformly crafted ridges that channel the oil away from the food. Furthermore, you don’t use a lot of oil when cooking with it. Most importantly, you get the much-desired sear lines – utilizing backyard grilling in your kitchen.

5. Ease To Wash

Since the pan has ridges, food rarely sticks on it unless you are a beginner in the kitchen game. Even for newbies, food cannot stick on the pan should they adhere to the manual – add oil to the meat, not pan. You, therefore, have an easy time washing the pan. All you have to do is drain the excess oil and clean the pan with warm or hot water. Also, it would help if you never washed it with cold soapy water. Always use hot water and dry it properly for it to last longer.

Best Used For?

Since the Argos grilled pan has ridges, it’s best used to chargrill meat. You can use it to sear any meat, be it chicken, pork, fish or beef. It all depends on what you love most. Furthermore, you can use the pan for cooking vegetables. Like other griddle pans, it gives you an experience of outdoor grilling from your kitchen. 

It would be best if you nonetheless had a recipe when cooking a meal, or you’ll end up with some junk, then place the blame on the incredible Argos griddle pan. You can check out online for some fantastic recipes that go in line with the pan.

Argos Griddle Pan Fact Sheet

  • Diameter


  • Oven Safe

    Up to 260⁰

  • Material

    Cast Iron

  • Coating


  • Dishwasher Safe


  • Compatible Hobs

    Electricity, Gas, Halogen, Ceramic & Induction

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Argos Griddle Pan Review: Summing Up 

The Argos griddle pan has impressive features and numerous advantages that make it a worthy investment. Interestingly, all the benefits and features come at an affordable price tag.  

The manufacturer tags a one-year warranty on the product which is enough to clear any doubts with the item. This cookware gives you with more than just performance. You get a good asset too.  Most people hate washing, especially if not with a washing machine, no worry at all, it’s effortless to wash. 

Lastly, its benefits greatly outweigh the fact that it feels somewhat heavy and the handle gets hot when cooking. Weight is subjective, and you’ll get used to it sooner than you imagine. The Argos griddle pan gives you a chance to add new cookware to your kitchen and explore new recipes while still maintaining high dietary health standards. 

Griddle Pan Review

Editors Choice

  • Cost-friendly 
  • Cast iron design
  • Durable enamel coating 

Cate Nderi