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Beko Bean To Cup Coffee Machine Review

When choosing a way to brew coffee at home we may get overwhelmed by the amount of coffee equipment that the market has to offer. Many manufacturers are boasting about the lists of features their coffee machines have. While we don’t really use many of them in our everyday brewing habits, we end up paying for things we don’t need. Is Beko bean to cup coffee machine one of them – find in this review!

While some people enjoy tweaking and tuning their coffee machine. Other frequent coffee drinkers just want to enjoy a great cup of coffee without too much hustle making it, and especially cleaning after. 

Beko Bean To Cup Coffee Machine Review

Beko 8814253200 CEG5311X Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Stainless Steel

If you love coffee and prefer a simple way of doing things while always expecting the best quality result, this review may have something for you. 

Beko is a well established player in the home appliance market. To see a coffee machine in their product range was a surprise, as they focus mainly on large appliances. However, this small but powerful machine is worth taking into consideration when deciding on which coffee machine to buy. 

Engineers at Beko must have spent a lot of attention crafting this bean to cup coffee machine to be as simple to use as possible. Intuitive operation makes it easy to use. The machine doesn’t require too much attention in coffee brewing as it doesn’t have too many options. Few essential buttons will do the job just right.  


  • Price 
  • Ease of use 
  • Simple cleaning and maintenance 
  • Milk frother


  • Less brewing options 
  • Frothing jug not included 
  • Not suitable for pre-ground coffee

The machine is programmed to switch itself off automatically if not in use by the Auto Shut-off function. Saving electricity, environment and your wallet. It can be brought quickly back to life by pressing the button.  

This home espresso machine can brew fresh coffee, thanks to the built-in grinder. The grind size can be adjusted, however most of the time the factory setting is sufficient enough. I strongly recommend buying a model with a frothing wand to include a perfect cappuccino into your mornings.  

Compact size and modern minimal design will make it fit into most places, not just the kitchen. Why not treat yourself with a caffeine boost in your office as well.  

Features And Benefits 

Coffee Brewing 

This bean to cup coffee maker offers a single or double shot of espresso by pressing a button on a simple touch screen. The freshly ground coffee is brewed under high pressure to extract its rich flavour. A special pre-brewing feature soaks the coffee grounds first before the full extraction. Expanded beans build up higher pressure to deliver richer flavour and frothy crema.   

The adjustable coffee grinder can hold up to 125g of coffee beans. It can brew around 12 cups of espresso before it needs to be refilled. The volume of an espresso can also be set according to your preference. From 25 ml to 250 ml, it can accommodate most types of coffee drinks.  

Beko 8814253200 CEG5311X Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Stainless Steel

Milk Frother 

Milk frothing wand is a great feature for those who like to wake up in the morning with a cup of cappuccino. The manufacturer suggests to froth the milk in the coffee cup placed on a dripping tray. For best results it is better to buy a small steel jug to froth the milk like a true barista. It allows you to control the frothing better. With enough diligence you can even develop some latte art skills. 

If you enjoy a cup of tea during the day, the machine can fill a cup with hot water to steep the teabag in. It is, also, suitable for warming up the cups before letting the espresso pour in. 

Easy Cleaning And Maintenance 

The minimal design makes it really easy to keep clean. There are just a few parts that need to be taken off and cleaned. Making the whole process almost effortless. An indicator will notify you that it is the time to descale your machine using. Automation makes the whole process very straightforward and takes just a few minutes. Simply, fill in the water tank with water and a descaling agent, press the button and let the machine clean itself.  

Best Used For 

The Beko bean to cup coffee machine is made for people that need coffee in their daily lives but have other interests to focus on than coffee brewing. Those who like to keep things simple will appreciate the intuitive operation of this machine. I’m even thinking of getting one for my mom who drinks a lot of coffee but is not too much of a technical savvy type.  

It is suitable for most households and users of all technical levels. People who spend money on takeaway coffee, to fuel their busy work day, may consider investing into a bean to cup machine, like Beko, and brew fresh coffee directly at the workplace.  

Beko 8814253200 CEG5311X Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Stainless Steel

Reasons To Buy 

Brewing a fresh espresso at home can save you a lot of money. On top of that, it doesn't consume too much electricity. The coffee is always of good and consistent quality. Simple use and easy cleaning make Beko bean to cup coffee machine a reliable brewing partner. Compact design with powerful performance is useful for small kitchens or areas that are not too generous on available space.  


Why Does My Beko Bean To Cup Coffee Machine Brew Cold Coffee? 

If the machine hasn’t been in use for a while, the pouring nozzle will cool down. Warm it up before brewing coffee by pressing the manual rinsing button. Discharging some  water will heat up the nozzle. Don’t forget to warm your empty cup with hot water, before you let the coffee pour in.  

How To Select Different Settings On Beko Bean To Cup Coffee Machine? 

Press and hold the off button for five seconds. Choose the hot water button to select ECO mode. Strong espresso button for Speed mode and mild espresso button for Default mode.  

  • Colour

    Stainless Steel

  • Package Dimensions

    44 x 38.4 x 23.6 cm; 9.28 Kilograms

  • Capacity

    ‎‎6 litres

  • Material

    Stainless Steel

  • Item Weight

    ‎9.28 kg

How To Clean The Beko Bean To Cup Coffee Machine? 

  1. Disconnect the power cord from the main supply outlet. 
  2. Remove the external drip tray and pour away the water. 
  3. Slide open the internal drip tray and ground container. Empty it, clean with water and let it dry.  
  4. Unlock the nozzle cover by turning it to the left and remove it by pulling it downward. Wash it in fresh water and let it dry.  
  5. Pull down the service door and remove it. Press the release knob on the brewer and remove it. Wash and dry it before inserting it back to the machine.  
  6. Remove the water tank, clean it with fresh water and let it dry before inserting back.  
Beko 8814253200 CEG5311X Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Stainless Steel

Why Is The Drip Tray On The Beko Bean To Cup Coffee Machine Full Of Water?

The coffee is ground too fine. Adjust the coffee grinder to a bigger level while in operation.  

How Can I Adjust The Volume Of My Coffee? 

When making coffee, press and hold either the strong or mild espresso button. The machine will start pouring coffee. When the volume of coffee reaches your desired level, release the button. You will hear two beep sounds, indicating that the volume is being memorised.

Next time you press the button it will deliver the volume of coffee that you have just set. To be more precise in the measurement of your coffee volume, place the cup on a small kitchen scale. Move it under the nozzle and let coffee drip directly into the cup, while the scale is on. This will tell you exactly how much coffee the machine brews for you.  

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Summing Up 

Beko brings a great value for money to the bean to cup coffee machine market. What may look like an entry level machine is a reliable coffee maker that will cover most of your daily coffee needs.

However, people that enjoy playing and tuning the extraction of their coffee should look elsewhere, as it doesn’t offer much freedom and control over the final cup. The few options simplify the whole brewing process and make it easier to maintain.

Beko gives you the opportunity to spend time more enjoying your coffee than hustling around making it.

Beko 8814253200 CEG5311X Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, Stainless Steel

Beko Bean To Cup Coffee Machine

Editors Choice

  • Price 
  • Ease of use 
  • Simple cleaning
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