Circulon Saucepan Set Review & Buyer’s Guide

I always struggle with the idea of a set of saucepans, usually because they are made up of the exact same functionalities across all the pans in the set with the only differentiating factor being size. Circulon saucepans are great value for money and although I am not a major fan of cooking with non-stick pans, this set really impressed me. Their non-stick coating is quite durable compared to other saucepans in this price range. My only problem with this set would be the fact that all the pans in this set are non-stick. If you find a use for having 3 similarly sized non-stick saucepans, then this set might just be the one for you. This Circulon saucepan set review is probably the only review I have done on a set of saucepans where I did not find more than one fault.

Circulon Saucepan Set Review

Circulon 78054 - Momemtum - Stainless Steel Saucepan Sets - Total Non Stick - Induction Suitable - Glass Lids - Set of 3

Circulon products are known for their great quality and this set does not disappoint. The thicker stainless-steel base on these pans ensure an even heat distribution, eliminating the formation of hotspots and enabling you to cook your food evenly throughout the entire pan. My favourite feature of this set would be the riveted handles, if you have read any of my other reviews on saucepans you would know that I am very picky when it comes to the quality of the handle. I would never consider buying a saucepan with handles that are attached using a screw, I can't begin to describe my hatred for handles that come loose and start wobbling. The riveted handles on this set are durable and will last you a good few years at least!

If you are drawn to the fact that this set is dishwasher safe, I cannot deny that this set will probably be perfectly fine if you do wash it in your dishwasher. However, I cannot in good conscience keep quiet on this; Do not wash any pots and pans in a dishwasher, even though they do advertise that it is dishwasher safe, you will get a few extra years out of your pans if you properly care for them by gently handwashing them.


  • Induction Stove Suitable
  • Oven & Dishwasher Safe 
  • Riveted Handles 
  • Durable
  • Lifetime Guarantee (always a good sign) 


  • All pans are non-stick
  • All pans are very similar
  • Non-stick takes forever to brown food
Circulon 78054 - Momemtum - Stainless Steel Saucepan Sets - Total Non Stick - Induction Suitable - Glass Lids - Set of 3

Circulon Saucepans: Features & Benefits 

Induction Ready

The magnetic ability of the stainless steel used in this set makes it suitable to use on an induction stove, which has for many people become the new standard. I do prefer cooking on a gas stove, but it could never hurt to have extra functionality that you don't need, rather than not having it and then needing it.


I would generally not list non-stick as a feature or benefit; however, the quality of Circulons' non-stick coating is really good and if properly cared for will definitely last much longer than most other products in its price range. Their non-stick technology has slightly changed my opinion on non-stick cookware, I might be cooking with them more often from now on.

Circulon 78054 - Momemtum - Stainless Steel Saucepan Sets - Total Non Stick - Induction Suitable - Glass Lids - Set of 3

Oven & Dishwasher Safe

One of my favourite features of any good saucepan is the ability to survive finishing a dish off in the oven. Although I cannot vouch for the heat-treated plastic handles and how long they would last, I do believe that this set might give you quite a few great years. I would recommend sticking to the instruction manual and not exceed 204°C when cooking with them in the oven.

Three Style Options

Circulon offers you the choice between three style sets, although I would have preferred a set in which they give you one of each rather than three of the same styles, they are all truly amazing products.

  1. SteelShield Stainless Steel – Designed to be suitable for using metal utensils, Circulons' patented SteelShield technology makes use of raised stainless steel grooves that protect the non-stick layer from harm. The smaller surface area that the non-stick layer is attached to prevents it from peeling off due to hotspots or uneven heat distribution.
  2. Momentum Stainless Steel – Similar to the raised grooves of the SteelShield pan the momentum range also makes use of raised grooves, however, these grooves are covered in the non-stick layer as opposed to the exposed stainless on the former. They call this a Hi-Low Non-Stick System.
  3. Momentum Hard Anodised – With the same Hi-Low Non-Stick System, this style would be my go-to option between the three as it is made with Hard Anodised aluminium which is known to be twice as hard as stainless steel.
Circulon 78054 - Momemtum - Stainless Steel Saucepan Sets - Total Non Stick - Induction Suitable - Glass Lids - Set of 3

Reasons To Buy Circulon Saucepans 

Besides the truly sturdy handles (just one of my criteria for a great saucepan) which won't come loose because of the rivets, these handles are extremely comfortable to hold. The comfortability of the handle paired with the lightweight pans makes for a truly amazing cooking experience.

I am yet again reiterating the fact that I am not a major fan of cooking with non-stick and cannot see the need for buying a set of 3 non-stick pans which are similar in size. Besides my dislike of non-stick, I cannot deny that this product is of great quality and this at an amazing price. If it were possible to opt for taking one pan out of each of the three options I would certainly do so, however, if you are buying a set you have to stick to what they offer. I would therefore go with the hard anodised option.



  • Material

    Stainless Steel

  • Colour


  • Oven Safe


  • Saucepan inclusion

    16cm saucepan, 18cm saucepan, 20cm saucepan

  • Glass lids

  • Induction Suitable

  • Dishwasher Safe


Are These Sets Durable?

Yes! The riveted handles are very sturdy and won't become loose over time. By the time the handles come loose on these pans, new pans would have been long overdue. If durability and sturdiness is what you are looking for, all three options for these sets will be a great purchase however the most durable out of them would be the Momentum Hard Anodised set. 

Why Are There Different Styles To Choose From?

Besides the visual appeal that is different in each style, these three sets are each made from different materials and non-stick technologies. If you are looking for a very robust and durable set, go for the Hard Anodised set. If scratches are your enemy and you sometimes forget that you shouldn't use metal utensils in your non-stick pans, go for the SteelShield option as it is designed to be used with metal utensils. The normal stainless-steel option would be my last choice, however having a basic set of stainless steel pans do come in handy, they also offer the Hi-Low Non-Stick System.

Are The Silicone/Plastic Handles Safe To Use In The Oven?

Although I am always wary of putting plastic/silicone in the oven, this set has held up quite well so far. I would recommend limiting the use of this functionality and abiding by the 204°C rule in their manual. If you are like me who finishes dishes in the oven more often than not, I would rather invest in a dedicated pot/saucepan for this use. Some of the dishes I make require finishing in the oven at very high temperatures, therefore this set won't do the trick. 

Circulon 78054 - Momemtum - Stainless Steel Saucepan Sets - Total Non Stick - Induction Suitable - Glass Lids - Set of 3

Do The Stay-Cool Handles Work?

The silicone covering on the handles do really help to keep them from burning your hand when used on the stove, however, do not think that they won't leave a terrible mark if you take them out of the oven without oven mitts. 

Do The Grooves In The Pans Make It Difficult To Clean?

I thought that the Hi-Low or SteelShield systems might make these pans incredible hard to clean. I was very wrong; the high-quality non-stick layer makes these pans super easy to clean. I know most people are lazy and will probably just throw them in the dishwasher, which will probably work quite well to give them a clean. However, I like taking care of my cookware. Cleaning your cookware by hand with a little bit of soap and warm water will ensure the longevity of the pans. If you neglect to care for these pans and their non-stick layer starts coming off, I can guarantee you will have a terrible time cleaning them.

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Circulon Saucepan Set Review: Summing Up

Even though I am not a major fan of non-stick cookware, this set has really impressed me a lot. Circulons’ non-stick technology is quite amazing, I haven't struggled to get a proper browning on a steak using the hard anodised set, although this wouldn't be my go-to set for cooking steak, it worked quite well. These sets are extremely durable and very stylish.

If you enjoy cooking with non-stick cookware, this set will certainly be a great investment for your kitchen, just remember to always take care of your stuff!

Circulon 78054 - Momemtum - Stainless Steel Saucepan Sets - Total Non Stick - Induction Suitable - Glass Lids - Set of 3

Circulon Saucepan Set

Editors Choice

  • Induction Stove Suitable
  • Durable 
  • Lifetime Guarantee
Circulon 78054 - Momemtum - Stainless Steel Saucepan Sets - Total Non Stick - Induction Suitable - Glass Lids - Set of 3