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The Drew & Cole CleverChef 14-in-1 Intelligent Multi Cooker is an aluminium device that gives you 5 litres of cooking space, perfect for family cooking. Easy to use, this slow cooker is suitable for various tasks, and you can enhance your dishes while saving time.  Now for our in-depth Clever Chef Multi Cooker Review

Clever Chef Multi Cooker Review 

Drew&Cole CCMC01 CleverChef 14-in-1 Intelligent Digital Multi Cooker, Aluminium, 860 W, 5 Litre, Charcoal

The device has an interface that allows you to pre-program 17 different recipes at any time.

You can slow cook, but you also have the option to use the high setting for faster cooking. In addition to the flavour-lock technology to keep food delicious, the device fits comfortably on your kitchen counter and quickly moves out of the way as needed. 


  • Is easy to clean 
  • Features a recipe book 
  • Utilizes several cooking functions 
  • Comes with a unique steamer tray 


  • Traditional slow cookers can be much larger 
  • You may find the dashboard interface challenging to manage
Drew&Cole CCMC01 CleverChef 14-in-1 Intelligent Digital Multi Cooker, Aluminium, 860 W, 5 Litre, Charcoal

Features And Benefits 

The CleverChef Multi Cooker is unique in that it substitutes for several different devices simultaneously.  

Features of the CleverChef Multi Cooker product include a range of recipes that include the following cooking functions: 

  • steam 
  • stew
  • soup 
  • fish 
  • saute/brown 
  • rice 
  • roast 
  • poach 
  • bread rise 
  • bake 
  • pasta 
  • slow-cook 
  • yogurt 

You will also find a DIY function that helps you to customize the cooking experience to your own personal needs. For example, you can use your home recipes but let the CleverChef Multicooker do the work. You’ll be amazed at the results! 

clever chef multi cooker review of all the functions

The quick-touch control panel is easy to manage, and you can clean it without difficulty. You can easily cancel any selections, and you can set the timer with ease.  

The CleverChef Multicooker, then, gives you a device in the kitchen that is easy to check, and it can sit for several hours at a time without worry. Babysitting your food can be tedious and time-consuming, but you can attend to other tasks while the CleverChef Multicooker goes to work. You can smell the results of your work, but you do not need to worry about burning or smoking. 

Best Uses Of The Clever Chef Multi Cooker 

Are you cooking for parties of two to six? When you have access to five litres of space, you can cook dishes that will feed several people at the same time.  

This device is helpful for batch cooking when you plan to freeze items for later use. Because you can fit five litres of any product you like into the Multicooker, it is easy to prepare for weeks or months of dishes in advance. 

If you need a rice steamer, you will not need to purchase a separate product to do just that one job. Instead, you can steam rice in the Multicooker.  

clever chef multi cooker review: what can't this machine do?

Rising bread in the CleverChef Multicooker makes it easy for you to leave your dough alone until it is time for cutting, shaping, or baking. You can also leave the risen bread in the CleverChef Multicooker until you can get back to the home kitchen and continue the task at hand. 

Making soups in the CleverChef Multicooker is a wonderful way to keep the soup hot for as long as you need to serve your guests. This warming capacity is also helpful when you need to keep food in the device while waiting for your guests to arrive. You will not need to worry about timing your dishes, and you can even use the low setting to draw out more flavour from your ingredients.  

The CleverChef also works well when you prefer to prepare one-pot dishes. These dishes take less time to complete, and they are delicious. Plus, you can use the recipes the manufacturer has included with the device if you need a little inspiration. 

Reasons To Buy  

When looking for the best countertop appliances on the market, you can push everything else aside to purchase the CleverChef Multicooker. Any food you like will go into the device, and it will cook until it’s finished.  

You might want to purchase the CleverChef Multicooker because you have very little space in your kitchen. In addition, some people will buy the CleverChef Multicooker because they want to cook healthier meals at home. The CleverChef Multicooker has a nonstick surface that does not call for butter or oil, cutting down on the fat content of your food.  

The Keep Warm feature allows you to turn off the slow-cook features, ensuring that your dishes will remain warm and safe and not overcook. Unfortunately, the warming feature is not available on most traditional slow cookers or your stove.  

The Delay Timer is an excellent feature that will make it easy for you to prepare food later. When cooking for the family, the CleverChef Multicooker can hold the ingredients and sit on the timer until it is time to begin cooking. You can schedule breakfast, set up soup to cook just before dinner, or put in the ingredients for lunch before sitting down at your desk for work. 

This device is perfect for cooking in small offices, bungalows, campers, and studio apartments. You can keep the CleverChef Multicooker in a cabinet until you are ready to cook again, or you can leave it in the corner of your kitchen counter, where it will take up very little space.   

The CleverChef Multicooker is more than affordable, making it easy for you to purchase the one appliance that will revolutionize your kitchen. Its sleek design fits into any kitchen. 

The device wipes clean with a damp cloth, and it will not hold onto odours from your previous dishes. As a result, you’ll start with a blank slate with which to cook your next dish. 

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Clever Chef Multi Cooker Review: Summing Up 

The CleverChef Multicooker is an excellent multi purpose kitchen tool for the busy home chef who wants tasty meals. Because you can accomplish so much with a single device, it opens up a world of culinary possibilities. You may want to choose this device over a traditional slow cooker, saving space in your kitchen and guiding your cooking in the future. 

Drew&Cole CCMC01 CleverChef 14-in-1 Intelligent Digital Multi Cooker, Aluminium, 860 W, 5 Litre, Charcoal

Clever Chef Multi Cooker

Editors Choice

  • Is easy to clean 
  • Features a recipe book 
  • Utilizes several cooking functions
Drew&Cole CCMC01 CleverChef 14-in-1 Intelligent Digital Multi Cooker, Aluminium, 860 W, 5 Litre, Charcoal

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