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8 Myths About Drinking Coffee

There’s nothing better than a warm brew of your favourite coffee in the morning to get you going. In fact, if you love your coffee, you probably drink it all day long! 

However, there’s a party pooper to spoil every party and there’s been plenty of negative press about the humble bean. For instance, I’m sure you’ve seen that post on social media shouting that coffee will cause cancer, boils, and other assorted horrendous diseases. 

Time To Debunk These Coffee Myths

So, put your filter coffee machine back on to brew as most coffee myths are dead wrong. You’ll no longer fall for any misconceptions about the world’s favourite hot drink after getting all the facts. There are hundreds of myths out there and we are here to debunk some of the main ones for you.   

1. Drinking Coffee Helps You Lose Weight  

Although coffee can indeed increase your metabolism by the slightest bit, it’s not enough for you to lose a large amount in the long term. This isn’t a method you should use if you are trying to lose more than one or two pounds every few months. As well as this, most coffees are made with sugar, milk, or cream and these are high in calories. The calories in the coffee can counteract the metabolism increase and therefore lead to possibly gain weight.   

2. Coffee Will Affect Your Growth  

There’s a lot of old wives' tales stating that the caffeine in coffee will stunt your growth. This can stop a lot of younger people from drinking it as they want to be taller. Although it’s not best to give a toddler coffee, it won’t affect their growth. There is no scientific evidence for this statement and therefore should not be believed.  

3. Decaffeinated Coffee Contains No Caffeine   

You would like to think that decaf coffee has no caffeine at all, but you’d be wrong. The word ‘decaffeinated’ means that the caffeine has been reduced as much as possible but there is no way for it to be completely removed. There is still between 2 and 12mg of caffeine in a decaf cup of coffee which is a large decrease. One or two cups will be okay but if you go overboard, you could still be drinking the same amount of caffeine in a normal brew.   Here's a great guide on how much caffeine is in your coffee.

4. Drinking Coffee Will Keep You Up At Night   

Caffeine is a stimulant that makes you more alert. In fact, it’s one of the best natural nootropics you can use. But it doesn’t stay in your system forever. Treating yourself to a cup in the early to mid-afternoon to keep you going won’t stop you from falling asleep later in the night. Your liver processes caffeine very quickly and will be flushed out of your system within 4-7 hours, ready for bedtime.  

5. Coffee Causes Life-Threatening Diseases  

As well as cancer, many people have claimed that drinking coffee can cause things such as cardiovascular disease, and high cholesterol. The good thing is that there’s absolutely no proven link between caffeine and these diseases. If you consume coffee in moderation, it won’t harm you. If you have high blood pressure, your heart rate could be increased with the consumption of coffee, but it is not the main cause. Some evidence has even shown that drinking coffee has benefits for the body.  

6. You’ll Become Dehydrated When Drinking Coffee  

It’s been believed that coffee is a diuretic that flushes water out of your system and leaves you dehydrated. There is a possibility that caffeine can dehydrate you, but coffee is brewed with water. This counteracts any dehydrating effects of caffeine and could actually hydrate you. Just ensure you don’t rely on coffee as your main source of hydration, as a glass of water is always the best.  

7. Don’t Drink Coffee When You’re Pregnant  

A lot of pregnant women still hold off drinking coffee in fear that it will harm their unborn baby. Years ago, expectant mothers were told to forget about coffee consumption but new evidence suggests a cup or two per day will not harm baby. As with just about everything in life, the old adage, everything in moderation, is great advice. 

8. Coffee Will Sober You Up And Cure Hangovers   

When you’ve found you’ve had a few too many drinks, you may turn to coffee as a quick fix to sober up. This method will make you more alert which may make you believe you’re sober, but you’ll still be just as intoxicated. This can be dangerous as you may try to drive a vehicle when you’re still over the limit. It doesn’t sober you up and it also doesn’t cure your hangover the next day. “Hangover cures” such as greasy food and a fizzy drink will make you feel better but they won’t sober you up. 

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Coffee Myths: Summing Up

There are a lot of coffee myths, most are just plain old bad advice and other are scare-mongering at its worst. In fact there are any number of benefits to drinking coffee but that's a subject for another day. Just take it easy, relax and put on another brew. Just don’t overdo it and you’ll be fine. 

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