Coffee Vs Tea: Which Is Better For You?

If you’re like me, most people start their day with tea or coffee. We often feel like we cannot function until some of this delicious brew has touched our lips and sparks up the mind. In our fast-paced society a caffeine hit from tea or coffee feels like it keeps us going and gives us superhuman energy to achieve the mountains of work or tasks we need to do each day to stay on top of everything. 

From faced paced mornings and workdays, to lazy weekends, at some stage of the day we will have a cuppa in hand. It's universal and you can have it any way you like, hot/cold, milk, sugar, you name it and it's on the menu.  
Coffee machines are popular in people's homes as they can be their own barista, and many are in search of the perfect coffee bean or blend. Tea varieties are numerous with a variety of different flavours and medicinal benefits to suit your needs. Who knew you could make tea out of Dandelion roots or raspberry leaves? Teas like these and many more are being shared for the natural health benefits they offer. 

female pondering coffee vs tea?

Our coffee and tea rituals not only wake us up on those hectic mornings, they connect us with family and friends. Taking the time to sit and connect with those we love and have a chat leave us feeling recharged and connected with each other.

Just like food, tea and coffee connect us with each other and give space and time to sit and just be in this busy world. Tea always reminds me of sitting with my Nan, she usually served it with some sort of delicious home baked treat. The tea was strong, milky and I’d always slip in an extra sugar to really make it sweet. It feels like home. Like love. 

Now for my favourite! There is nothing like a quiet moment to ourselves to savour our favourite cuppa. A moment of peace and quiet away from the busy worlds we live in, while sipping on our warm drink feels like a little hug for our stomach and soul. Ahhhh the serenity!  

Let’s put the kettle on and let’s look at which one is better for you. 

Coffee Vs Tea: Which Is Better For You? 

Both tea and coffee offer health benefits from drinking them. They both contain antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that have been suggested to lower risks of diabetes and possibly cardiovascular disease. Which one is better for us? 


Tea has been part of many cultures over many centuries. Tea has been traded and has spread throughout the world right into our own kitchens and hearts. The varieties of teas and medicinal benefits vary greatly as well as the flavour and rituals that accompany them.

There are many teas to choose and most people will have a favorite. Black, Green tea, herbal teas, Oolong, the list goes on. Let’s look at some of the many benefits of drinking tea. 


Benefits Of Drinking Tea 

  • Less caffeine than coffee 
  • Contains Antioxidants like flavonoids that are beneficial to heart health  
  • Contains polyphenols which are anti-inflammatory properties that protect us from free radicals. 
  • Shown to reduce cholesterol levels in the body 
  • May assist in gut health with antimicrobial properties to kill off bad bacteria 
  • Unsweetened it may lower blood sugar levels 


Seriously, coffee saved me some days in the past! It helped with all-nighters to get university assignments in on time and helped me struggle through as a mum with young children after many sleepless nights.

Coffee is not just coffee these days there's instant coffee, pour over, espresso, freshly ground beans, decaf, iced coffee and more! Besides the caffeine hit we all know and love, what are the benefits of drinking coffee? 


Benefits Of Drinking Coffee: 

  • Living longer- lowers risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke 
  • Energy boost 
  • Improves memory and mood 
  • Source of vitamins such as B vitamins, magnesium and potassium 
  • Antioxidants that are beneficial to heart health 
  • Like tea contains Polyphenols Anti inflammatory properties. 

Is There Such A Thing As Too Much? 

There can be too much of a good thing for both tea and coffee. They both contain caffeine which when over ingested in excessive amounts can cause dehydration, jitters and interrupt sleep patterns. My tip is to know your limit. Some people can drink more caffeine than others before the jitters, anxiety or heart racing sets in.

If you feel this happening to you it might be time to limit yourself to one or two coffees or teas a day and get some rest. Caffeine is borrowed energy so eventually your energy stores will run low. Rest and recharge and choose a lower caffeine option for a few days. 

what's in this cup? coffee vs tea?

Add Ins 

Often, we don't just have a black coffee or tea. We ‘add in’ flavours, sugar, cream, milk and more. These add-ins can turn a coffee or tea with benefits into an unhealthy treat. Iced coffees are often filled with sugar syrups and whipped cream that delight the senses but are not good for our overall health.

Same goes for Iced teas on the market, check out the sugar content on labels and you'll be surprised at how much sugar is actually in there. Best tip for iced tea is to make your own at home, same goes for coffee. That way you know what is going into your favourite drink and you can save the high ‘add in’ drinks as a treat rather than your regular brew. 

  • Coffee


  • Contains antioxidants



  • Anti-inflammatory properties



  • Caffeine



  • Energy booster



  • Beneficial to heart health



Summary: Coffee Vs Tea: Which Is Better For You? 

Well, which one is better? How do we decide which one as they both have so many benefits, tastes and varieties? Basically, it comes down to personal taste and lifestyle. Both have multiple health benefits and side effects from overuse if we aren't careful.

If needed, limit your daily caffeine intake and the add-ins to keep your cuppa on the healthier side. Enjoy the benefits and taste of your favourite drink, hot or cold. Make sure you take that little bit of quiet time with yourself each day to savour your brew, breathe and recharge.