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De’Longhi Caffe Corso Review & Buyer’s Guide

Published by: Chef Jan Dubsky • Updated: October 19, 2023 • Checked By: Chef Matty Riedel

Cappuccino, probably the first thing that comes to the mind of coffee enthusiasts. Usually, we must visit the local cafe to enjoy this treat as making it at home is not that easy. The coffee has to be extracted under high pressure and milk frothed with hot steam. The whole process sounds like a lot of hassle for making just one cup of coffee. However, it doesn’t have to be that difficult. This De’Longhi Caffe Corso review will focus on a powerful and affordable tool that can turn your kitchen into a small cafe, brewing perfect cappuccinos anytime you want.  

De’Longhi Caffe Corso Review

De’Longhi is a well-established brand with a history in household appliances manufacturing dating to the early 20th century. Big part of their portfolio focuses on coffee making machines. Proudly designed in Italy, birthplace of probably the greatest innovation in the coffee drinking culture, the espresso machine.  

De’Longhi Caffe Corso is a bean to cup coffee maker with a built-in grinder. It will grind just the right amount of coffee beans for each cup, more on this later. Another important feature is the milk frothing wand, or cappuccino maker as the manufacturer calls it. It all comes in a very convenient size, considering the potential of how many tasks this machine can deal with. Built in 1.8l water tank makes it suitable for most environments. All you need is a power socket and freshwater. The engineers were detail focused enough to add an ECO feature, saving electricity when the machine is not in use. Reducing the impact on the environment while saving your utility bills. A nice win-win type of situation.  

Even more advanced coffee drinkers will appreciate its range of coffee making settings. It gives a lot of control over the taste of your cup. Setting doesn’t require a lot of knowledge or skills. The whole user experience is very simple, suitable for all levels of technical efficiency.  

Designed with a delicate designer touch of Italian elegance, it will fit nicely in your kitchen or office.  

Features & Benefits

Built-In Grinder 

Before we dive into the coffee brewing in this De’Longhi Caffe Corso review I want to mention the built-in grinder first. The reason is simple, before we want to brew the coffee, we need to grind it first.  

This conical steel burr grinder can hold 200g of coffee beans with adjustable settings. It only has to be set once, or until you’ll change the type of coffee beans. Learn more on how to choose the right beans in our guide.  

The machine grinds the beans to order by pressing a button. This way the coffee will preserve its freshness much longer, compared to the already pre-ground coffee.  

If you prefer using pre-ground beans anyway, you can simply add a scoop into the second compartment. I like this feature when making coffee early in the morning, as I don’t want to wake up my family by being too loud in the kitchen.  

Easy To Use 

Operating the De’Longhi Caffe Corso is very simple. First we need to set up the machine based on the beans we use and our coffee preference. I really appreciate the settings that this machine offers when brewing coffee. It allows me to set the size and strength that I like the most.  

Don’t get discouraged, the setting has to be done only once or until you will change the beans, as mentioned earlier in this review. The whole process is very simple and even enjoyable. After you’ll find your preferred taste you just need to press the button. The kitchen will quickly fill with an amazing aroma of fresh coffee. Just sit back and watch as the dark liquid pours into a cup, topping it with frothy crema, a sign of a well made espresso. Thanks to the two nozzle pour spouts, I can make two cups at the same time, so we can enjoy the coffee together with my wife. The pour spout has adjustable height which is a nice detail. It will accommodate most of the cups, glasses or travel tumblers.  

De'Longhi Caffe' Corso

When making coffee with De’Longhi Caffe Corso, 200g of coffee beans lasts us for about a week as we make two to three cups a day. The consumption can vary, depending on how strong you like your coffee to be.  

Cleaning, Fast And Simple 

Another benefit of De’Longhi Caffe Corso is simple cleaning. While maintenance requires attention, as any other appliance, it doesn’t require much time nor effort. The whole machine is easy to break apart and reassemble again. All you need to do is remove the used coffee from the container, clean the drip tray, coffee infuser and water tank. This has to be done, relatively, once a week. Depending on the amount of cups brewed.  

Automatic Descaling Feature 

To prevent clogging and possible malfunctions, the machine needs to be descaled once in a while. Descaling frequency depends on how hard water you use. The coffee maker is smart enough to notify you that the descaling is needed, by flashing the indicator.  

To descale the De’Longhi Caffe Corso. Turn the machine off. Fill the water tank with the descaler diluted with water. Place an empty container under the hot water spout. To start the automatic descaling, press and hold the descaling button for 5 seconds, turn the steam knob half way, and let the machine clean itself. Be careful as the hot water pours out.  

After the water tank is empty, the appliance just needs to be rinsed with clean water. To do so, turn the steam knob back to its position. Remove the empty water tank, rinse it under running water, fill it with clean water and replace. Turn the steam knob half way again. The hot water will come out. Now turn the knob back to 0. The descaling has finished, just fill in the water tank again. The machine is ready at your service again. 

De'Longhi Caffe' Corso

Measure the water hardness level using the test that comes with the user manual. If the water you use is not too hard, you can lower the descaling frequency. Now the machine requires even less maintenance.  

Best Used For 

De’Longhi Caffe Corso is most suitable for frequent coffee drinkers that want to enjoy a quality cappuccino or espresso, within the comfort zone of their homes. Adjustable settings can accommodate even more advanced users without spending too much on expensive coffee equipment.  

I can also imagine treating clients with a nice cup of coffee in my office, if I had one. Or sharing it with my colleagues.  

Reasons To Buy 

De’Longhi Caffe Corso packs multiple features in just one machine. Adjustable grinder, milk frother and coffee maker is easy to use and clean. Coffee brewing settings allow us to always make the perfect cup that will match our taste. It can save a lot of money, spent otherwise, on coffee shops. Not too big in size, it will fit most kitchen countertops.  

De'Longhi Caffe' Corso

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How To Set Up Your De’Longhi Caffe Corso 

After unboxing and setting up the machine, fill in the water tank. Make sure it is plugged in and switched on. Fill in the coffee bean compartment with your favourite beans.  

Next we need to set up the brewing ratio. The whole process is very easy using only two knobs. First will set the coffee strength, the amount of beans used to make the cup. Second knob will determine the amount of liquid we want to get. If you prefer an occasional strong coffee, make yourself a double shot in one cup by pressing the two cup button.  

Additionally, you can play with the coffee extraction a bit further by adjusting the grinder. A finer grind will extend the extraction time and make a stronger brew.  

The way to set up the machine properly is through trial and error, so expect making a number of cups when using the machine for the first time. However, the final outcome is well worth the time and beans spent.  

How To Make The Best Cappuccino 

Once your machine is set up, first start by warming up your cup. Fill it with warm water from the steaming wand. Meanwhile, warm the coffee spout by pressing the rinsing button, releasing a few drops of hot water. This will ensure that the coffee is being brewed with piping hot water. Place the empty, warm cup under the pour spout and press the button to extract the coffee.  

Next we need to froth the milk. When we talk about cappuccino, a well frothed milk is what separates greatness from mediocrity. Unfortunately, the Caffe Corso doesn’t come with a frothing jug in the box. So you’ll need to get yourself one. It has to be a steel jug, just any other won’t froth the milk properly.  

Fill a quarter of a jug with milk. Next insert the steaming wand into the milk under a slight angle and turn the steam on. The steam warms the milk and fills it with hot air, forming bubbles and foam. After the frothing is finished, tap the jug slightly on a hard surface, this will make all of the big bubbles pop. With a bit of practice, you will get the hang of it quickly. Use the milk directly from the fridge to get the best frothing results. Alternatively, use some plant based milk, this is a real challenge to froth though.  

Finally, top your freshly made espresso with warm frothy milk. Pour it slowly into the middle of a cup. If you have time and dedication, you can even play with some latte art. Maybe you will discover an inner barista within yourself. Or just sprinkle the cup with some chocolate dusting.  

De'Longhi Caffe' Corso

How Do I Know That My Caffe Corso Is Ready To Make Coffee? 

If the lights with one and two cups symbols are on steadily, the machine is ready to make coffee. If they are flashing, the water is heating up. 

Can De’Longhi Caffe Corso Make Tea? 

Yes, you can fill in the cup with hot water to steep a tea bag in it.  

Why Does The Water Pouring Light On My Caffe Corso Flashes? 

The machine is not able to make coffee, or that the coffee is delivered too slow. Check the grinding level, set it to more coarse.  

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Why Is My Coffee Too Weak And Watery? 

The coffee used is ground too coarsely, adjust the level to a more fine grind. 

Why Did The Cappuccino Maker Stop Delivering Steam? 

A safety device stops steam after 3 minutes, just wait a while before using the steam again.  

How Do You Make De’Longhi Coffee Stronger? 

To get a stronger shot, set the grinder to a finer grind level, increase the amount of coffee used for brewing. Press the double shot button.  

How Much Money Can De’Longhi Caffe Corso Save? 

It depends how much coffee you drink. If you are used to buying 2 to 3 cups a day, the machine will pay itself back in around one to two months after purchase.  

  • Colour


  • Capacity

    1.8 litres

  • Dimension

    ‎28.5 x 36 x 37.5 cm

  • Weight

    10 Kilograms

  • Material


  • Auto Shutoff


  • Special Features

    Integrated Coffee Grinder, Milk Frother, Programmable, Removable Tank, Thermoblock, Thermostat

Summing Up 

De’Longhi Caffe Corso gives us the opportunity of becoming the head barista of our own home cafe, while not spending a fortune on an expensive espresso machine.

It makes great coffee in a simple way at an affordable price. Easy cleaning saves time and hustle. Daily coffee drinkers will save a lot of money on shop bought cups of coffee.


Editors Choice

  • 3-in-1 (Coffee machine, grinder, milk frother) 
  • Easy to use 
  • Use whole beans or pre ground coffee


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