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De’Longhi Deep Fat Fryer Review & Buyer’s Guide

A reliable deep fryer is something that every kitchen needs to have; otherwise, you are missing out on a world of delicious crispy meals, treats, and snacks. Whether you are looking for a quick way to make restaurant-grade French fries or perhaps a donut or two for your sweet tooth, a deep fryer allows you to enjoy the foods you crave in just minutes. Read on for our in-depth De'Longhi Deep Fat Fryer review

When most of us think of deep fryers, those massive stainless-steel monsters you see at local fast-food restaurants are the first things that come to mind. Thankfully, home appliance technology has progressed enough for us to enjoy the fantastic flavour and crispiness of fried food at home in a much smaller and cost-effective package.   

De’Longhi Deep Fat Fryer Review

DeLonghi FS6025 2.4 Litre Traditional Deep Fat Fryer, Adjustable Temperature Control, Anti-Odour Filter, 1800 W, White

De’Longhi is royalty when it comes to small appliances. This Italian company from Treviso has a history of nearly 120 years of producing top-of-the-line espresso machines, toasters, and other kitchen appliances. The De’Longhi Deep Fat Fryer is another best-selling addition to their kitchen product line.  

With the Deep Fat Fryer, De’Longhi is bringing restaurant-quality frying to your kitchen in a smaller package that is both durable and easy to use. De’Longhi’s line of traditional deep fat fryers is synonymous with a sturdy build, ease of operation, and superior frying performance.  

The De’Longhi Deep Fat Fryer (model # FS6025) is their budget-oriented model that has quickly gained popularity in households across the world. It is a perfect blend of features, quality materials, and ease of use at a fantastic price. If you do not believe us, just check out the customer reviews.  


  • Large food capacity of 1.5 kg for food 
  • Anti-odour filter for keeping the kitchen smell free 
  • Non-stick bowl coating 
  • Easy Clean system 


  • A detailed product manual is missing 
  • No cooking timer 
DeLonghi FS6025 2.4 Litre Traditional Deep Fat Fryer, Adjustable Temperature Control, Anti-Odour Filter, 1800 W, White

Features And Benefits 

Because the FS6025 model is a budget-model deep fryer from De’Longhi, we did not expect it to have a lot of features. While the features are basic, they are well thought out and emphasize ease of use and cleaning above all, which all customers value highly.  

Starting with the frying bowl, it has a large capacity of 2.4 litres for frying oil, which should be enough to fry most family meals or entertain guests. The bowl has a non-stick coating from Teflon, which should keep your food from sticking to the walls of the fryer.  

The actual cooking chamber can hold up to 1.5 kilograms of food, which should be more than enough to cook a meal or snacks for a family or bunch of friends. This is a very versatile fryer that can take various foods, from chips and crisps to donuts and other fried treats.  

DeLonghi FS6025 2.4 Litre Traditional Deep Fat Fryer, Adjustable Temperature Control, Anti-Odour Filter, 1800 W, White

A simple and easy-to-use interface includes a straightforward temperature control knob, which can be set anywhere from 150 to 190°C, depending on the type of food you are planning to fry. We felt that a cooking timer would be ideal here, allowing you to do other things while the food is in the fryer, but unfortunately, De’Longhi does not offer it in this budget model.  

The fryer also has an anti-odour filter which prevents the food smells from spreading around your kitchen and home. The filter works nearly flawlessly, except when opening the lid when it is inevitable that the smells will spread. You can easily remove the filter for cleaning purposes.  

de'longhi deep fat fryer review

Thermal insulation between the touch walls of the device and the internal frying bowl is excellent, so the deep fryer is always cool to touch – a safety feature that all families with kids will appreciate. On top of that, there is a small, practical viewing window that you can use while cooking to check up on how your food is doing.  

De’Longhi designed the budget FS6025 model with ease of use and cleaning in mind. The anti-odour filter is removable and dishwashable. The same goes for changing the oil in the fryer, with a helpful hose for draining the oil from the frying chamber.  

Finally, the design and aesthetics of the device are contemporary and modern, making it easy to fit into any kitchen, drawing only positive attention. While the exterior housing is made from plastic, the device itself does not feel cheap. Sure, stainless steel pro-style deep fryers are sturdier but they are prone to additional wear and tear.  

Best Used For? 

Versatility is key here. The first and the most important test was the fries, which turned out great, golden and crispy on the outside while soft and airy on the inside. We did notice, though, that it takes a while to get used to the monitoring window when frying.  

Frying fish went without a hitch as well. It was a bit messier than the fries, but the result was equally great. Make sure that you change the oil often if you are planning to fry more fish.  

de'longhi deep fat fryer review

To our surprise, donuts also turned out well. Often, deep fat fryers do not do so great with donuts, especially if they have been used for salty foods before that. The machine did a great job, and we got the enjoy some of the best homemade donuts we’ve ever tasted.  

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Reasons To Buy 

If we could create a list of arguments why someone should buy the De’Longhi Deep Fat Fryer, this would be it: 

  • A quality product from a legendary kitchen appliance manufacturer 
  • Fantastic value at a budget price 
  • Sturdy build quality 
  • Anti-odour filter for a smell-free frying experience
  • Easy to clean 
  • A versatile fryer that can handle various foods 
  • Easy to use with very basic controls 

De’Longhi Deep Fat Fryer Review: Summing Up 

It is obvious why so many people love the De’Longhi Deep Fat Fryer. Its combination of price, build quality, excellent frying performance, and ease of use is unmatched in the market. We can, with confidence, make a strong recommendation for buying one, especially if you are just getting into home frying and looking for a deep fryer to start the hobby.

DeLonghi FS6025 2.4 Litre Traditional Deep Fat Fryer, Adjustable Temperature Control, Anti-Odour Filter, 1800 W, White

De’Longhi Deep Fat Fryer

Editors Choice

  • Anti-odour filter 
  • Non-stick bowl coating 
  • Easy Clean system   
DeLonghi FS6025 2.4 Litre Traditional Deep Fat Fryer, Adjustable Temperature Control, Anti-Odour Filter, 1800 W, White

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