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Published by: Chef Matty Riedel • Updated: October 27, 2023

Nothing prepares you for a long day of activity like a good cup of coffee. To get a quick jumpstart to your morning routine, you will need a reliable coffee machine, and the De’Longhi company has built a reputation for providing the best in the industry.  

Though the iconic brand’s most well-known coffee makers are its espresso and bean-to-cup machines, they have also used their expertise in creating a line of filtered coffee machines. 

The De’Longhi filter coffee machine is the perfect fit for a busy household. The simplistic, easy-to-use design and operation makes serving coffee a breeze; its lack of frills reflect an emphasis on function over form. The small number of additional features, namely the keep warm plate and the automatic shut-off, all support the machine in making great tasting coffee.  

As a result, you can expect a high-quality brew guaranteed to kick off anyone’s day right. Whether you’re making coffee for friends and family or enjoying a cup with breakfast, the De’Longhi filter brewer provides consistent quality worth twice what its modest price tag implies. 

Our De’Longhi filter coffee machine review will show you why it is the perfect addition to your kitchen and why De’Longhi remains one of the leading manufacturers in the world.  

De'Longhi Filter Coffee Machine Review

De'Longhi Filter Coffee Machine, 1.25 Liters, Auto shut off and Anti-Drip system, ICM15210.1 - Black

As mentioned previously, the De’Longhi filter coffee machine is the simplest one they’ve put on the market; it lacks many of the bells and whistles expected from their more expensive appliances. However, this simplicity is by design and is used to put a focus on what features their filter brewer does have available. 

For a minimal price, De’Longhi provides a coffee machine with a sleek design honed in on giving you the best cup of coffee possible. With its straightforward functionality, De’Longhi’s filter coffee machine is a good purchase for anyone looking for the most basic and essential features. Here is what the world-class Italian manufacturer has to offer you with their most practical machine. 


  • Affordable price tag 
  • Simple to use and reliable
  • Filters allow for fast clean up 
  • Anti-drip water dispenser 
  • Makes 1.25 litres or 10 cups


  • Breaks down relatively quickly
  • Its coffee making process can be slow
De'Longhi Filter Coffee Machine, 1.25 Liters, Auto shut off and Anti-Drip system, ICM15210.1 - Black

De’Longhi Filter Coffee Machine Features And Benefits

Streamlined And Compact Design 

De’Longhi is a brand that has been manufacturing coffee machines since the 1970s and has become renown for its top-quality designs. Despite its low cost, the filter coffee machine certainly benefits from De’Longhi expertise with a black plastic casing and a chrome finish that seamlessly blend for a stylish outward appearance.  

The glass carafe is thoughtfully designed with liquid level marks on the front and back, making the jug easy to read for left-handers and right-handers. Additionally, its dimensions (measured at 22.5cm deep x 20.5cm wide x 32.5cm) make it lightweight and easily stored away when not in use. As a whole, the De’Longhi filter coffee machine is a good-looking appliance that can match any kitchen’s decor.  

Easy To Use 

Most filter coffee machines with many electronic features or programmable settings tend to require several additional steps in their set up and operation. The De’Longhi filter coffee machine, in keeping with its simplicity, only needs to be plugged in to be ready for use. It is similarly easy to operate, only requiring a paper filter, coffee grounds, a filled water reservoir, and one press of a button.  

Once the brew is done, or the water tank is empty, the machine will alert you with three sharp beeps. It takes a bit of practice to get the ground coffee to water ratio that fits your palate, but you will soon find yourself reliably brewing coffee with a smooth roasted flavour.

De'Longhi Filter Coffee Machine, 1.25 Liters, Auto shut off and Anti-Drip system, ICM15210.1 - Black

Easy To Clean 

One notable disadvantage of larger, more sophisticated coffee machines is that they typically require a longer and more involved cleaning process. In contrast, with its small size and lack of frills, the De’Longhi filter coffee machine needs only a fraction of the maintenance standard in larger models. Additionally, its anti-drip system allows the carafe to be removed freely without the risk of coffee stains on the warming plate. 

Both the glass carafe and filter holder are dishwasher safe, and you can quickly dispose of any used coffee grounds along with the paper filter. To clean and decalcify the brewer’s interior, fill the tank with white vinegar and run the brewing cycle. After that, fill the reservoir with water and run the machine several times to rinse it. 

It’s recommended that new coffee machines be thoroughly cleaned before their first use. When used straight out of the box, any coffee brewed may have an unappealing, plastic-like aftertaste.  

Decently Sized Water Reservoir 

The De’Longhi filter coffee machines tank can hold up to 1.25 litres of water, similar to other coffee machines of its size. That’s enough to make around 10 cups of coffee or five mugs, perfect for when you have a lot of company over.  

However, be mindful when measuring out the water. Due to Italy’s differing cup sizes, the indicator for the number of cups can be inaccurate. Instead of using the carafe, for the best results, simply use the cup or mug you’ll be drinking out of to measure out the water. 

De'Longhi Filter Coffee Machine, 1.25 Liters, Auto shut off and Anti-Drip system, ICM15210.1 - Black

Warming Plate And Automatic Shut-Off 

A key feature of the De’Longhi filter coffee machine is its warming plate that works to ensure that you can start your day with a hot cup of coffee. Additionally, it makes sure that you can come back for more a few minutes later and have the brew taste just as fresh as when you made it.   

However, another handy feature is the auto shut-off, which turns off the keep warm plate after about 40 minutes. While this feature didn’t gel with reviewers who preferred their coffee to keep warm over more extended periods, De’Longhi included it deliberately as coffee starts to lose its flavour after the 40-minute mark.  

  • Colour


  • Product Dimensions

    22.5 x 20.5 x 32 cm

  • Capacity

    1.25 litres

  • Display

    LCD display

  • Material


  • Wattage

    900 watts

  • Item Weight

    1.7 kg

  • Special Features

    Auto shut off, Keep warm plate, Water level indicator

Reasons To Buy The De’Longhi Coffee Machine 

As mentioned above, The De’Longhi company is a global leader in small household appliances. The iconic brand has created high-quality coffee machines for over 70 years and has gotten designing its products down to a science. While they are better known for their larger and more feature-heavy coffee machine models, all models benefit from their know-how. 

This expertise applies to the De’Longhi filter coffee machine, which, as noted above, offers a host of benefits to consumers looking for a basic coffee-making appliance. If you’re still on the fence about purchasing De’Longhi’s most straightforward device, then here are a few reasons why it would make a good investment: 

  • Function Over Form – The De’Longhi filter coffee machine was built without the more common features of most modern coffee machines. There’s no built-in timer to program the device to brews fresh coffee in the morning, and there’s also no integrated grinder to turn your favourite coffee beans into useable grounds. However, what it does offer is a reliable appliance that can consistently give you a great-tasting cup of coffee. 
De'Longhi Filter Coffee Machine, 1.25 Liters, Auto shut off and Anti-Drip system, ICM15210.1 - Black
  • Perfect For Households On A Budget – Because of its simple plastic casing, chrome finish, and lack of bells and whistles, the De’Longhi filter coffee machine has a very modest price tag. While the coffee it brews is high-quality, it is still De’Longhi’s cheapest model and makes a perfect addition to smaller homes. Additionally, you can easily store it away when not in use because of its compact and lightweight design.  
  • Great For Company – The De’Longhi filter coffee machine has a water tank reservoir that holds enough for 10 cups or five mugs of coffee. With its keep warm plate to maintain the coffee’s temperature, this model works exceptionally well for serving hot beverages at small get-togethers. 
  • Dedicated To Great Taste – Like most other De’Longhi coffee machines, the filter model is tailored to dependably produce richly flavoured coffee. The filter holder can contain as much coffee grounds as you think you will need, and you can make minute adjustments to the water level with the carafe to get a brew that fits your tastes. Additionally, the keep warm plate helps the coffee stay tasting fresh for as long as possible, while the automatic shut off feature turns off the plate after 40 minutes to keep the brew from losing its flavour. 
  • No Hassle Cleaning Process – The De’Longhi filter coffee machine’s simplistic design also makes for ease of clean-up. The glass carafe and filter holder are dishwasher safe, while the anti-drip system prevents coffee from splattering onto the keep warm plate or countertop. Additionally, you can easily discard paper filters along with the used coffee grounds. At the same time, the interior of the coffee machine can be cleaned with vinegar and water. 

The De’Longhi filter coffee machine is basic compared to other models under the De’Longhi brand, and other machines can brew coffee a bit faster. But this filter brewer offers unmatched reliability to anyone who purchases it, producing great tasting coffee at the push of a button.  

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Summing Up 

The De’Longhi filter coffee machine isn’t the most complex machine available, and it makes suitably simple coffee as a result. However, coffee without any frills is also coffee that anyone can enjoy, whether that’s you or a guest. This thinking also extends to the coffee machine itself, with its simple design and small size, allowing it to fit seamlessly within any kitchen it’s used. 

Its slow drip speed and lack of a programmable timer make the De’Longhi filter coffee machine unsuitable for hectic households. But for quiet get-togethers or slow days inside the house, it proves to be a quality investment.  

The De’Longhi company is already known for the world class-design of its products. All of their household appliances are made with decades of experience providing their customer’s with convenient features, appealing exteriors, and stress-free operating. Their brand rarely disappoints, and the De’Longhi filter coffee machine is no exception. 

While people looking for more sophisticated drinks will buy more complicated coffee machines, anyone looking for something simpler can’t go wrong with De’Longhi’s filter coffee machine. Adding it to your morning or weekend routine will undoubtedly provide endless cups of hot, freshly brewed coffee. 

De'Longhi Filter Coffee Machine, 1.25 Liters, Auto shut off and Anti-Drip system, ICM15210.1 - Black

De'Longhi Filter Coffee Machine Review

Editors Choice

  • Simple to use and reliable
  • Filters allow for fast clean up 
  • Anti-drip water dispenser
De'Longhi Filter Coffee Machine, 1.25 Liters, Auto shut off and Anti-Drip system, ICM15210.1 - Black

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