De’Longhi 4 Slice Toaster Review

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There’s nothing as pleasing in the morning as the smell of a perfectly cooked toast. It energizes you and raises your mood. A toaster always makes your breakfast lovely and enjoyable. It gives you the ultimate way to start your day before heading out to work.  Check our De’Longhi 4 Slice Toaster Review and see if this brand is for you …

De’Longhi 4 Slice Toaster Review

De'Longhi Brilliante 4-slot toaster, reheat, defrost & 6 browning settings, removable crumb tray, CTJ4003BK, Black

Since there are many options available in the market, you often get confused when looking to purchase or get a replacement. Of the many options available in the market, De’Longhi 4 slice toaster is among the few that stand out. However, you don’t have to stop here.  

This review gives you detailed information about the De’Longhi 4 slice toaster based on professional reviewers and existing owners. This review guides you when purchasing a toaster.  


  • Cost-effective 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Good for large slices 
  • Looks attractive  


  • It looks cheap – plastic  
  • Non-uniform toasting

De'Longhi Brilliante 4-slot toaster, reheat, defrost & 6 browning settings, removable crumb tray, CTJ4003BK, Black

De’Longhi 4 Slice Toaster: Features And Benefits 

Standard Toaster Features: Reheat, Defrost And Eject Button 

The toaster allows you to toast bread straight from the freezer. You can reheat bread if it gets cold. It is often useful when you are distracted while taking breakfast. You can also eject the toast when your desired crispiness is achieved. All these basic features of the toaster are electronically operated.  

Variable Width Slots 

The De’Longhi 4 slice toaster has variable width slots, making it useful in toasting more than just bread. You can use it to toast pastry, bagel, a delicious pastry or a huge slice of fresh bread. The variable slots also ensure you can toast bread of your desired size, thick or thin slices.  

Removable Crumb Tray 

Some breadcrumbs often accumulate on the toaster when toasting, with some spilling on top of the counter. The De’Longhi 4 slice toaster has a removable crumb tray which ensures crumbs are collected and dumped into the bin collectively. The removable tray indeed makes cleaning the toaster easy. Furthermore, the crumb tray is extra-deep, giving it more room to collect more breadcrumbs.  

High Lift Function 

From time to time, you will find yourself faced with a big predicament when you want to toast small slices of bread. With the CTJ4003 4 slice toaster, the high lift function lets you remove the small slices without burning your fingers with the toaster. The toaster has a level that pushes the bread higher than the natural setting when you pop the toast.  

Independent Slot Operation 

Of the 4 slots available, each pair is operated together. If you are toasting only 2 slices of bread, you only use 2 slots, therefore, saving energy. The only precaution is to use the first 2 slots on the right-hand side before switching to the rest. Also, the operation of the slots is in pairs.  

Neon Indicators 

The De’Longhi toaster comes with neon indicators that help you to know the status of the different functions. You can also read visual signals from a couple of meters compared to the numbers on the small screen.  

6 Browning Settings 

This toaster allows you to cook bread to your preferred crispiness. You have 6 browning settings at your expense.  

One Year Warranty 

When the deal is too good, it’s always advisable that you rethink before making a decision. Since De’Longhi 4 slice toaster comes with many excellent features yet is affordable, some people doubt the build quality of the appliance. De’Longhi, therefore, gives you a 1-year warranty on the toaster.  

Best Used For 

De’longhi 4 slice toaster is a versatile appliance that plays a critical role in preparing breakfast. You can use it to toast bread with varying levels of crispiness for breakfast, thanks to 6 browning levels. What’s more, this toaster has variable width slots, thus capable of toasting bagels, crumpets and pastries. The variable width slots also allow you to toast bread of your desired size.  

Since the toaster has four slots, it’s ideal when feeding a large family. You can toast bread for all family members within a couple of minutes. In addition, the slots are operated in pairs. You can therefore toast bread with varying levels of crispiness simultaneously.  

The toaster is also ideal for individuals whose lifestyles are very busy. If you are often in a rush, this toaster will serve you well. The defrost, reheat and eject buttons will be essential if you always have a tight schedule. 

  • Colour 

    Black, red & white

  • Material 


  • Dimensions 

    30.99 * 29.01 * 19.99 cm 🡪l x w x h

  • Weight 

    2.3 kgs

  • Wattage 

    1800 watts

  • Voltage 


  • Shade settings


  • Number of slots


  • Auto shutoff


  • Matching kettle


Reasons To Buy 

A large family is the number one reason you should buy this toaster. It gets the work done without spiking the electricity bills since you can operate two slots at a time. You can toast two slices while the two other slots remain idle without consuming any energy.  

In a world where looks are used to judge the class, capability and efficiency of kitchen appliances, De’Longhi offers a visually attractive toaster. Besides performance, the CTJ4003 toaster is also used to improve the aesthetics of your kitchen. The 3-dimensional finish, alongside a matching kettle, is a stunning addition to any kitchen. 

Also, in most families, people have different preferences. For instance, crispiness levels vary among many individuals as well as the width of slices. This toaster lets you cook different slices of different sizes with varying crispiness levels.  

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De’Longhi 4 Slice Toaster Review: Summing Up 

De’Longhi Brillante 4 slice toaster is a significantly powerful toaster with a wattage of 1800watts. It’s got an overall good performance. The toaster features an extra deep crumb tray, extra lift, electronic controls, neon indicators, defrost function, a reheat function and an eject button. The plastic finish gives the toaster a combo of retro and futuristic looks.  

There is no bagel setting, and thus you shouldn’t purchase it if that’s your favourite toast. The plastic material also does not sit well with some people since it feels cheap.  

Did you know that the first pop-up toaster was invented by Charles Strite, an American and patented in 1921? 

De'Longhi Brilliante 4-slot toaster, reheat, defrost & 6 browning settings, removable crumb tray, CTJ4003BK, Black

De’Longhi 4 Slice Toaster

Editors Choice

  • Cost-effective 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Good for large slices
De'Longhi Brilliante 4-slot toaster, reheat, defrost & 6 browning settings, removable crumb tray, CTJ4003BK, Black

Cate Nderi