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Published by: Maria Kelley • Updated: October 20, 2023 • Checked By: Chef Matty Riedel

Kitchens are the busiest hubs of the house. It makes sense that this space should be the most functional and delightful spot in the house.

There are certain things you can do to transform an old kitchen into a lively new space with just a pinch of imagination and creative hacks.

In this article, you will find clever DIY kitchen renovation ideas that will take your dull room to new heights of style.

Things To Consider Before Renovating Your Kitchen

When undertaking a kitchen renovation, you need to pay attention and give it serious forethought. You will make a plethora of decisions. From making the right choices to getting it done—the entire process can be quite rewarding in terms of experience and property value.

There are several important things to consider before you start taking apart your old space.

Create A Plan

Setting forth a plan is the most important element of any renovation. Without a plan, you will face hurdles, and you will not get anything done properly.

Before you start discarding old items or ordering new appliances, map out a detailed plan. This plan will give you an idea of what to expect while helping your vision come to life.

You will get to determine how far you want to take the project. Is it a simple renovation? Are you planning on gutting the entire kitchen? A successful renovation requires vision and an end goal.

It’s not simply about the aesthetics. You need to be able to imagine how you fit into the new space you want to create and map out a precise plan on how to execute it.

The plan should include a timeline. How soon do you want the project done? Setting down a timeline will help navigate the process with ease. It will give you a skeleton to plan your tasks and incorporate changes for the desired effect.

Choose A Design Carefully

It is not only aesthetics. It goes beyond choosing a style, colours, and materials. A carefully mapped-out design will add functionality to your space and allow you to better utilize the available area.

Do not ignore the kitchen triangle concept. This concept revolves around three major work elements—the stove, sink and refrigerator. They are closely integrated into the space in a way that they create a triangle. It adds functionality to the kitchen, making it easier and more efficient to use.

If you intend on giving your kitchen the full makeover, you may be tempted to reimagine a design that shifts your sink and gas appliances to a new spot. Such changes will incur a higher cost and involve additional work.

Any major changes such as adding new drainage or a gas hob will require a building regulations approval in the UK. Do your homework well in advance to prevent any headaches down the line. Make sure you find out all the rules and regulations that may affect your design.

If it is within your budget, consider getting a designer to help you plan an aesthetic and functional layout. If not, you can check out the clever ideas we have below!

Decide Storage Space

Kitchens are very busy areas. Since they see so much action on a regular basis, you should take into consideration storage space. Your design should include smart solutions to accommodate your kitchen items.

If you have a small space, consider built-in appliances and other space-saving options. If you have more space, do not let the space go to waste. Design the storage solutions as per the available space for maximum ease of use and functionality.

Make sure your design accounts for the height of your appliances, such as coffee makers, stand mixers, air fryers, etc. If you miscalculate and do not allow enough room to keep your tall appliances, it will impact the functionality of the kitchen.

Besides making height allowances for appliances, you should also take into consideration other clearances. Will your design allow you to open the dishwasher and get to the sink at the same time? Can you open your refrigerator without blocking access to the kitchen?

Make a Choice—Fitters Or DIY

Who is going to tackle your renovation? Doing the work yourself will save you some pounds. However, you should be knowledgeable about the tasks you plan on undertaking.

Certain arduous tasks may require professional help. Do not hesitate to call for one. Attempting to do a task that requires specialized knowledge may compromise your safety and throw off your entire design.

Consider The Overall Costs

You need to create an accurate budget for your entire design. Do sufficient research into every aspect of your design and note down the cost. Keep space for a certain amount of contingency because it is very likely you will spend a little over your planned budget.

Your budget will decide whether you can only do touch-ups or you can go full out on your renovation. Kitchen renovations are pricey. Do not underestimate the costs. A realistic budget will help you make the right choices.

To stick to your budget, prioritize your must-haves over desires. Invest in quality, but do not go overboard if it does not fit your financial layout.

Do not forget to factor in hidden costs, such as taxes, shipping charges, delivery costs, etc. They can amount to a lot very quickly and can surpass your set subject.

7 Clever DIY Kitchen Renovation Ideas

If you are looking for inspiration to smarten up your kitchen, here are a few practical yet stylish ideas for when you undertake a kitchen renovation.

1. Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets

If your kitchen cabinets are looking dull, you can wield a paintbrush and layer them with a premium look. Freshen up the cabinets with a splash of the latest colours. Choose hues that breathe life into the cabinets and tie together the kitchen in a trendy manner.

If you do not want to play around with a paintbrush, you can opt for removable wallpapers to add a pop of pattern and colour.

You can also add sophistication to the old cabinets with DIY crown moulding. Additionally, you can replace the boring knobs on the doors with some stylish options.

A budget-worthy DIY is replacing the cabinet doors instead of getting rid of the whole unit for a new one. A change of finish, such as high gloss or acrylic, will make a style statement.

2. Add Personality To Worktops

Worktops bear the brunt of daily kitchen toil. They are exposed to stains, spills, fires, and other messes. Luckily, you can give an old worktop a new lease of life all by yourself.

You will find a wide array of patterns, colours, and styles at your disposal. Your options include concrete, quartz, tiles, laminate, etc. Popular worktops are quartz and granite for their durability and look.

However, quartz is not DIY-friendly. The DIY choice would be laminating the surface for a modern look. You can also experiment with contact paper that mimics natural finishes like granite or wood.

If you have wooden worktops, you can also paint them for a bright new look.

If you want to extend an existing worktop and increase functionality, you install an extra island or get a movable trolley. A foldaway counter attached to the existing worktop works great for small spaces.

3. Shine A Spotlight With Great Lighting

Kitchen lighting is an often-ignored part of the renovation. You can spruce up a budget makeover by installing the right type of lighting package to shine a light on your beautiful space.

Besides fulfilling their key function, a good kitchen lighting design creates a transformative effect and a perfect ambience.

You can tie the room together with pendant lights over the kitchen island. You can also opt for recessed spotlights to create an even glow and enhance the kitchen surfaces.

Matching your lighting design to your overall kitchen design will lend the room a sophisticated feel.

4. Smarten Up Kitchen Flooring

Switching out old, dulled-down flooring to a new brighter layer can breathe life into your kitchen. Even on a budget, you can get a combination of style and durability.

For a luxurious ambience, you can opt for vinyl flooring. They mimic a variety of realistic finishes and can be matched with the rest of the kitchen design. They are easy to install and clean.

If you do not want to break up the tiles, you can choose the easy peel and stick tiles. These tiles feature an adhesive and go over your old flooring.

5. Upgrade The Taps

Switching to a new tap is an easy DIY renovation trick. The type and style of tap you choose will add character to your kitchen layout. Choose a high-quality tap that meets daily requirements.

You can opt for a contemporary model such as a stainless steel design or if your budget allows it, go smart with a touchless tap. You can also make an elegant statement with a distinctive black model.

6. Install A Striking Backsplash

An attractive backsplash adds to the visual impact of the entire kitchen. It is usually the first thing that catches the eye when one enters the kitchen. It is also a cheap element to upgrade.

An easy way to upgrade the backsplash is with stick-on vinyl. These are available in various decorative patterns. They are great if you want to make changes in the near future since they peel right off.

You can also opt for metal tiles or shimmering glass for a truly striking element. These come in a DIY-friendly variety.

Another quick way to add colour to the room is to paint the existing backsplash. Depending on your creativity, you can try stencilling patterns for a more decorative look.

7. Brighten Up A Wall

You can brighten up the look of a kitchen simply by transforming a blank wall into a feature wall with added personality.

Strike the right balance with the splashbacks and cabinets when you decide on your wall design.

If you want to create a stunning look, you can use one wall to set the scene with an interesting mural. You can either paint a mural or opt for sticker solutions for a quick and easy job.

You can choose from the vast variety of kitchen-friendly wallpapers to highlight the walls. If you do not want to wallpaper the entire wall, you can choose to frame a small section of it instead and hang it up as artwork.

DIY Kitchen Renovation Ideas: The Final Word

Kitchens are social areas and a place of sustenance. They lend homes a homely feeling. Simple changes in the kitchen can liven up the place.

There are many renovation hacks besides the ones mentioned above for those looking to do it themselves. Integrating subtle touches into the design of the kitchen makes a noticeable difference.

Whatever ideas you decide to incorporate, do not forget to plan them out first and match them with your budget. If they fall within your set budget, roll up your sleeves, and get creative!

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