Dualit Architect Kettle Review and Buyer’s Guide UK

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If you’re looking for a multipurpose, advanced tea kettle, the Dualit Architect Kettle is a practical option. This kitchen appliance is made of stainless steel and has a stylish design. The kettle truly is a modern product, using advanced technology to boil water rapidly. 

It’s a lovely addition to your kitchen set and comes in a variety of colours. The kettle uses smart technology to ensure you never overboil water. It also makes sure you are using the appropriate amount of water for whatever food or beverage you are making.  

We sat down and came up with a Dualit Architect Kettle review to aid you in your kettle purchasing process.  

Dualit Architect Kettle Review

Dualit Architect Kettle | 1.5 Litre 2.3 KW Stainless Steel Kettle With Grey Trim | Rapid Boil and Patented Pure Pour Non-Drip Spout | Measuring Window with Cup Level Indicators

As with most Dualit products, this kettle has a beautiful shape. With an aesthetically pleasing design, the tea filter instantly adds a touch of luxury to your kitchen set. Additionally, it has functionality in mind. It’s easy to use and helps you efficiently boil water.  

The stainless steel design makes the kettle difficult to scratch. Plus, the build is ultra-strong and durable, giving it the ability to withstand damage. This product can easily be the centrepiece of your contemporary kitchen set. The Architect has an 11% better customer review score than its Classic counterpart.  

One of the most impressive aspects of the Dualit Architect Kettle is its ability to keep water warm for a long time. You no longer have to wait for the whole family to wake up to serve tea. The water will remain steaming hot for hours on end, so your friends and family can use it at any point during the day.    


  • Keeps Water Warm 
  • Conserves Water 
  • Boil-Dry Protection


  • Can Be Noisy
Dualit Architect Kettle | 1.5 Litre 2.3 KW Stainless Steel Kettle With Grey Trim | Rapid Boil and Patented Pure Pour Non-Drip Spout | Measuring Window with Cup Level Indicators

Dualit Architect Kettle Features And Benefits

Conserves Water  

The beauty of this kettle is its ability to let you know the proper amount of water you should boil. The cup indicator technology makes you waste less water. Plus, the kettle window lights up when you are pouring, giving you a visual representation of how much to boil for each cup size.  

Boil-Dry Protection  

The Classic and Architect version of this kettle feature boil-dry protection, which means the kettle will stop boiling if there isn’t enough water in it. Also, with a concealed rapid boil element, you can rest assured your water will heat quickly and safely.  

Can Be Noisy  

Another difference between the Classic and the Architect is the level of noise they produce. The Architect is reasonably louder than the Classic. This aspect is a minor, as both kettles are relatively quiet.  

Why We Love The Dualit Architect Kettle 

There’s so much to like about the Dualit Architect Kettle. Firstly, it features a unique pour spout that makes pouring boiled water smooth and easy. The spout’s purpose is to minimise spillage. This feature keeps water from dripping down the side of your kettle, which can leave stains. There is also an internal spout filter that prevents any limescale from escaping.  

Another benefit of this kitchen product is the interchangeable panels it features. The biggest complaint consumers have when purchasing a kettle is that none of them matches their kitchen set. The Architect comes in a variety of colour patterns to match any home. You can adjust to any colour change in your kitchen by sliding in a new panel.  

Another cool thing Dualit does is complement its accessories with other practical items. For example, they also sell a toaster that matches perfectly with this kettle. If you’re looking at starting your kitchen set from scratch, then Dualit is an exceptional company to select. 

The Architect boils water extremely fast. There’s no waiting around for several minutes to get your morning routine started. Get up, grab your tea, and start your day in no time.  

One of the issues customers have with cheaper, plastic kettles is that they start getting a plastic taste in their drinks after a while. With a stylish, stainless steel design, the Architect has no such problem.  

Dualit always makes high-quality products. The Architect Kettle is no different. With its durable design, this kitchen product will likely last you many years. It can be the centrepiece of your kitchen set or perfectly fit in the background. Either way, the kettle instantly modernises the look of your kitchen.  

A testament to its design, the handle of the tea kettle remains cool throughout the boiling process. You’ll never burn your hand while pouring and won’t have to worry about spillage or leaks that can cause damage to yourself or your counter.  

Best Used For? 

Many use the Dualit Architect Kettle as a stylish addition to their home kitchen set. It instantly enhances the look of your kitchen. Due to the interchangeable panels, you can make this kettle work with any colour scheme.  

Whether you’re looking to use the kettle to make tea, add water meals, or cook rice, the Architect boils water quickly to make the process more efficient.  

You can make various quality beverages with this kettle, including tea, French press coffee, baby bottle water, hot chocolate, and more!  

Also, it’s perfect for making food such as instant noodles, instant oatmeal, soup, and hard-boiled eggs. The kettle’s ability to keep water warm makes it great for meals you can eat in multiple sittings. It’s a pain to have to reheat your food within fifteen minutes of plating it. An electric tea kettle allows you to take your time with your meal.  

Because most universities don’t allow hot plates, electric kettles come in handy for residence hall snacks such as instant noodles. The Architect stores away easily to fit in cramped residence halls. It’s a practical appliance to get your child as they head off to uni.  

A thing that most people don’t realise about kettles is that they work well for spa treatments. Boiled water works wonders for foot soaks and steaming. Because the Dualit Kettle tracks the temperature of your water, you’ll never have to worry about burning yourself. You’ll have the perfect water conditions to achieve optimal relaxation. You can also use the kitchen accessory as a way to warm up your bathwater. 

As you can see, the Dualit Architect Kettle truly is a multi-use kitchen appliance that serves several purposes. If you are making anything that needs hot water, an electric kettle is a necessity.  

  • Colour

    Grey Trim Polished Body

  • Product Dimensions

    14 x 22 x 24 cm

  • Capacity

    1.5 litres

  • Watts

    2300 watts

  • Material

    Stainless Steel

  • Output Per Hour

    25 litres

  • Item Weight

    1.4 kg

  • Special Features

    Boil dry protection, Concealed heating, 360 degree axis power base, Patented pure pour spout

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Reasons To Buy 

This kettle is practical for people who are active in the kitchen. Because of the wide variety of things you can make with the electric kettle, you will likely use this appliance multiple times every day.  

Also, the Dualit Kettle is an essential item for tea lovers. The temperature control aspect of this machine ensures every cup of tea is the ideal temperature for consumption. Because of the long-lasting warmth this kettle offers, you can serve hot tea all day long.  

The push-button lid allows you to get a pure pour every time with minimal spillage. If you’re sick of cleaning up a messy kitchen counter after making tea, this could be a solid purchase for you. The stylish design is stain-resistant, meaning you can use it multiple times without a wash.  

The interchangeable panels make this an exceptional product for homes that change styles frequently. Its adaptability makes it easy to blend into any room.  

A popular reason why people in the UK buy kettles is that they are energy-efficient. By not using a stovetop as much, you’ll save a lot of money on your electric bills. Since the Architect automatically detects when you have no water left to boil, you won’t have to worry about forgetting the kettle on a stove and causing damage to your kitchen.  

Plus, the kettle lets you know the maximum capacity for each cup size, so you never exceed the proper water level that you need.  

Overall, if you’re a coffee or tea lover, the Dualit Architect Kettle is a worthwhile purchase. Boiling water is ultra-fast with this kitchen accessory. Having control over your coffee or tea temperature is extremely valuable, and the Architect is a practical piece of art. It’s a beautiful product that adds a luxurious touch to any home.  

Dualit Architect Kettle Review: Summing Up 

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Dualit Architect Kettle | 1.5 Litre 2.3 KW Stainless Steel Kettle With Grey Trim | Rapid Boil and Patented Pure Pour Non-Drip Spout | Measuring Window with Cup Level Indicators

Dualit Architect Kettle

Editors Choice

  • Keeps Water Warm 
  • Conserves Water 
  • Boil-Dry Protection 
Dualit Architect Kettle | 1.5 Litre 2.3 KW Stainless Steel Kettle With Grey Trim | Rapid Boil and Patented Pure Pour Non-Drip Spout | Measuring Window with Cup Level Indicators

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