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Global Knives Review & Buyer’s Guide

Published by: Chef Matty Riedel • Updated: March 14, 2024

Whether prepping for dinner or making a simple snack, many home cooks know how essential it is to have high-quality professional knives. They know that using dull, low-quality knives will turn what was once an enjoyable cooking experience into a frustrating one. 

To avoid this, many chefs have, over the years, turned to Global Cutlery, one of the world’s leading kitchen knife companies. Their knives feature sleek modern designs and enable home and professional chefs to do the work efficiently. 

Through our Global knives review, I’ll take a closer look at some of the company’s knife options, analysing their features and benefits to discover what makes them unique. 

Global Knives Review 

1. Global Stainless Steel Knife

The company’s Global 20 cm Cook’s Knife is based on the classic G-2, one of the best-selling Japanese knives. This model features a 20 cm blade, making it perfect for general kitchen tasks like chopping, slicing, and dicing. 

The knife is made in Japan and utilises the company’s exclusive Cromova 18 high-carbon stainless steel blade, a blend of Chromium, Molybdenum, and Vanadium. In addition, the blade is sharpened to an acute 15-degree angle, which helps ensure that it stays sharper for longer. 

The knife’s marvellous design doesn’t just stop at the blade. Its handle is hollowed out and comes full of sand to provide you with the perfect grip and balance. On top of that, the knife’s seamless construction and smooth contours prevent food and residues from building up on its surface. 

Global Stainless Steel Knife Global Stainless Steel Knife
  • Global's limited edition Chef Knife features the brand's Cromova 18 high carbon stainless steel that holds its edge well.
  • The curved design makes it excellent for chopping, slicing, and dicing ingredients without hassle. 
  • If you cut a lot of starchy vegetables and other ingredients that stick easily, you'll appreciate the knife's fluted surface, which promotes quick release. 
  • Any home cook will appreciate the versatility of Global's 35th-anniversary chef knife.
  • Thanks to its slightly curved and fluted construction, you'll undergo ingredient prep in record time.
  • If you want your knife to remain blemish-free, remember to wash it after each use and dry it thoroughly. 
  • Great for general use
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic hold
  • Hygienic design
  • Rusts, if not properly dried
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Global Stainless Steel Knife: Specifications

  • Global Stainless Steel Knife

  • Blade Material:

    Cromova18 Stainless Steel

  • Length:

    20 cm

  • Length:

    20 cm

2. Global 3 Piece Set (35supth/sup Anniversary) 

If you want a simple starter knife set, consider trying the Global 3 Piece Set. The best part is you can get the limited edition set the company is offering to commemorate its 35th anniversary. 

With the Global 3 Piece Set, you can get high-quality knives caring for most of your cutting needs. On top of that, since the set commemorates Global’s anniversary, each knife contains the company’s anniversary logo on the blade. 

While it offers premium quality blades, there is one significant downside to the Global 3 Piece Set. It does not come with a knife block or storage of any kind. Seeing how keeping the knives in the drawer with other utensils could also ruin them and your utensils, this is a significant disadvantage. 

It also means that should you choose to get the Global 3 Piece Set, you should budget for a separate knife block or alternative storage method. 

 What Knives Does The Set Contain? 

This three-piece set comes with the G-96 19 cm Fluted Cook’s Knife that is great for general use, like cutting meat or slicing fruits and vegetables. You also get the GS-38 9 cm Paring Knife made from pieces of solid steel, which is perfect for when you need a bit more precision. 

The set also includes the GS-106 15 cm Scalloped Utility Knife, a multi-functional knife. Thanks to its serrations, you can use the utility knife to cut through stiff materials like bread. You can also use it when dealing with vegetables and fruits that have thick skins and soft centres. So whether you want to complete small delicate kitchen work or peel and cut your fruit, the GS-106 has got you covered. 

Global 3-Piece Knife Set Global 3-Piece Knife Set

The Global 3 Piece Set (35th Anniversary) is a limited-edition set from the renowned Japanese knife brand, celebrating their 35 years of excellence. It features three essential knives for any kitchen, crafted with Global's signature quality and design.

The set includes:

  • G-2/AN Chef's Knife (8.5"): This is Global's best-selling knife and a true kitchen workhorse.
  • GS-3/AN Utility Knife (6.7"): This versatile knife bridges the gap between a chef's knife and a paring knife.
  • GSF-15/AN Paring Knife (5.5"): This compact knife is perfect for detailed work like peeling fruits and vegetables, trimming herbs, or deveining shrimp.
  • Premium quality blades
  • Offers more functionality
  • Resistant to stains.
  • Doesn’t include a knife block
  • Not dishwasher-safe.
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Global 3 Piece Set: Specification

  • Global 3 Piece Set

  • Set Inclusion:

    1 x G-96/AN Fluted Cook’s Knife, 1 x GS-106/AN Scalloped Utility Knife, & 1 x GS-38/AN Paring Knife

  • Blade Material:

    Cromova18 Stainless Steel

  • Length:

    20 cm

  • Length:

    G-96/AN (19 cm), GS-106/AN (15 cm), GS-38/AN (9 cm)

3. Global 6 Piece Set (25supth/sup Anniversary)

The Global 6 Piece Set is perfect for home and professional chefs looking for more functionality. It comes with five blades and a knife block. 

One significant advantage the 6 Piece Set has is that, unlike the Global 3 Piece Set, this set comes with a sleek and stylish knife block that includes the Global logo. On top of that, the knife block can hold more than the five blades included in the set. 

It has space for up to nine knives and even a slot on top, perfect for a honing steel. The block also features black dots down its side, making it an attractive addition to any modern kitchen. The only significant issue I found is how much it attracts fingerprints. 

Global 6 Piece 25th Anniversary Knife Block Set Global 6 Piece 25th Anniversary Knife Block Set

This limited-edition set from renowned Japanese knife maker Global commemorates 25 years of crafting exquisite kitchen tools. Featuring six essential knives housed in a sleek, stylish block, it's a dream come true for any home chef seeking precision, performance, and timeless design. These include the:

  • 18cm Cook's Knife G-55,
  • 16cm Bread Knife GS-61,
  • 14cm Vegetable Knife GS-5,
  • GSF-15 Paring 8cm Knife
  • and GSF-22 Utility 11cm Knife
  • Excellent edge retention
  • Offers more versatility
  • Allows for extensive uses
  • Includes a stylish knife block.
  • Hand-wash only
  • Knife block attracts fingerprints
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 What Knives Does The Set Contain? 

With the 6 Piece Set, you can get a: 

  • G-55 18 cm Cook’s Knife for general use 
  • GS-61 16 cm Bread Knife for dealing with tough crusts 
  • GS-5 14 cm Knife ideal for chopping vegetables 
  • GSF-46 8 cm Peeling Knife that has a broad blade 
  • GSF-49 11 cm Utility Knife that also has a wide blade 

Combining these high-quality knives makes them ideal for the all-rounded chef, allowing them to perform various food preparation tasks. From carving big pieces of meat to handling small, extra-precision tasks, you will find a blade for every occasion. You will even have a blade for cutting vegetables, sawing through a tough crust, or peeling an apple. 

In addition, each knife is hand-forged from the Cromova 18 high-quality stainless steel that is excellent at enabling edge retention. 

Global 6 Piece 25th Anniversary Knife Block Set: Specifications

  • Global 6 Piece Block Set

  • Set Inclusion:

    G-55 Cook’s Knife, GS-61 Bread Knife, GS-5 Vegetable Knife, GSF-15 Paring Knife, and GSF-22 Utility Knife

  • Length:

    G-55 (18 cm), GS-61 (16 cm), GS-5 (14 cm), GSF-15 (8cm), GSF-22 (11 cm)

  • Blade Material:

    Cromova18 Stainless Steel

How To Clean, Maintain, And Store Your Global Knives 

knives in a wooden knife block

Besides sharpening, you should also clean, maintain, and store your Global knives properly. 

Washing And Cleaning 

Always hand wash your Global knives with warm, soapy water. After you do so, rinse the knife with warm water, then thoroughly dry it with a clean towel. 

Never place your Global Knives in your dishwasher because this can damage the blade’s sharp edges. Exposing the Cromova 18 high carbon stainless steel from which the blade is made to extreme heat and the powerful detergents that dishwashers use can also be very harmful. 

Storage And Maintenance 

How you store your knife will determine its longevity. Improper maintenance and storage will cause your knives to develop rust. Though there are general household cleaners that you can use to remove the rust, we find it’s always better to try preventative measures first. 

Always make sure to store your knives in a correct-fitting knife block. This option will not only extend their longevity but will also prevent them from getting chipped, helping them stay sharper for longer. 

Magnetic wall racks, knife rolls, or knife docks are excellent storage alternatives. They offer a safe storage option that would prevent you from keeping your knives in your drawers, reducing the chances of the blade getting chipped. 

 Global Knives Vs Wusthof Knives 

As great as Global knives are, other quality options are available. An example of one of the options is Wusthof knives. Here, I’ll compare the two knife options. 

Global Knives 

Global knives were first developed in 1985 by knife designer Komin Yamada. He aimed to create a knife that would be useful in the hands of both a professional chef and a home cook. The brand’s production process ensures customers can access the highest quality blades. 

Today, Global knives have become one of the most popular options in many commercial kitchens in the UK. The knives offer a versatility that makes them worth the money. So whether you want to make light work of vegetables or exquisitely cut fish and other meats, Global knives will prove suitable. 

Who Are Global Knives Made For? 

From commercial to residential kitchens, Global knives are perfect for any setting. Also, since Global knives feature steel handles filled with sand instead of solid wooden ones, they are significantly lighter than most other brands. This design makes them perfect for cooks and chefs with smaller hands or those who find heavier knives too cumbersome. 

 Wusthof Knives 

Wusthof is a family-owned business based in Germany. Though its trident logo on each blade’s side has modernised over the years, the company’s quality has remained consistently high. 

Wusthof has two state-of-the-art factories in Solingen that the local community has dubbed ‘City of Blades.’ Here, the company uses modern manufacturing methods to produce quality knives. Some of these methods include handcrafted elements, optical stations that measure every blade to a fraction of a millimetre, and quality checks at each production stage. 

Each Wusthof knife is designed around the principle that form should always come after function—a principle that the company never compromises. 

Who Are Wusthof Knives Made For? 

The standard knife design sees Wusthof pair stainless steel from Germany with wooden or synthetic handles with multiple rivets. Adding a handle to the steel instead of the hollow, sand-filled handle found in Global knives alters the appearance of Wusthof Knives and makes them heavier. 

When comparing Global and Wusthof Cook’s knives, we found the Wusthof knife weighs 226 grams, significantly more than the 156 grams of the Global Cook’s knife. 

This difference means that cooks and chefs looking to use Wusthof Knives in an all-day work scenario will need more hand and forearm strength. So, if you are a chef who prefers a knife with a bit of heft or finds using light knives challenging to manage, Wusthof knives are perfect for you. 

The good news is that the weight might not be an issue if you are a home cook or amateur chef. However, if you are looking for a knife that offers precision cuts every time, you are better off with a lighter knife with a thinner blade. 

Read more on the old German vs Japanese knives debate.

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Global Knives We Recommend 

Though there are many Global knife options from which you can choose, our Global knife review found the Global G-636 – 7B block set to be one of the best. 

The set contains six knives, each made from Cromova 18 high-carbon, stainless steel material. On top of that, the knives are designed to be lighter than other options. They also have a sharp edge that is long-lasting and prevents the accumulation of food and residue. 

In the included knife block, you will find a: 

  • 22 cm bread knife 
  • 21 cm cook’s knife 
  • 15 cm utility knife meant for flexible use 
  • 14 cm vegetable chopper that makes light work of preparing vegetables 
  • 11 cm utility knife
  • 8 cm peeling knife perfect for fruits and fish 

If you are in the market for an option whose cost is on the lower side, you might be better off with the Global 3 Piece set with three knives to help you get started. 

Though the set is more affordable, it still offers the same quality that all Global Knives are known for in the industry. For instance, the blades are made from the same Cromova 18 stainless steel material. 

This set comes with three knives: the GS-2 chef’s knife, a GS-38 paring knife perfect for slicing and dicing vegetables, and a cook’s knife.  

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Wusthof Knives We Recommend 

With Wusthof Knives, you can never go wrong with its classic range option. It has seven pieces, including a wooden knife block, sharpening steel, and kitchen shears. 

The five knives you get with the Full range option include a: 

  • Cook’s knife 
  • 8 cm paring knife 
  • 12 cm utility knife 
  • 20 cm carving knife 
  • Bread knife 

The lower-budget option would be the Wusthof Classic 3-knife set. This set includes a cook’s knife, paring knife, and utility knife. However, it does not come with a knife block.  

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Where Are Global Knives Made? 

The Global Cutlery company makes its knives at Yoshikin’s factory in Niigata, Japan. This location actually happens to be a hotbed of highly skilled knife and sword makers with a long history of timeless traditional artistry. 

Are Global Knives Forged Or Stamped? 

Knife forging is a process that involves heating and hammering out knives from a single rod of steel. On the other hand, stamping knives involves cutting out the blade from flat metal sheets. 

Stamped knives are often less hard, sharp, and durable. The blades also do not have real bolsters, making them tighter and less balanced. 

On the other hand, since the forging process involves shaping steel molecules, it results in a stronger knife that is less flexible. The process also gives you a more comfortable and well-balanced knife with better structural integrity. 

Forged blades stay sharper for longer and are easier to sharpen when the need arises. That’s because such knives have less flexibility, meaning they will not twist during sharpening. 

Global Knives combine both the stamping and forging processes. Essentially, the knives are stamped pieces of stainless steel that are then hand-forged, leaving you with quality blades that are sharper and perfectly balanced.  

How To Sharpen A Global Knife – What Angle? 

Though the edges of all Global knives are razor-sharp and retain their sharpness much longer than others on the market, you will still need to sharpen them occasionally. Doing so will allow you to continue enjoying their efficiency. 

When sharpening your Global knives, you should do so at a 10 to 15-degree angle. This is best for producing thinner, razor-sharp edges. The manufacturer recommends sharpening the knife on a ceramic stone or whetstone. 

How Often Should You Sharpen Global Knives? 

When sharpening your knife, doing it too much or too little can ruin it. Global Cutlery says you should slightly sharpen your knife before using it. After that, you can sharpen the knife after every six or twelve months. 

Tips For Sharpening Your Global Knife 

To help ensure that you get the desired results, we felt it was important that our Global knives review also gave you a few tips on sharpening your knives

Start with getting your hands on a guide before sharpening your Global knife. Using any random sharpening process will not be as effective. Next, please pay attention to the sharpening angle and ensure it is accurate. An incorrect angle could damage your blade. 

As I mentioned earlier, sharpening the knife too much could damage it. Though Global knives have large, flat surfaces, these surfaces are also fragile. Therefore, if you sharpen them excessively, the knives could easily break. 

Global Knives Review: Summing Up 

Global Cutlery makes high-quality knives with unique and contemporary designs and blades from Cromova 18 corrosion-resistant stainless steel. While their quality, functionality, and range are all things to marvel at, the knives are also built to last. In fact, they even come with a limited lifetime warranty. 

Though you can buy products from other knife makers, our Global Knives review found them to be in a league of their own. They offer a perfect blend of form and performance you can’t get anywhere else. 

Where To Buy The Global Knife

Global Knife

  • Precise cuts
  • Keeps its edge even after extended use
  • Finest-quality steel 

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