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Greenpan Venice Pro Review & Buyer’s Guide

Dating back to 2007, Greenspan is the pioneer of non-stick cookware, free of dangerous chemicals. Previously, cookware was coated with PTFE (commonly known as Teflon), which was feared to produce toxic fumes when heated to certain temperatures. Even worse, perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), usually an ingredient of Teflon coatings, was proven to be carcinogenic.  

Greenpan Venice Pro Review

Greenpan has since adopted a new path. It is driven by health and safety standards in producing their eco-friendly cookware. The Greenpan Venice Pro is one typical example of a robust non-stick solution that serves both the company's interest (profits & reputation) and the consumers (zero-health complications & quality).  

Greenpan Venice pro is crafted from anodized aluminium and comes with a stainless-steel handle. Choosing aluminium for a pan is a gamble due to its myriad advantages and disadvantages. It is excellent in conduction of heat, cheap and light. On the other hand, it has a high probability of leaching into food due to its highly reactive nature. It's thus anodized with aluminium oxide to eradicate the negative attribute. 

GreenPan Venice Pro Non-Stick 30cm Frying Pan, PFAS Free, Grey

Greenspan Venice Pro has some excellent features that make it outstanding. Below is a detailed breakdown of the features and the benefits. 

Made With Hard-Anodized Aluminium 

Since aluminium is pretty reactive, it's anodized to make it ideal for cookware. Anodizing aluminium is an electrochemical procedure that puts a thin surface layer of aluminium oxide. Despite being less reactive, it ensures uniform heating and excellent heat retention.  


  • Affordable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Superb quality 
  • Better eco-credentials  


  • Frail on induction hobs 
  • No lid
GreenPan Venice Pro Non-Stick 30cm Frying Pan, PFAS Free, Grey

Greenpan Venice Pro Features And Benefits

It's very light, which makes handling very easy. Also, it’s very durable. The bottom side is flat to provide maximum stability and even heat distribution. Factually, that is a worthy trade-off at its budget.  

Thermolon Coating 

Thermolon is a ceramic non-stick material that poses no health implications like the traditional PTFE and PFOA. Thermolon is enhanced with diamonds to make it stronger and more durable. Thermolon Infinity coating helps the pan to withstand intense usage and cleaning.  

On the interior, the surface features a stylish shiny, dark grey surface thanks to thermolon layer. Thermolon is also advantageous because it does not produce toxic fumes irrespective of the temperatures being subjected to it. It's, therefore, safe to use.  You are guaranteed healthy and safe cooking, no lead or cadmium, no harmful fumes. 

GreenPan Venice Pro Non-Stick 30cm Frying Pan, PFAS Free, Grey

Although the Venice Pro boasts numerous ceramic non-stick attributes, it's not to say that it's indestructible. Continuously pushing the Venice Pro to its limits (such as higher temperatures) will see the pan rapidly lose its non-stick qualities.  

Non-Slip Ergonomic Handles 

The Ergonomic handles are made of stainless steel and are riveted to the pan's base for enhanced stability. The riveted handle is beneficial because it is easily repairable in case of damage. Also, before the rivets come off, they first get loose, and you get a chance to fix them.  

This is unlike the soldered handles that break with no warning. You should, however, be cautious while cleaning the pan because the rivets and the engraved name on the handle may make the process a bit tedious.  

Additionally, the handle forks just before joining to the base—this design aids at dispersing heat from the bottom, which helps the handle remain cool. The all-metal handle shouldn't be a big concern when putting the pan on and off the oven.  

Sizeable Yet Versatile  

Venice Pro non-stick fry pan is 30cm and doesn’t even weigh a pound. That's enough size for daily cooking tasks such as stir fry, bear, sear, or sauté. It's ideal for all meals; breakfast, lunch, or even a late-night dinner.  

Magneto Induction Technology 

Aluminium doesn't work with induction hobs. Magnetic materials are thus added to the aluminium. Patented magneto induction technology coupled with a recent magnetic coating on the base assures the pan's stability. 

GreenPan Venice Pro Non-Stick 30cm Frying Pan, PFAS Free, Grey

The aluminium base is strengthened with iron which holds the magnetism required to produce heat on induction hobs. Furthermore, the pan cannot warp, scratch or wobble. Even heating ensures you cook with zero energy loss.  

Lifetime Warranty 

A lifetime warranty is a guarantee for quality. This warranty covers shortcomings in the material and quality of the pans (manufacture defects). However, the thermolon non-stick ceramic coating is only covered for two years in the warranty. Notably, the warranty excludes damage caused by accidents, carelessness, abuse, alteration, or overheating. Such damage may include scratches, discolouration, or stains.  


It's advisable to accord the Venice Pro pan proper care to ensure your pan lasts longer and does not discolour. Even though the pan is dishwasher safe, the manufacturer recommends washing it by hand with warm soapy water to maintain its look and quality. Also, it's advisable first to let the pan cool completely before cleaning it. It's good to observe all the precautionary measures to avoid voiding the warranty.  

  • Colour


  • Product Dimensions

    11.2 x 31.3 x 52.2 cm

  • Diameter

    30 cm

  • Item Shape


  • Material

    Hard Anodised Aluminium, Stainless Steel

  • Dishwasher Safe?


  • Item Weight

    0.99 lbs

  • Special Features

    Electric stovetop compatible, Gas stovetop compatible, Induction stovetop compatible, Metal utensil safe

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Reasons To Buy The Greenpan Venice Pro

There are several reasons why you should opt to buy the Venice Pro in the market among numerous pans. The following points explain why you should purchase this item. 

1. Compatibility 

First, this cookware is widely compatible with most appliances found at home. For instance, it’s compatible with an Induction stovetop, gas stovetop, and electric stovetop. You'll, therefore, not be worried about how to use the pan once you buy it. You’ll use it with the setup available in your kitchen. 

GreenPan Venice Pro Non-Stick 30cm Frying Pan, PFAS Free, Grey

2. Versatility And Convenience 

The Greenpan Venice Pro is suitable for all hobs. It is safe up to 220⁰C on the induction oven – though you might never use such temperatures. It’s dishwasher safe and gives a long-lasting performance if handled keenly. It’s also metal utensil safe. To put things into perspective on its quality, it has a limited lifetime warranty.  

3. Solid Performance 

The performance of the Venice pro is another reason to add it to your kitchen collection. It delivers whatever is packs inside – greatness and quality. Ergonomics handles, even and fast heating, oven-safe, dishwasher safe, and robustness are some of the expectations when shopping for the Greenpan Venice pro.  

A little experimenting with the pan showed no signs of burning spots, cold spots, or sticking. It'll rarely frustrate. Additionally, thermolon conducts heat better, and thus, you are assured of a quicker rate when cooking your meal. 

4. Lightweight 

The pan weighs just 0.99 pounds which makes it lightweight since its 30 centimetres in diameter. Even though weight is very subjective, the Venice Pro feels light. You can toss your dish effortlessly on the hob.  

Greenpan Venice Pro Review: Summing up 

Even though Venice Pro is light, it's doesn't feel fragile or cheap. The build quality is top-notch. You just can’t stop loving this incredible piece of cookware from Greenpan. The anodized aluminium body heats up rapidly and evenly and is also solid and scratch-resistant.  

The thermolon ceramic non-stick coating is a gem too. It gives the pan a decent look which makes it look too quality for its price. The Greenpan Venice pro outrightly outpaces all the other pans of the same category, both price-wise and quality-wise. The overall performance of the Venice Pro is a solid 9/10, which is pretty impressive. 

GreenPan Venice Pro Non-Stick 30cm Frying Pan, PFAS Free, Grey

Greenpan Venice Pro

Editors Choice

  • Affordable 
  • Lightweight 
  • Superb quality
GreenPan Venice Pro Non-Stick 30cm Frying Pan, PFAS Free, Grey

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