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Health Benefits Of Air Frying

Published by: Maria Kelley • Updated: November 13, 2023 • Checked By: Chef Matty Riedel

Every time you are in town, the aroma of French fries or fried chicken fills the air and makes you salivate. Fried foods are, without a doubt, the most cherished ones. When passing a fast food outlet, you are tempted to get inside and get some fries to munch. Undoubtedly, the crispy crunch gives a unique taste to the food.

Health Benefits Of Air Frying

Everything comes at a cost. Food fried with a deep-fat fryer is proven harmful to your health if you overdo it. The oil used to fry food has been linked to health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. When it comes to deep-fat frying, you want to do it in moderation. Say you love crispy fried chicken. Maybe indulge your passion once a week?

How Does An Air Frying Work?

As the name suggests, an air fryer uses air to fry food, called Rapid Air Technology. You place food in a slide-out basket, close the air fryer and wait for your food to get ready. Once you close the air fryer, hot air fills the compartment, ensuring food is cooked from all sides. The outer lining of food becomes crispy, as most people love. 

Spraying a little oil on the food before placing it inside the air fryer is advisable to ensure a crunchy bite. The light oil film also prevents food from sticking to the holding basket. 

Types Of Food You Can Be Air Fried

What Health Benefits Does Air Frying Offer?

1. Uses Minimal Oil

Air frying cuts calories by about 75% and has less fat. The best thing about air fryers is that you don’t have to sacrifice taste. The gadget achieves almost a similar feat as deep frying. On the other hand, a deep fryer uses about 1 to 4 quarts of oil. 

young woman decorating iced doughnuts

Minimal calorie consumption helps avoid diseases such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. In a society where weight gain and obesity are rising steadily, it’s perhaps the time to become more health-conscious. 

On the other hand, for some people, a healthy lifestyle involves switching to a vegetarian diet. This appliance lets you do that easily. It cooks vegetables excellently. You can make your switch today and enjoy healthy cooking.

The Netta 7.2L Air Fryer Is A Great Example of Healthy Cooking

2. Lowers The Risk Of Chronic Diseases

Heated cooking oil increases the concentration of inflammatory compounds absorbable by the food. Once absorbed, these inflammatory compounds increase the chances of contracting chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease.  

If you use an air fryer, you don’t have to worry about such an instance. You are generally at a lower risk of contracting cardiovascular disease because the saturated fat residue in air-fried foods is minimal. 

The air fryer uses a lot of time to fry food thoroughly. The long cooking time ensures starch in starchy foods like Irish potatoes breaks down completely. The starch will be more digestible upon consuming such food, lowering the effect on blood sugar.

3. Helps In Weight Loss

Weight gain is a rising problem in modern-day society. Many people are struggling to lose weight. If you walk down the street, you will notice a lot of people with excessive weight. Also, gym subscriptions are rising as people struggle to reduce weight.

young female measuring her waist with a cloth tape

A common worldwide myth is that carbohydrates and proteins are the most significant contributors to weight gain. Unbeknown to many, fats are the most important contributor to weight gain. Each gram of fat has approximately nine calories, which is incredibly high compared to the rates of proteins and carbohydrates. Switching to an air fryer drastically reduces the fats you consume and helps weight loss. 

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4. Minimizes Cooking Pollution

An air fryer helps you avoid breathing harmful compounds released from cooking. When carbohydrate-rich foods are fired at high temperatures, they release a compound called Acrylamide. 

The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified Acrylamide as carcinogenic. Possible links to ovarian, endometrial, and kidney cancers have been established. The air fryer keeps you clean against harmful compounds because it uses minimal oil and contains the cooking. 

5. Safety

An air fryer is healthy to use because it guarantees the utmost safety. The cooking chamber is confined, and thus, the chance of injury or fire is minimal. Deep frying entails heating temperatures at around 350 degrees when frying food. 

Since deep fryers are not covered, the boiling oil is dangerous, and the chances of spillage are higher. Also, the probability of causing a fire using an air fryer is minimal compared to a deep fryer or a pan.

young female eating air fried chicken and chips were her fingers

6. Easy Clean Up

Most air fryers have non-stick, removable parts that are dishwasher safe, making cleanup a breeze.

Cleaning a deep fryer is messier. Oil spatter on the kitchen counter and walls is the biggest cleaning issue. Disposing of old oil is another issue.

Other Benefits

  • Fast
  • Versatile. You can use the air fryer to cook anything from muffins to crispy chicken wings, roasted vegetables, and even steaks.
  • Some models have multi-cook functions.

The Disadvantages Of Air Frying

  1. Limited Capacity: Air fryers typically have a smaller cooking capacity than traditional ovens or deep fryers, making preparing meals for larger groups challenging.
  2. Inconsistent Cooking: Depending on the model and food placement, air fryers can sometimes cook food unevenly, requiring users to shake or turn items for even browning.
  3. Not Always Oil-Free: While air fryers use significantly less oil than traditional frying methods, some recipes still require oil for flavour and texture, adding to the calorie count.
  4. Expensive: High-quality air fryers can be costly, and a learning curve might be associated with getting the best results.
  5. Taste Difference: Some people find that air-fried foods, while crispy, don’t have the same depth of flavour or mouthfeel as traditionally fried foods.

These advantages have made air fryers increasingly popular among health-conscious consumers and those looking for convenience in the kitchen.

Health Benefits Of Air Frying: Summing Up

Air frying has revolutionized how we approach fried foods, offering a healthier alternative without compromising taste. Air fryers reduce calorie and fat intake by using significantly less oil, promoting better heart health and weight management. Additionally, this method minimizes the production of harmful compounds like acrylamide, which can form in certain foods during traditional frying. Air frying balances indulgence and well-being, allowing food enthusiasts to enjoy their favourite crispy treats with fewer health concerns.

Maria Kelley