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How Long Does Coffee Last? Everything You Need To Know

Arguably, there is nothing better than coffee. It really is one thing that unites people across the globe. There are books written on it, coffee chains that unite people across the world and innumerable movie references that bring together caffeine lovers. Find how long does coffee last find here!

It is one of the diet staples that several people begin their day with and rely on to keep going through the day! If you have gotten your hands on one of your favorite coffee brands and wondering how long it is going to last, read on. We have you covered on all things coffee!

Coffee Shelf Life: Things All Coffee Lovers Need To Know

How Long Does Coffee Last

To know the shelf life of coffee, you would have to understand that different types of coffee last differently. In addition, storage conditions and the brand also make a significant difference in determining the longevity of coffee.

Whole Bean Coffee Lasts The Longest

Coffee comes in several shapes and sizes, such as brewed coffee, instant coffee, ground coffee, whole bean coffee and each has a different shelf life. Typically, whole bean coffee is considered to have the longest shelf life.

If you have opened the seal of your whole bean coffee, you may expect it to last for 4 weeks on average. Remember, you can keep using coffee for much longer, but it would have the same taste for 4 weeks and then would start getting bitter and darker. However, this is not the case always but something to know and keep in mind.

How Long Does Coffee Last

A sealed pack of whole bean coffee can even last for three to four months. So, that is something worth considering! This is the reason it is always recommended that you get small packs of coffee, especially if you live alone so that you can keep it sealed for longer times.

Ground Coffee Is A Close Second

If you keep your ground coffee pack sealed or in an airtight container, it can last you for two to three months, sometimes even more. However, an opened pack will last you no longer than three weeks.

Instant Coffee Can Last A Couple Of Weeks

Instant coffee can last between a couple of weeks if you have it opened.

Brewed Coffee Needs To Be Consumed The Fastest

You need to consume brewed coffee within twelve hours if it is stored at room temperature. You can make it last longer, i.e. 3-4 days if you store it in the refrigerator. But we would say consume it at the earliest!

How To Make Coffee Last Longer: Tips That Can Be A Life Saver!

How Long Does Coffee Last

This is a question most coffee lovers have on their minds. Who does not like making their coffee last longer? Sure, coffee shopping is fun but so is making your last pack last. It is a constant tussle we can’t let go of.

Here are a few tips that can make your coffee last longer while keeping it fresh and ensuring the flavor remains intact!

1. Storage Location Should Be Optimum

Moisture is the biggest enemy of coffee. Would you want your coffee to smell like mold and taste bad? Well, we guess not. Therefore, you need to ensure that the storage of coffee is done in a way that it stays miles away from moisture.

Cool, dry and dark place is the best place to store coffee. Take an airtight, opaque container to store your coffee and keep it away from all sources of water and moisture and you are good to go!

2. Grind Coffee To Prolong Its Shelf Life

When you grind coffee beans, they last you longer as opposed to ground coffee beans. Make sure to crush the right amount of coffee so that you don’t end up with loads of it.

As a rule of thumb, do not go overboard with coffee shopping. We understand that the thought can be pretty tempting but refrain from being indulgent. You would rather buy it every once in a while to retain the flavor and the charm of coffee shopping by discovering new flavors and brands.

3. Retain The Original Packing

The more you transfer coffee’s packaging, its flavor will start diminishing. As far as possible, retain the original packaging of the coffee and even if you have to transfer it to a new container, make sure the container is airtight.

Never add new coffee beans to a container already containing old coffee. This will do nothing for the freshness and in fact, make it worse.

Coffee Shelf Life: Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions on coffee’s shelf life? We have curated and answered some of the most commonly asked questions on this world-famous beverage just for you. Read on!

How Long Does Espresso Last?

It is advisable to drink an espresso within 5-10 minutes of having it made if you want to have the best of it.

How Do I Know If My Coffee Has Gone Bad And Needs To Be Replaced?

Aroma is the best way to gauge the freshness of the coffee. If it smells heavenly, it is good to go. Besides, you should always take cognizance of the packaging and the instructions on it.

It is unlikely that coffee will betray signs of rot by the looks of it. This is because it looks the same even after years unless, of course, there is moth and mold infestation due to unmanageable dampness.

Can Coffee Expire? And Can You Get Sick By Consuming Expired Coffee?

Yes, coffee beans and all forms of coffee, come with an expiration date. Having said that, you should not drink coffee that is past its prime and throw it away. Ideally, you should not buy loads of it to avoid this situation.

If you still do not want to throw it away (trust us, we understand), here is what you can do with it instead:

  • Coffee can be an excellent baking ingredient, so how about trying that out?
  • Ground coffee, when way past its prime, can make for a great fertilizer for plants.
  • Why not experiment with a new brewing method with expired coffee? It will be fun. You will learn a new technique without wasting any of your good coffee. A win-win, we’d say!

The Final Word

They say as long as there is coffee in the world, how bad can things be and that is right. Coffee has unique powers to set things right. We hope that you find the above tips useful and use them to make your coffee last longer. Keep brewing and waking up to the smell of coffee. What’s better than that?

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