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Published by: Maria Kelley • Updated: October 20, 2023 • Checked By: Chef Matty Riedel

New build homes are perfect for families. They come equipped with all the necessary facilities and are unlikely to have hidden faults. While modern, new builds often start as a blank slate and so can lack the personality you'd usually expect from a family home.

In this guide, we'll look at how you can decorate your ideal new build family home to match your family's style and personality.

How To Style A New Build Family Home

1. Create Child-Friendly Spaces

When styling your home, it's important to consider areas that cater to your and your children's needs. Designate a specific space where the kids can participate in activities or play games, such as a study corner, playroom, or a cosy reading nook.

young boy playing with toys

Opt for child-friendly furnishings in these spaces, including upholstered tables, furniture with round edges, and good old plastic chairs – think safe and easy to clean. Also, consider including some versatile storage solutions to put away toys and equipment when not in use. Things like ottomans with hidden storage and bookshelves are both practical and stylish.

And don't forget to make these spaces vibrant, incorporating bright colours, cool patterns, and interactive elements to keep the kids entertained and engaged.

2. Add Some Personal Touches

No family home is complete without some personal finishes. Infuse your family's personality into the décor by adding photographs of you and your children and any artwork they may have produced. You may also have some mementoes or things you have gathered over the years from holidays or friends that you can display.

a family photo wall

Why not create a dedicated gallery wall to showcase these items or place them on shelving? Ideally, you want them somewhere highly visible at the front of the home to create a warm environment as soon as you enter.

3. Embrace Open Floor Plans

Most newly built homes will offer an open floor plan, providing sufficient space for your family to interact and connect. Maximise this layout by strategically placing furniture to delineate zones while maintaining a cohesive flow.

open plan kitchen and living area

You can use area rugs, statement lighting, or decorative room dividers to define these distinct areas. This could include the dining area, kitchen, and living room.

4. Create A Relaxing Area

Amid busy family life, you must create a cosy and relaxing space to unwind and recharge. Design a cosy reading corner with plush seating and a bookshelf or a peaceful little oasis in the spare bedroom with soft lighting and a comfortable chair.

a cosy living area with a blue 2-seater lounge and a bookshelf

You can add some plants to embrace nature or some artwork to tap into your inner creative side. Just ensure not to overdo it and keep the area clean and clutter-free.

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