Le Creuset Frying Pan Review & Buyer’s Guide

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If you've had an ugly experience preparing your favourite pancakes with regular frying pans, your troubles are about to end. With over 95 year’s reputation in the cookware industry, Le Creuset is dedicated to providing the best cookware products in the market. In this review, will focus on the Le Creuset frying pan.  

Whether you are a professional chef, a housewife, or just a cooking hobbyist, the outstanding performance of this Le Creuset frying Pan will leave you feeling prouder and more energetic in the kitchen. Even better, the pan's non-stick feature ensures that you spend as little time as possible in the kitchen cooking and cleaning.  

While the non-stick feature may be a concern for some people, it shouldn't be with this Le Creuset pan. All Le Creuset cookware items are 100 % PFOA free, so your health safety is guaranteed. The manufacturer has packed many more impressive features that we're going to look into below. Stay tuned!  

Le Creuset Frying Pan Review

Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan With Helper Handle and Two Pouring Lips, For All Hob Types and Ovens, 23 cm, Marseille Blue, 201822320

If you enjoy cooking, either for business or pleasure, the quality of your cookware is something you can't comprise on.

If possible, you should always go for the best items that you can lay your hand on.  

An excellent pan will make your cooking enjoyable, healthy, and delicious while saving you tons of money in the long run.

As far as Le Creuset frying Pan is concerned, here is what it has in store for you. 


  • Safe – 100% PFOA free 
  • Durable and long lasting  
  • Outstanding cooking performance  
  • Heats evenly – lasting heat retention
  • Doesn't require seasoning 


  • Short handle  
  • Heavy – weighs 4.2 pounds 

Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan With Helper Handle and Two Pouring Lips, For All Hob Types and Ovens, 23 cm, Marseille Blue, 201822320

Le Creuset Frying Pan Features & Benefits

High-Quality Enamelled Cast Iron  

This Le Creuset frying Pan is crafted from a high-quality and durable Enamelled Cast Iron coating. The interior features a black enamel seal (not entirely smooth), making it stylish and very sturdy. Even better, it keeps the pan from rusting while giving it a natural patina for easy food release and cleaning.  

Furthermore, the cast iron construction enables fuss-free everyday cooking on medium-low heat. Besides, its oven, BBQ, and grill safe, allowing you to prepare a variety of dishes with ease.  

The only downside with the cast iron construction is that the pan is somehow heavy, weighing 1.93kg. This may be a concern, especially if you have teens who may need to use the pan.  

Safe – PFOA Free  

Concerns have emerged regarding the safety of non-stick cookware products. While there is no conclusive information regarding the issue, it’s a legitimate concern, and you should be vigilant when shopping for cookware.  

While most nonstick frying pans are coated with Teflon (which contains PFOA elements – only toxic when heated to high levels above 500 degrees), this is not the case with Le Creuset Frying Pan. 

It's 100% PFOA free and won't peel or transfer harmful fumes or debris to your food. This makes it a suitable choice if you're concerned about the safety of Teflon coated nonstick pans.  

Besides, you may have had a bad experience with nonstick pans rusting or developing a flaky surface. The Le Creuset skillet coating is durable and scratch-resistant, so you won't witness such issues in the near future. (Don't use harsh cleaning tools to protect the interior).

Even Heat Distribution And Retention  

The pan heats slowly on low-medium cooking heat. But once it's fully heated, it retains the heat well making it ideal for various tasks such as roasting, baking, steaming, and frying. Besides, it keeps the food warm in case you decide not to serve immediately.  

The pan also heats evenly, and it’s safe to use on various heat sources such as gas, electric, oven, induction, and outdoor grill. After cooking, consider placing the pan on a wooden table – it can damage weak tabletops.  

Nonstick Feature 

The PFOA non-stick is another impressive feature that you'll love about this Le Creuset frying pan. With this pan, you can fry your eggs confidently without any worries that the egg will stick.  

Even better, this nonstick feature allows you to cook healthier – only a little fat is required. I can't also fail to point out the effortless clean-up and maintenance it comes with.  

Thanks to the smooth interior, the food releases easily. The coating is also durable and won't peel, scratch, or emit toxic fumes when heated to high temperatures.  

Strong Handle And Helper Handle  

The handle's design is one of the key factors to keep in mind when buying a frying pan. With the Le Creuset frying Pan, the handle is quite strong – it gets hot when the pan is heated. It's also made of cast iron and features a hook for convenient storage.  

While it's somehow short, it offers a good grip and won't slide off easily. Even better, there's a helper handle for added convenience when carrying heavy weight. Holding the pan on both ends offers a safe and secure grip when carrying or emptying the skillet.  

Good Size And Capacity  

The pan is relatively large, featuring a diameter of 23cm. That's wide enough to accommodate a variety of food. It also has a large capacity of 1.2 litres. The pan also two pouring spouts for hassle-free serving or emptying. Overall, it measures 26.7 x 38.9 x 4.1 cm. 

Oven Safe  

The fact that this Le Creuset frying Pan is oven safe at any temperature is super impressive. Besides, the pan is versatile and offers everyday convenience for frying, browning, baking, sautéing, and roasting, among other tasks.  

Easy To Clean – Dishwasher Safe  

The Le Creuset frying Pan is easy and straightforward to clean. Just hand wash with soapy water (if possible warm) and a sponge, and you're good to go. In case food sticks on the pan, you can soak for a few minutes rather than forcing off the stuck food.  

The pan is also dishwater safe, but I wouldn't recommend it as it can reduce your pan's lifespan. There's also the limitation of the pan's large and heavyweight design.  

Low Maintenance  

Thanks to the sturdy design of this pan, it's durable and requires minimal maintenance. Unlike most pans, this skillet is easy to clean and doesn't require any seasoning.  


While the price of this Le Creuset frying Pan may be a concern to some people, I can say for sure that it's worth the investment. It's highly durable, versatile, non-stick, safe, and much more.  

Once you buy this pan, you can forget about shopping for another pan soon. Besides, it features a limited lifetime warranty, so your investment is protected.  

Best Used For? 

Le Creuset pan is an ideal choice for professional chefs and kitchen fanatics looking to experience a new world of hassle-free cooking. Frankly, it's difficult to say what this pan can't do.  

Whether you want to bake bread, roast vegetables, cook a juicy steak, fry a lovely piece of salmon, fry eggs, or make your delicious pizza, pasta sauce, scrambles, omelettes, frittatas, and much more. For whatever task you use it for, you can rest assured that it won't be followed up by a messy cleanup.  

Reasons To Buy 

Still not convinced? Here are reasons why you should upgrade your kitchen with this Le Creuset frying Pan.  

  • Highly durable – can last for a decade  
  • Made in France  
  • Heats up quite slowly but evenly  
  • Retains heat for long 
  • Versatile – can be used for various food preparation tasks  
  • Fitted with pouring spouts for easy, hassle-free serving  
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty  
  • It comes from a highly reputable manufacturer with over 95 years of experience in manufacturing cookware items  
  • Features a high-density enamelled cast iron construction
  • Easy to use and clean  
  • Oven, grill, BBQ, and dishwasher safe  
  • Requires minimal maintenance  
  • Fitted with two handles – the main handle and a helper handle  
  • Cooks on medium-low heat 
  • Relatively large cooking surface  
  • Budget-friendly  

  • Colour

    Marseille Blue

  • Product Dimensions

    26.67 x 38.86 x 4.06 cm

  • Diameter

    23 cm

  • Volume

    1200 ml

  • Dishwasher Safe?


  • Finish Type


  • Item Weight

    1.91 kg

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Is It Oven Safe? 

Yes, according to Le Creuset, this pan is oven safe at any oven temperature. Experts recommend using the pan on the oven rack or shelf when baking to prevent damaging the oven floor.  

How To Clean? 

Well, cleaning up this Le Creuset frying pan is super easy. Thanks to the smooth nonstick nature of the pan, it's highly unlikely that food will stick, and if it does, it's easy to wash off.  

For general cleaning of the pan, just hand wash using warm soapy water and a soft sponge or nylon pads. Avoid abrasive cleaning agents and metallic pads as it can damage the non-stick finish.  

In case food sticks on the pan, pour a little water and allow it to soak for a few minutes. The food will naturally fall out without the need to scrub it off. After washing the pan, dry it with a dry towel and hang it or store it safely.  

How To Season? 

The good news about the Le Creuset frying Pan is that it doesn't need seasoning or any special care for that matter. It's non-reactive and won't transfer any metallic taste or smell to your food.  

Still, there's no danger in seasoning. If you wish to, it's relatively easy. Once you wash the pan, dry it and rub some vegetable oil on the pans interior. Heat the pan gently over low- medium heat for about 1 to 2 minutes. Allow the pan to cool and wipe away any excess oil with a paper towel, and you're done!  

Le Creuset Frying Pan Review: Summing Up 

Undoubtedly, Le Creuset frying Pan is a sound investment that offers excellent value for your money. Thanks to its superior cast-iron quality, this pan is not only durable but versatile enough to handle any kitchen tasks thrown at it with efficiency.  

Once you start using it, you'll feel the joy of stress-free and effortless cooking. Besides, it’s stylish and would make a perfect gift for individuals inspiring to venture into a healthy lifestyle. Lastly, remember to check out some of the customers’ reviews on major stores such as Amazon. A lots of people love it, and so will you!

Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan With Helper Handle and Two Pouring Lips, For All Hob Types and Ovens, 23 cm, Marseille Blue, 201822320

Le Creuset Frying Pan Review

Editors Choice

  • Safe – 100% PFOA free 
  • Durable – will serve you for decades  
  • Easy to wash and maintain 
Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Skillet Frying Pan With Helper Handle and Two Pouring Lips, For All Hob Types and Ovens, 23 cm, Marseille Blue, 201822320

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