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Lightweight Cast Iron Frying Pans

Published by: Maria Kelley • Updated: October 27, 2023 • Checked By: Chef Matty Riedel

Cast iron is one of the materials used to manufacture cookware. It’s won the hearts of many manufacturers thanks to its durability. Though it’s a poor conductor of heat, it retains heat for a long time and is, therefore, a darling to the manufacturers. Cookware made from cast iron does not get dented or warp when heated.  

Frying pans are some of the most fundamental cookware pieces in the kitchen. The majority of them are made of different materials. Cast iron is less preferred because it is heavy and thus a turnoff for some people. Even so, advancement in technology has seen the invention of lightweight cast iron frying pans

Lightweight Cast Iron Frying Pans: Pros and Cons

A lightweight cast iron frying pan offers unseen reliability and flexibility in the kitchen. It helps you take on different recipes and allows you to try out new dishes. Lightweight design does not compromise the durability and quality of the frying pans considerably.  

A lightweight cast iron frying pan does your work in the kitchen super-easy. You turn your ingredients effortlessly, thus giving you ideal control over the cooking process. Lightweight cookware is easy to handle, especially when cooking, washing, and storing. This pan unleashes your prowess in frying, roasting, baking, and searing.  

the advantages of lightweight cast iron frying pans are many

How Is A Lightweight Frying Pan Different? 

Unlike standard frying pans, lightweight frying pans use metal moulds, which can produce thinner walls. In some cases, the pan is milled to create even thinner walls.  The lightweight frying pan retains most of the standard frying pans properties.  

The frying pans are up to 60% lighter than those made of traditional cast iron to put lightweight into perspective.  

Benefits Of Lightweight Cast Iron Frying Pans 

1. Ease Of Handling 

It’s easier to handle lightweight cast iron frying pans than their heavy counterparts. You cook, clean, and store your utensils effortlessly. Cooking can be a chore when you have to handle heavy equipment all day. These pans are so light literally anyone can handle them.

2. Safety 

When handling lightweight cookware, safety is always taken in mind. It’s scarce to cause an accident in the kitchen while dealing with a lightweight frying pan. It’s easy to place and remove from the hob. Even children can handle the frying pan with no problems.  

3. It Heats Up And Cools Down Quickly 

Since a lightweight cast iron frying pan has thinner walls, it heats up quickly once put on the heat and cools down rapidly when hurled away from the fire. It takes approximately 2 minutes to heat up compared to the 10 minutes that a standard cast iron pan takes.  

Drawbacks Of Lightweight Cast Iron Frying Pans 

1. Less Durable

Traditional cast iron frying pans are often passed down across several generations because they are incredibly durable. It is sadly not the case with lightweight counterparts. The refinement to thin the walls comes at the expense of lowering the durability.  

2. Poorer Heat Retention 

The thickness of an appliance determines heat retention. Lightweight cast iron frying pans have thin walls and do not retain heat for a significant time. Poor heat retention often leads to uneven cooking. 

The Best Lightweight Cast Iron Frying Pan: Qulinart

Qulinart by Brandt Cast Iron Pan (28 cm), Especially Lightweight, Includes Non-stick Coating With Honeycomb Structure And Ergonomic Wooden Handle, Suitable For All Types Of Cookers

Brandt’s Ultra-lightweight cast iron frying pan has eccentric cooking properties and is simple yet easy to use. It’s easy to fry food on the non-stick honeycomb layer. It fries’ food excellently and is effortless to wash since it is dishwasher safe.  

The frying pan is made from the best-cast iron range that has top-notch non-stick qualities. It is significantly durable, and the honeycomb layer withstands heavy usage. Interestingly, it’s 50% lighter than traditional cast iron, thus making it more user-friendly. Besides, you can use metal utensils on the frying pan since it does not get scratches or dents.  

Brandt usually pre-season the Qulinart ultralight frying pan. You, therefore, do not need to season it each time you use it. However, you should apply some oil regularly to ensure it remains quality for a longer time.  

The cast-iron frying pan is an excellent addition to any kitchen. In addition, it is very economical, yet performs excellent and massive work in the kitchen. It’s premium cookware at an affordable budget. It has some fantastic features; 


  • Scratch-resistant 
  • Rust-free 
  • Saves energy
  • Healthy cooking  


  • Not very durable 
  • Cannot cook on high heat

Qulinart by Brandt Cast Iron Pan (28 cm), Especially Lightweight, Includes Non-stick Coating With Honeycomb Structure And Ergonomic Wooden Handle, Suitable For All Types Of Cookers


1. Additional Anti-Adhesive 

The frying pan has an extra non-stick honeycomb layer to allow gentle cooking and give you an aspect of healthy cooking. The coating lets food slide out of the pan easily without sticking to the sides. Also, it enables you to cook with little to no oil.  

2. Compatibility

The cast-iron frying pan is compatible with all cooking hobs, including induction. You can therefore use it in every kitchen without purchasing additional appliances.  

3. Rapid Heat Distribution 

The thin material used for construction has a higher thermal density, thus increasing heat distribution and retention. Using the frying pan lets you save a lot of energy.  

4. Ergonomic 

Qulinart frying pan is equipped with wooden handles. They do not heat up and are very convenient to use. You can use the pan with zero risks of accidents. 

Product Specifications

  • Material 

    Cast iron

  • Range 


  • Colour 


  • Non-stick coating


  • Dimensions 

    31.3 x 30 x 13 cm, lxwxh

  • Weight 



It would be best to wash the pan by hand with clean water and a sponge or clean cloth. You can also use a little detergent.  

You should never use detergents containing bleach, such as chlorine. It can significantly damage the interior and exterior coating. 

Furthermore, it would help if you never used sharp objects to remove stuck food particles. Soak the pan in water and scrap with a soft brush.  

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lightweight cast iron frying pans from Qulinart

Lightweight Cast Iron Frying Pans: Summing Up 

Using a standard cast iron once isn’t a problem. However, using it daily can take a toll especially if you do a lot of cooking Thus the need for a lightweight cast iron frying pan. The pan gives you numerous benefits and doesn’t compromise the advantages of traditional cast iron considerably. The best thing is that the pan is very affordable.

Qulinart Cast Iron Frying Pan

Editors Choice

  • Scratch-resistant 
  • Rust-free 
  • Saves energy
Qulinart by Brandt Cast Iron Pan (28 cm), Especially Lightweight, Includes Non-stick Coating With Honeycomb Structure And Ergonomic Wooden Handle, Suitable For All Types Of Cookers

Maria Kelley