Multi Cooker Vs Soup Maker: Which Do You Choose?

As the era of Covid-19 starts to fade (fingers crossed!), all eyes are on recovering the lost time during the pandemic. It’s therefore essential to have the most robust cooking appliances to minimize time spent in the kitchen. It’s all about efficiency. Equipped with a suitable gadget, you can spend very little time in the kitchen and have more spare time to accomplish your goals.  So, multi cooker vs soup maker? What's the verdict?

Multi Cooker Vs Soup Maker 

You might be speculative whether to buy a multi-cooker, a soup maker, or both. While having both is the best thing, your budget might not allow it. This article primarily focuses on the features of both appliances to give you a clear idea of the best. Even though they might be both classy gadgets, it’s essential to prioritize when purchasing them.  

Multi Cooker 

An ideal multi-cooker gives you many functions. You can pressure cook, air fry, bake or steam using the same pot. A good multi-cooker lets you experiment with different types of meals without investing in many appliances. Multi-cookers are, in fact, incredibly affordable and help you minimize overcrowding in your kitchen caused by all sorts of cooking appliances.  

Multi-cookers are the real deal when it comes to diversity. Some brands have specialized in specific cooking techniques that will blow your mind. If you like a particular meal, look for the multi-cooker that inclines towards your favourite meal.  

Features Of A Multi Cooker 

  1. Preset Functions 

A multi-cooker is equipped with present functions, controllable via a console. The functions perform different tasks such as baking, steaming, slow cooking, or rice cooking. Some multi-cookers can even pressure cook. The pressure cook feature is handy when cooking meat joints. It’ll get tender without waiting for too long.  

multi cooker vs soup maker - broccoli and carrots are great ingredients for both
  1. Air Frying 

If you are health-concise, a multi-cooker with air frying capability should be your preferred gadget. This feature allows you to use minimal oil when frying your steak or vegetables. Nonetheless, a multi-cooker with air frying capability is significantly expensive. It’s somewhat costly than buying a normal multi-cooker and an air-fryer separately.  

  1. Compactness 

A multi-cooker features a minimalistic design. It’s about the size of a small vacuum cleaner, and all its accessories fit inside. You thus, don’t have to worry about congestion in the kitchen space.  

  1. Easy To Clean 

Multi-cookers have a ceramic non-stick coating which is easy to wash. In addition, unlike the deep fryer, oil does not splatter when cooking. Your kitchen, therefore, remains clean. Also, its multi-purpose nature lets you cook different meals, which translates to less washing.  

  1. Safe 

Once the gadget is done cooking, it switches off and turns on the keep-warm function. It’s, therefore, safe to use around the house regardless of children present.


  1. Sizable 

A multi-cooker comes with a 5-litre cooking basket. It's large enough to cater to a sizable crowd of people. If you are holding parties frequently, this is what you purchase.  


  • Multi-purpose 
  • Preset functions
  • Ease of use 
  • Massive size


  • Multi-cookers with premium features are expensive.

Soup Maker 

Soup is super easy to make. Right? Not really. While almost everyone thinks preparing soup is the easiest thing on earth, it can be more manageable. The conventional technique of making soup entails keeping a close watch for approximately 20 minutes.  

A soup maker changes the whole idea. You can now deploy the soup maker and utilize the 20 minutes for some extra tasks. The gadget eliminates many technicalities and the idea of making soup from scratch.  


  1. Control Panel  

Soup makers are equipped with a control panel to control the operations. The control features an LED timer. It allows you to prepare your soup at exact times. In addition, it shows the time your soup has been cooked and the time left.  

  1. Compact 

A soup maker is sleek and occupies the least space in your kitchen. It can fit even in the most miniature kitchen cabinets. In addition, it occupies minimal space as compared to a blender or soup pan.  

  1. Ease Of Use 

A soup maker allows you to prepare soup in the fastest time possible. Chop your ingredients into sizable pieces, put them inside your soup maker, and select the ideal setting. For example, you can either choose a chunky or smooth set.  

Depending on the type of soup maker, there are several textures you can choose from, smooth, juice, blend, and chunky. You select a texture depending on your personal preference.  

After the action, it’s easy to wash, thanks to its innovative top-down design. You run water on the interior and exterior, then wipe it with a sponge, and you are done.  

  1. Stylish 

It’s perfectly designed to fit in your kitchen perfectly. If you don’t enjoy the soup, you’ll get to admire the soup maker. It’s simplistic and is made of stainless steel.  

  1. Diversity 

A soup maker is not limited to making soups only. You can use it to make milkshakes and smoothies. 

  1. Reheat 

Some soup makers are equipped with a reheating function. So when you need to serve soup later, you don’t have to worry. The gadget will reheat your soup effortlessly.  


  • Different settings
  • Easy to clean 
  • Easy to use 
  • Health aspect 
  • Affordable  


  • Fairly noisy 
  • Small capacity

Multi Cooker vs Soup Maker?

The multi-cooker and the soup maker are two gadgets in different zones. The soup maker is specifically for making soups and stews. Also, a soup maker inspires healthy eating. Instead of depending on canned soups, you can prepare your custom soups with the best ingredients to minimize unhealthy additives. The gadgets come with soup recipes for you to try.  

The multi-cooker, on the other hand, is an insane workhorse in the kitchen. It does almost everything thrown at it. Besides diversity, it will also prepare meals for a large group. Another interesting fact about multi-cookers is that they can be used to prepare mull drinks.  

Did You Know? 

Multi- Cookers are also used to prepare mull drinks. 

  • Multi Cooker

    Soup Maker

  • Functions

    pressure cook, air fry, bake or steam using the same pot

    soups, milkshakes and smoothies

  • Ease Of Use

    multiple functions


  • Size



  • Diversity

    Used to cook/heat many types of foods

    Cooks minimal foods

  • Taste

    excellent taste

    very good

  • Cook time



Multi Cooker Vs Soup Maker: Summing Up 

Since both the multi-cooker and the soup maker fill different niches, you should strive to acquire them both. The soup maker will take care of your soups and stew needs, while the multi-cooker will take care of your cooking needs.  

If your budget limits you to own either a multi-cooker or a soup maker, go for the former. Although not the best, a multi-cooker can be used to make soups and stews. It will therefore serve you well without compromises. In addition, the appliance occupies minimal space, is easy to use and clean, and finally, it’s multi-purpose.