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Ninja Foodi Blender Review & Buyer’s Guide

Published by: Chef Braam Botha • Updated: February 22, 2024 • Checked By: Chef Matty Riedel

The last time a blender of mine broke I got excited, I made a whole day of buying a new one. Starry-eyed and excited, I went out to the shops, only to have nearly escaped a major panic attack. The sheer number of options available on the market is so overwhelming! Once you make peace with the fact that there are so many options out there and most of them are terrible, you can start weeding your way through all the mediocre blenders and finally discover the Ninja Foodi Blender. I am incredibly impressed with this machine, so much so that I decided to give you an in-depth report on it! So, without further ado, welcome to my Ninja Foodi Blender Review.

Ninja Foodi Blender Review & Buyer’s Guide UK

This 2-in-1 single-serve personal blender comes in at an amazing price, packed with enough power to grind down any ingredient you put in its path. With two different sized bowl attachments, this machine is perfect for anyone who loves to make delicious smoothies and won’t need the functionality of a traditional large blender. Compared to any other single-serve blender, this machine really packs a punch, unlike all the others the Ninja Nutri Blender does not turn down a fight.

If you are like me and you enjoy a thicker than normal smoothie, you will have noticed that most personal blenders struggle with very thick consistencies – until now! Although this machine is quite loud and does have a few nooks and crannies that make it hard to clean, the sheer power of this Ninja makes those issues a more than fair trade-off. All of this at a very reasonable price!

Ninja Foodi Blender: 2-in-1

Ninja 2-in-1 Blender Ninja 2-in-1 Blender
  • 2 Blenders in 1 – Multi-serve blender and personal blender
  • Auto-iQ Technology – One-touch blending programs do all the hard work for you
  • Durable and Powerful – 1200W motor drives interchangeable stainless-steel blades to blend tough ingredients. RPM: 21,000
  • Easy to Use – Simple controls, manual settings and dishwasher-safe parts
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Comes with 2 different cup sizes
  • Noisy
  • Takes up a lot of cupboard space
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Ninja 2-in-1 Blender: Specifications

  • Ninja 2-in-1 Blender

  • Auto-iQ?:

    Yes- 3 Programs

  • Speed Levels:

    3 – Low, Med & High

  • BPA Free:


  • Dish Washer Safe Components:


  • Colour:

    Black & Silver

  • Wattage:

    1200 watts

  • Product Weight:


  • Guarantee:

    ‎2 Years

This machine comes with two different sized attachments, each fitted with a slightly different blade. For making delightfully thick smoothies or for the tougher nut butter jobs, the Ninja includes what they call, a 400ml Power Nutri Bowl. Specifically designed for the tougher jobs, this attachment has a paddle at the top of the bowl that pushes down on the ingredients forcing them into the blade to ensure a smooth consistency. If you are making thick smoothie bowls, this would be the attachment to reach for. This is also the only single-serving blender I have come across that was able to handle very thick textures. I was able to make extremely thick peanut butter with the bowl attachment, most other machines have a tough time blending through such a thick consistency. – Not this Ninja!

This machine made easy work of this strenuous task. There is nothing I hate more than having to stop mid-blend to manually scrape ingredients off the side to ensure they get a blend, luckily this attachment has got that covered!

The other attachment you will find in this box is a 700ml Power Nutri Cup. Although the cup is not as solid as the bowl, it is still more than capable of making thick smoothies. An added feature that I truly enjoy is the sipping cup lid that comes with the 700ml attachment. You can simply blend your smoothie, remove the blade cover, and add the sipping lid to enjoy your smoothie straight out of the blender cup. This is not only convenient to have an on-the-go drink but as a bonus, it creates fewer dirty dishes.

Ninja Foodi Blender: 3-in-1

The 3-in-1 option includes everything you would find in the 2-in-1 box with an added 2.1-litre Power Nutri jug with a total crushing blade and a dough hook attachment. The 3-in-1 machine also has a slightly stronger motor, bringing the wattage up from 1100W to 1200W.

Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Blender 3-in-1 Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Blender 3-in-1

The Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Blender 3-in-1 is a powerful and versatile kitchen appliance that combines three functions in one:

  • Blending: Create smoothies, protein shakes, dips, sauces, and more.
  • Chopping: Chop vegetables, fruits, nuts, and herbs quickly and easily.
  • Processing: Make nut butters, baby food, and other delicious and nutritious treats.

Ninja Foodi Power Nutri Blender 3-in-1 is a great option for anyone looking for a versatile and powerful blender that can do it all. It's easy to use, clean, and maintain, and it helps you make delicious and healthy meals in no time.

  • Powerful blender
  • 6 Programs
  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Noisy
Both Amazon and Ninja Kitchen usually have free next day delivery to mainland UK.
To keep our website going, we earn a small commission if you make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Ninja Foodi Blender 3-in-1: Specifications

Ninja Foodi Blender 3-in-1
2.1L Power Nutri Jug/ 0.7L Power Nutri Cup/ 0.4L Power Nutri Bowl
BPA Free:
Dish Washer Safe Components:
Product Weight:
2 Years

Ninja Foodi Blender Features

Auto-IQ Technology

If you have worked with Ninja blenders in the past few years you will be familiar with their Auto-IQ technology. Auto-IQ can be defined as pre-programmed functional cycles that are built into Ninja blenders. With this technology, Ninja has managed to eliminate the guessing work that goes into blending or pureeing. Most people don’t know this but, to make a perfect smoothie you must blend, pulse, pause and mix in certain perfectly timed sequences; Auto-IQ does that for you. Ninja has pre-programmed a few different cycles into the machine, so you don’t have to manually blend in certain sequences. The different pre-programmed settings are blend, crush, mix, power mix, pulse & start/stop. Each of these functions acts in different ways. Powermix would be a combination of crush, blend, and mix.

Along with the Auto-IQ technology they have built in a function called anti-stalling. As the name suggests, this function helps the machine not stall (stop) when dealing with stubbornly thick mixtures. By sensing the amount of torque and pressure to apply this machine will automatically know when it has to gear down and engage in a slower but more powerful mode to get through the tough times. Normal blenders usually just freeze up if it is not powerful enough to get through some tough ingredients because they are engineered to operate at a high speed with lower torque. Whereas this machine is engineered to adapt to these situations.

Smart Torque Motor

Don’t let the compact size of this machine fool you. I put this machine through a few very strenuous tests and to my surprise this machine is yet to disappoint me. Thanks to the 1100 watt motor, this compact machine really packs a punch as it cuts, crushes, and blends through almost any ingredient you throw in its path. As with anything in life, don’t be an idiot, don’t go throwing rocks in just because I said it will handle anything you throw in its path. 
As with self regulation through tough situations, this machine also keeps itself from going haywire in easier situations, by limiting speed when blending through thinner mixtures this machine does not shake as much as most blenders. Compared to most blenders this one doesn’t even vibrate! *Please note, I am exaggerating to make a point.

Hybrid Edge Blades

Gone are the days of straight-edged blades in blenders, the Ninja Foodi blenders’ blades look like something out of an anime or sci-fi series. Eight razor-sharp edges all angled in different positions enables this machine to get to those hard-to-reach areas just under the blade as well as creating a stronger vortex to suck ingredients from the top straight into the blades of doom.

Power Paddle

I know I have already mentioned this feature in the 2-in-1 section but it is seriously so cool that I thought it deserved its own section, this should be the new standard on all blenders! The power paddle is a hand-operated feature that scrapes ingredients off the sides of the 400ml Nutri Bowl preventing anything to stick to the edges. We all know too well the mess and inconvenience caused by ingredients sticking to the sides of a blender bowl. Having to stop the process, unhook the bowl, open the lid, getting in there with a spoon to scrape off whatever is sticking to the edges only to have to close it again before you can continue the blending process has always been one of the things, I hated most about being a chef – that is until Ninja came with the power paddle solution!

Dough Hook (3-in-1 Option)

Yes, you read that right! If you opt for the 3-in1 option, the Ninja Foodi then comes with a dough hook attachment, I almost never bake bread because it is such a mission to knead the dough by hand. Since I started using the Ninja Foodi I can’t stop baking different loaves of bread for almost any occasion. The smart torque technology adds torque to the motor by slowing down and engaging a larger gear, keeping the motor from seizing up.

Best Used For?

This machine is perfect for someone who needs a single serving sized blender, it is compact enough to not clutter your kitchen counter or cupboard space yet packs enough power to do almost anything you can think of. The 700ml cup attachment is perfect for making salad dressings, sauces, smoothies, marinades and healthy drinks. The 400ml bowl attachment is for the tougher jobs such as thick smoothie bowls, nut butter, pureeing cooked veggies and almost any thick mixture that require a bit of extra power.

Access 7 of my favourite recipes for the Ninja Foodi.

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Reasons To Buy

Besides being very affordable, this machine offers more power than any other machine in its class. The power torque technology enables this small machine to work smarter and not harder, it powers through tough ingredients like non-other. You don’t have to hide it in the back of your cupboard when having guests over as it is not too ugly, it’s got a sleek and compact design that won’t take too much counter space. If you are planning on making large batches of soups, rather go for a full-sized blender unless you want to blend a large pot of veggies one cup at a time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Care For My Nutri Ninja?

As with anything in life, treat it with respect, keep it clean. And above all remember that, although it says on the box ‘dishwasher safe’ stop being lazy and hand wash the attachments. They are made from plastic, and will over time start to fade and eventually crack if they are constantly exposed to the high heat in a dishwasher.

How Do I Clean My Nutri Ninja?

Add a few drops of dish soap into the bowl/cup then half fill with warm water, close the lid and pulse for a few seconds. After pulsing, empty the soap water and gently clean with a cloth. Gently wipe down the motor base with a damp cloth, take care not to use a very wet cloth as you do not want water to seep in through the tiny crevices into the motor unit.

Can I Use The Bowl/Cup In The Microwave?

No! There are absolutely no parts of this machine that are microwave safe!

Can I Blend Hot Ingredients In My Nutri Ninja?

This machine is not designed to handle hot ingredients at all, you will harm the rubber seals and potentially crack the plastic over time. I do not understand why they would advertise something as dishwasher safe and in the same manual tell you that it is not suitable to handle hot ingredients.

Ninja Foodi Blender Review: Summing Up

For the smoothie loving individual, there is no better blender out there than the Ninja Foodi Nutri Blender. The immense power this compact blender packs will enable you to never struggle with blending through tough ingredients. The days where your blender seizes up when making thick AF smoothies are now a thing of the past. Let’s be honest, where have you ever seen a small single-serve blender that packs enough power to knead dough? I assumed there was an error on the Amazon website when I saw the price tag on this powerhouse, it truly is a steal! Other blenders with comparable power are usually much larger in both size and price, which, for most people would be an over-kill.

If you are stuck on deciding between the 2-in-1 and the 3-in-1 options, rest assured that the 3-in-1 option will not disappoint at all! The extra power, more speed settings and dough hook will more than make up for the price difference.

Where To Buy Ninja Foodi Blender

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