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Russell Hobbs Deep Fat Fryer Review & Buyer’s Guide

Published by: Chef Matty Riedel • Updated: March 12, 2024

Even with the popularization of air fryers and turbo broilers, most households still rely on deep fryers when cooking their meals—

for good reasons! You can only achieve crispy, golden-fried foods with a deep fryer. No matter your setting, air fryers cannot recreate the crispy, juicy fish and chips your favourite pub serves. 

Of course, the delectability of the fried foods you cook heavily depends on the overall quality of your fryer. If you want a reliable, energy-efficient appliance capable of cooking large batches of delicious, deep-fried foods regularly, try the Russell Hobbs deep-fat fryer (Model # 24580). Does this fryer deserve a spot in every modern-day British kitchen? Read our Russell Hobbs Deep Fat Fryer Review to find out …

Russell Hobbs Deep Fat Fryer Review

The 24580 Model deep-fat fryer comes from Russel Hobbs, a British household appliance manufacturer that needs no introduction.

They offer a modern take on the traditional deep fryer we have all grown to love. Maximise its digital timer, large observation window, and advanced safety features for a safer, more efficient cooking process. 

Another reason for users to like the 24580 deep-fat fryer is its amazing range.

This fryer can handle all your cooking needs, whether you are looking for a quick, inexpensive way to fry massive amounts of food all at once or want to enjoy fast food at home without the steep takeout prices. 

Russell Hobbs 24580 Digital Deep Fryer Russell Hobbs 24580 Digital Deep Fryer
  • The digital timer makes the Russell Hobbs 24580 Digital Deep Fryer the best deep-fat fryer for forgetful cooks.
  • If you've been too nervous to deep fry foods, this model should allay those fears.
  • Set the timer, turn on the thermostat, and lower the frying basket into the oil. 
  • Russell Hobbs established a reputation for making quality appliances affordable.
  • This model demonstrates their design skills. 
  • Easy to clean
  • Filter to remove smells
  • Durable and attractive
  • Produces restaurant-like results
  • Quickly heats oil
  • Easy-to-clean components
  • Variable temperature control function
  • Produces condensation
  • Small fry basket
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Russell Hobbs Deep Fat Fryer: Specifications

  • Russell Hobbs Deep Fat Fryer

  • Food Capacity:

    1.2 Kg

  • Maximum Oil Capacity:

    3 Litres

  • Timer:


  • Material:


  • Colour:


  • Weight:

    3.57 Kg

  • Dimension:

    38.99 x 26.49 x 25.6 cm

  • Power / Wattage:

    2300 watts

Key Features Of The Russell Hobbs Deep Fat Fryer

Improved Safety Features 

Traditionally, families avoided getting deep-fat fryers since these appliances were too risky to have around children. After all, a gallon of hot oil is not the most family-friendly substance. 

To address the issue, Russell Hobbs added a large observation window on top of the unit so you can easily monitor your food without opening the lid every other minute—which is a very dangerous practice. 

Plus, the unit’s exterior does not heat up, so you do not have to worry about burning yourself even if you accidentally touch the sides of the appliance. 

Large Frying Capacity 

The 24580 deep fryer has a massive threshold that would shame other residential deep fryers. You can maximise its deep food basket that carries up to 1.2 kilograms of food and its massive tank capable of heating a gallon of oil to cook for the entire household in one go. This feature especially benefits those who dislike frying in multiple small batches. 

Remember that the appliance may take up quite a bit of space due to its large basket. For reference, the unit spans 39 cm long, 26.5 cm wide, and 25.6 cm tall, so make sure to free up your cupboard or counter accordingly. 

Digital Timer  

Timing plays a crucial role in deep-frying foods. You need to follow the correct cooking times to achieve perfectly fried foods that are crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Also, different foods take varying amounts of time to cook. For example, you cannot use the same settings to fry chips and chicken tenders. 

Luckily, the Russell Hiobbs 24580 deep-fat fryer has a digital timer. Just input the desired frying time and let the appliance do all the work. You can even multi-task by washing the dishes or cooking other dishes while waiting for the food to finish cooking.  

While its extensive safety features eliminate any risk of overheating, don’t forget to check on the fryer every few minutes to avoid accidents.

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Best Used For? 

Russell Hobbs customised the 24580 deep-fat fryer to suit a wide range of users. For example, beginners will benefit most from the simple digital timer that allows them to fry different foods with ease. Remember, alternative fryers might require you to learn advanced frying techniques first. 

Plus, the fryer has easy-to-clean components. You will not have to deal with hardened chunks of food sticking onto the basket, lid, or oil tank. Scrubbing off the excess lard and oil will require some elbow grease, but this fryer is easier to clean than its alternatives. 

Considering the extensive safety features of the 24580 deep-fat fryer, families with small children can also consider getting this model. They do not pose the same hazards that conventional fryers do.  

As mentioned, the exterior of the appliance does not overheat, so accidentally touching the unit’s sides while cooking will not lead to severe burns. Although, this does not mean you can completely neglect safety protocols. Ensure you keep the appliance in a safe area your children cannot reach. 

Plus, you can reduce the risk of accidents by shortening the cooking process. The fryer can reach the maximum oil temperature in around a minute. 

Top Reasons To Buy A Russell Hobbs Deep Fat Fryer 

Several factors come into consideration when purchasing a deep-fryer for your family. Fortunately, the 24580 deep-fat fryer by Russell Hobbs meets many of them. 

Apart from the massive oil and food capacity, extensive safety features, and fast-heating oil tank, the 24580 deep-fat fryer has several functions contributing to safer, more efficient frying. 

First, it has an observation window. This feature completely removes the need to open the lid while frying, eliminating the risk of hot oil splatter. 

Second, its fold-down lid was ergonomically designed for maximum safety. You can quickly slam the lid shut in emergencies and mitigate possible damage.  

Third, it has a convenient basket. Unlike what other fryers use, the frying basket on the 24580 model allows you to access your food mid-process without the risk of burning your hands. 

Finally, the variable control function allows even first-timers to have perfect control over the temperature of their fryer. 

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Russell Hobbs Deep Fat Fryer: FAQ

What Are The Key Features Of The Russell Hobbs Deep Fat Fryer?

The Russell Hobbs Deep Fat Fryer boasts a large frying capacity, a digital timer, improved safety features, and easy-to-clean components. It’s known for its quick heating and durable design.

Is the Russell Hobbs Deep Fat Fryer Safe For Families With Children?

Yes, it has several safety features like a cool exterior and a large observation window, making it safer around children compared to traditional fryers.

How Much Food And Oil Can The Russell Hobbs Fryer Hold?

It has a food capacity of 1.2 kilograms and an oil capacity of 3 liters, suitable for cooking large batches.

What Makes This Air Fryer Easy To Clean?

Its components are designed to be easy to clean, helping to avoid food sticking and simplify maintenance.

Is the Russell Hobbs Fryer Suitable For Beginners?

Absolutely, its simple digital timer and variable temperature control make it user-friendly, even for those new to frying.

How Quickly Does The Fryer Heat Oil?

It’s designed to heat oil quickly, significantly reducing cooking time.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of The Russell Hobbs Fryer?

Pros include easy cleaning, a smell-filter, and quick heating. A con is that it can produce condensation and has a relatively small fry basket.

Russell Hobbs Deep Fat Fryer Review: Summing Up 

Overall, the Russell Hobbs 24580 deep-fat fryer is a safe, practical, and inexpensive cooker that is perfect for families of all sizes. You can rely on this heavy-duty fryer for everyday cooking. It has a massive 1.2-kilogram food capacity that can accommodate your family’s needs, and the advanced safety features make it a less hazardous appliance. 

You can significantly reduce your cooking time because this fryer only takes a few minutes to reach the maximum oil temperature. Maintenance will never be an issue as well, considering that it has super easy-to-clean components.  

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Where To Buy The Russell Hobbs 24580 Digital Deep Fryer

Russell Hobbs 24580 Digital Deep Fryer

  • Large frying capacity 
  • Quickly heats oil 
  • Easy-to-clean components

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