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Published by: Chef Matty Riedel • Updated: November 22, 2023

A rice cooker always elicits a lot of reactions whenever it's mentioned. A rice cooker is a gadget that's best for rice enthusiasts. To cook high-quality rice, you need diversity in your kitchen. A rice cooker gives you the freedom and flexibility to try newer recipes. Which should you buy? Our Russell Hobbs rice cooker review is a great place to start …

Once you decide to purchase a rice cooker, the next most significant worry is the best make. There are always different brands in the market, all boasting of the best features. This review, therefore, gives you the reasons why you should buy the Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker. You'll bring class and performance in your kitchen. 

A rice cooker also allows you to multitask effortlessly. You'll leave your rice cooking unattended and continue with other chores. You'll come back to a ready and warm meal. To enjoy all these benefits, you need a superior rice cooker without straining your budget excessively. The Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker guarantees you incredible performance, flexibility, and reliability. Hold on to understand why you should buy this cool gadget. 

Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker

When purchasing an item, nothing counts more than value for money. It is best if you got the maximum benefit from every coin you spend. In an era when increased advertising can lead you to make wrong choices, some brands walk the talk. Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker is one gadget that will bring a new level of cookery art to your kitchen. 

The Russell Hobbs 19750 rice cooker is capacious and serves duo functionality. Fabricated from steel, it looks trendy and durable. Also, cleaning the gadget is easier as compared to glossy and plastic models. Reviews from experts and earlier owners inspire this guide.

Russell Hobbs 19750 Rice Cooker Russell Hobbs 19750 Rice Cooker

Russell Hobbs is a reputable brand. It creates durable products, and this rice cooker is no exception. It is also ideal if you’re a stickler for cleanliness, as you can pop both the lid and inner container into the dishwasher. 

Don’t expect much size-wise—the manufacturer claims it can cook up to 2.8 kg of rice, but that’s debatable. There has been a lot of criticism hinting that the true capacity might be lower. However, it’s difficult to argue with a three-year guarantee and decent cooking results. 

  • Detachable lid
  • Reputable brand
  • High-quality
  • Easy to clean
  • Smaller than advertised
  • Fewer features
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Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker: Specifications

  • Capacity

    1.8 litre/10 cup capacity

  • Material

    Brushed Stainless Steel Housing; Glass Lid

  • Color


  • Power

    700 watts

  • Weight

    2.78 kg

  • Non-stick Removable Bowl

  • Automatic Keep Warm Function

  • Additional Tray For Steaming

  • Includes Spatula and Measuring Cup

Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker Features

1. 1.8 Litre Bowl

Inside this rice cooker, there's a 1.8-litre bowl. A bowl of this capacity is enough to cook 10 cups comfortably at a go. This amount of rice is enough to be served to 6 – 8 people. This appliance is therefore handy, especially for large households that love rice.

2. Transparent Lid

This Russell Hobbs rice cooker has a transparent lid that lets you monitor the progress of the food. You don't have to wait till the operation is complete to see the food cooking. The transparent lid gives the rice cooker a new level of convenience. It allows you to see if the food is ready or not; you can thus stop the process if need be. 

3. Plastic Handles

Some recipes include adding ingredients at different levels of cooking. While it's usually a hassle with some rice cookers, the plastic handles of this rice cooker make the process very convenient. You can open the lid at any temperature and add some flavours. 

4. Additional Tray

The Russell Hobbs 19750 rice cooker has an additional tray for extra functionalities. You can use the tray can be used to steam fish and vegetables. The rice cooker is thus diverse since it can handle other recipes apart from rice.  You can cook a variety of other dishes such as soup, seafood, and chicken. If you are a veggies enthusiast, you might take advantage of the manufacturer's offer on the “cooker and blender” at a reduced amount. 

5. Spatula And Measuring Tool

A spatula and a measuring tool are included in the packaging to help the buyer prepare and measure the ingredients. Precision is one key pillar to ultimate success in producing fluffy and sticky rice. You measure the exact amount as needed in your recipe. The spatula helps you remove the cooked rice from the pot; you reach out to the last grain effortlessly. 

6. Removable Non-Stick Cooking Bowl

The non-stick cooking bowl holds food when cooking and is essential as you serve the meal. It also simplifies the task of cleaning the rice cooker. All you have to do is wash it with hot or warm soapy water and dry it.

7. Smart Features

The Russell Hobbs rice cooker has some nifty intelligent features that make it outstanding. To start with, it has an auto-switch-off function which powers it off after the food gets ready. Also, the cooker has a keep-warm function that lets your food remain warm when ready. Even after the device switches off, the cooker keeps the food warm for a couple of hours. 

Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker Benefits

  • Attractive design. The cooker's unique design, coupled with a brushed stainless-steel finish and a transparent glass lid on the cooker, is visually appealing. You can have the cooker on display without a worry.
  • The stainless-steel casing makes it durable and thus can sustain long-term usage. It is also equipped with a non-slip base to prevent it from toppling down when placed on a surface.
  • It's easier to clean the cooker and its accessories. Despite not being dishwasher safe, you should be able to clean it effortlessly. 
  • Versatility. While most people will purchase this product out of their love for rice, you can still utilize it to steam other types of food such as fish and vegetables.
  • According to professional chefs who've tested the rice cooker, it cooks perfectly to the ultimate satisfaction of the chef. It produces fluffy and sticky rice, which is highly coveted.
  • At just 2.56kg, this rice cooker does not weigh as much. It's a manageable weight, and thus handling the gadget should not be a cause for alarm. You enjoy operating the device knowing some greatness awaits you when you are done cooking. 
  • The rice cooker also boasts a 700w power supply, thus will not push your electricity bills off-limits.

Reasons To Buy

As you've already seen, there are the many reason you should buy the Russell Hobbs Rice cooker. At a relatively reasonable price, you get a durable and unique rice cooker. It's easy to use, convenient and above all, gives you diversity in the kitchen. Unlike the popular misconception about rice cookers, this appliance goes past cooking rice. 

Having this appliance in your kitchen will let you try a new adventure in cooking, particularly while exploring new rice recipes. Furthermore, its considerable capacity lets you entertain your group of friends with new rice dishes. It will undisputedly earn you bragging rights in your friends' circle in matters relating to the kitchen.

Do you lead a busy lifestyle? The Russell Hobbs rice cooker drives all the worries out of you since it'll cook food in your absentia. It's smart enough to switch off when food is ready and keep food warm until you are ready to serve your dish. Buying this cookware will change your lifestyle in various dimensions. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Steam Vegetables And Rice At The Same Time?

Yes. You put rice into the non-stick cooking bowl and vegetables inside the additional steam tray. You save time, energy, and counter space. Also, steaming vegetables on top of the rice give it a unique flavour and enhance the nutrients.

Can I Make A Porridge In This?

No, you cannot prepare porridge using the Russell Hobbs 19750 rice cooker. There are, however, some rice cookers that cook rice porridge.

Tips For Cooking Brown Rice?

Since rice is somewhat tricky to cook than regular rice, these tips will help you immensely. Like regular rice, various types of brown rice may determine the outcome. These tips are for cooking long-grain brown rice. Although there are many guidelines, these are the main tips that let you enjoy a perfect dish of brown rice at home.

  • Use the ideal ratio (1 standard dry cup of rice to 10 fluid ounces of water) and standard measurement tools (avoid using scoops).
  • Avoid opening the rice prematurely.
  • After the rice finishes cooking, leave it to steam for 5 – 10 minutes.

How Do I Stop Rice Sticking To The Bottom?

To ensure the rice doesn't stick to the rice cooker's bottom, you need to follow some steps.

  1. Before you begin cooking, rinse the cooking bowl.
  2. Add the rice into the water with correct ratios and stir the rice gently before turning on the machine. 
  3. Add a spoonful of oil to lubricate the rice.
  4. Allow the rice to steam after it finishes cooking. 

How Do I Clean This Rice Cooker?

According to the manufacturer, the appliance is not dishwasher safe. It would be best if you, therefore, cleaned it with water. It's also advisable to use warm soapy water to clean the rice cooker. After washing it, dry it before storing it.

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Russell Hobs Rice Cooker Review: Summing Up  

The Russell Hobbs rice cooker is undoubtedly a worthy investment. It combines numerous innovative features into one compact cooking appliance. Equipped with this device, you can cook your rice and steam vegetables while performing other tasks. 

The transparent lid allows you to view your food as it cooks to ensure everything is going according to plan. The silver finish gives the gadget a tremendous visual appeal in your kitchen. Above all, the rice cooker is affordable. The device is an excellent bargain considering the numerous functionalities and accessories that come with the rice cooker. 

Where To Buy The Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker

Russell Hobbs Rice Cooker

  • Capacious
  • Duo functionality
  • Affordable

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