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Sage Coffee Grinder Review & Buyer’s Guide

Sage is a company that is part of the Breville group that specialises in high quality appliances including a wide range of coffee gear. Founded in Sydney in 1932, Breville has become an iconic company around the globe supplying over 70 countries with the best appliances on the market. Sage is a part of this decade long legacy that ensures quality and customer satisfaction.

The Sage Dose Control coffee grinder is a burr grinder which acts almost like a large, electronic pepper grinder. The conical shape of the bean hopper feeds the beans through a series of stainless-steel burrs that grind the fresh coffee beans to whatever grind size you prefer. This grinder minimizes the heat involved in this grinding process, which protects the essential oils in the beans and helps retain the coffees rich flavour. The machine comes with 60 precise grind settings that you can control through the electronic timer, which lets you customize your coffee to your exact specifications in one second increments. The hopper has a 340g beans capacity so you can grind a few cups worth at once in minutes and you can store beans in there between uses as the hopper lid will seal them to lock in the freshness. The machine comes with two portafilter cradles, small 50-54mm and large 58mm, and an adjustable razor.

Sage Coffee Grinder Review

Sage BCG600SIL the Dose Control Pro Grinder, 130 W – Silver

If you are a coffee connoiseur then making the move from instant to ground coffee and from ground coffee to fresh beans is a natural progression. There are a lot to choose from on the market some of which are manual and handheld while others work like a small specialised blender. By far the most recommended because of its volume and efficiency are burr grinder just like the Sage Dose Control coffee grinder. At the touch of a button you can have coffee in the precise grind you need in under a minute. The one downside of a burr grinder like this is that they can be loud. This is because of the burrs, the electric motor and the speed that it grinds but luckily, since this machine works so fast, the noise won’t last long.

There are a lot of ways to brew coffee, each with their own specific recommended grind size so this machine allows you to control that precisely whether you are using a coffee machine, a French press, an Aeropress or even cold brewing. This lets you get the best out of your beans so none ever go to waste on a substandard cup of coffee.

When comparing this grinder to similar models on the market the price difference is rather significant. This is what comes with buying from a highly specialised brand that has such a convenience factor built in. This machine may be worth the money and last you years due to its high quality manufacturing but this is definitely a piece you may need to put on your wishlist.



  • Fast 
  • Hands free
  • Retains flavour
  • Easy to control the grind


  • Loud  
  • Expensive

Sage BCG600SIL the Dose Control Pro Grinder, 130 W – Silver

Sage Coffee Grinder: Features And Benefits 

1. Freshly Ground Coffee 

A lot of people may ask: why buy a coffee grinder when you could buy ground coffee from a store? The answer is all about flavour. Fresh beans, when not stored in an airtight container, can lose their taste and efficacy as they are exposed to air and with ground coffee this is an even bigger issue. If your coffee is pre-ground it has a larger surface area and therefore has more exposure to the air that is stealing your coffee’s rich taste. Grinding your coffee fresh from the beans every time means you will get the richest and most delicious coffee each time without fail and the Sage Dose Control grinder makes that really easy. 

Sage BCG600SIL the Dose Control Pro Grinder, 130 W – Silver

2. Dose Control

This machine is all about customization and the dose control feature is one of the reasons for this. You can control everything from the amount of beans, the grind size and whether you grind directly in a portafilter, gold tone filter or paper filter to use in whatever coffee maker you may have to work alongside your grinder. This means you can adjust almost every aspect of the grinding process for every cup no matter how you will be brewing it. This level of control over your coffee is exactly what every coffee enthusiast needs.

3. Precision Grinding

Grinding your beans with precision is a big factor when it comes to using fresh beans. Manual grinders are labour intensive as well as it being hard to control the grind size while a blade grinder is fast but almost impossible to control the grind either. By using a burr grinder of this quality all that uncertainty is stripped away. The Sage Dose Control coffee grinder takes this level of control to a whole new level by supplying 60 precise grinds, which makes it by far the superior choice. The fact that you can adjust your grind time to the second means that you can’t get more precise than this grinder right here.

Sage BCG600SIL the Dose Control Pro Grinder, 130 W – Silver

4. Electronic And Hands Free

Die-cast aluminium is the primary material used to make the machine. It also has a powder-coated body. Although it feels heavy, it is well made and of high quality. It can withstand long-term moderate to heavy usage. The appliance has anti-slip feet to prevent movement when in operation. 

Best Used For 

The Sage Dose Control grinder is best suited for any beans and any kind of coffee making you can think of. Each type of brewing method has an optimum coffee grind size for that particular method; for what size you need when here is a comprehensive guide:

  • Very Fine – Turkish coffee, strong espresso
  • Fine – AeroPress
  • Medium Fine – light espresso, strong pour over
  • Medium – light pour over, drip
  • Coarse – French press
  • Very Coarse – cold brew

With its 60 individual grind settings this grinder can accommodate for all these grind sizes and techniques all in one compact form.

  • Colour

    Stainless Steel

  • Capacity

    340 gram coffee bean capacity

  • Number of Grind Settings


  • Grinding Mechanism

    Stainless Steel conical burr grinder

  • Power

    130 watts

  • Voltage

    220-240 volts

  • Construction Materials

    Stainless steel

Reasons To Buy 

Superior Flavour

If you are really into your coffee, then flavour is key. No one wants a weak cup of watery coffee or an overly bitter, acidic flavour. What the Sage coffee grinder provides you is fresh, tasty coffee without fail, no matter what type of coffee. It does this through the method of grinding which focuses on reducing the heat produced when grinding, which can be substantial due to friction, and keep those key essential oils with your coffee rather than getting expelled while they’re getting processed.  

Fresh Café Style Coffee At Home

There’s nothing quite like a cup of freshly ground, brewed coffee at a café but with the Sage coffee grinder you can have that in the comfort of your own home. Gone are the days when you can only get a good fresh cup by venturing out into the world and this is made possible by using quality coffee appliances just like this one.

Sage BCG600SIL the Dose Control Pro Grinder, 130 W – Silver

Attractive Design

Let’s face it; no one likes an ugly kitchen appliance. Does it affect the efficiency of the appliance? No, but is attractiveness an added bonus? Yes! The Sage Dose Control coffee grinder has an sleek brushed stainless steel finish with a transparent bean hooper sitting on top so you can see through to the beautiful beans within. Its shape is tall yet compact so it will take up very little space on your countertop; meaning you can leave it out between uses without worrying that it is an eye sore taking up liberal amounts of valuable counterspace. 

Easy Cleaning

Since coffee grounds tend to attract a lot of pests it is important to always keep it clean and with the Sage Dose Control coffee grinder this process is simple. Firstly you clear the bean hopper of beans and grind out any excess that might be stuck in the machine. Now you can remove the bean hopper and lid and wash them in warm soapy water, ensure that you dry these pieces thoroughly before replacing them on the machine. For the outside all that’s needed is a wipe and a polish with a damp cloth. Always make sure to unplug the machine before cleaning to prevent injury.

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Sage Coffee Grinder Review: Summing Up 

In short, the Sage Dose Control coffee grinder is an investment piece that you won’t regret. It grinds with the upmost precision and lets you customise your coffee experience for the perfect cup every time, no matter the brewing method. If well maintained this machine will last you years so you will never have to buy one again. If you are looking to improve on your coffee game a little and try something new the Sage Dose Control coffee grinder may be the product for you.

Sage BCG600SIL the Dose Control Pro Grinder, 130 W – Silver

Sage Coffee Grinder

Editors Choice

  • Fast 
  • Retains flavour
  • Hands free
Sage BCG600SIL the Dose Control Pro Grinder, 130 W – Silver

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