Salter Frying Pan Review & Buyer’s Guide UK

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If you've been having trouble preparing meals with flimsy frying pans that don't hold up, then we've found a solution for you. Since 1960, Salter has provided quality cookware that makes mealtime simple with its easy-to-use pots, pans, and kitchen appliances. This Salter Frying Pan review will focus on the 28cm Forged Aluminium Frying Pan. 

Whether you're a seasoned chef or an experimental home cook, this high-quality fryware is ideal for the world's most challenging recipes. Made with 28-cm forged aluminium, this frying pan it's well worth the investment since it will stand firm after every use.  

Salter Frying Pan Review

While the aluminium feature may be a concern for some, all Salter cookware items are 100% PFOA-free, which means that your health is a top concern. Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is a probable cancer-causing synthetic chemical ingredient in Teflon, a coating surface frequently applied to non stick frying pans

Salter BW05747S Megastone Collection Non-Stick Forged Aluminium Frying Pan, 28 cm, Silver

If you've been cooking a lot during quarantine, then your cookware's quality should be something that you need to evaluate. A premium pan like the Salter 28 cm Forged Aluminum Frying Panmay enhance your cooking because of the flavours that this pan brings out. At the same time, it provides perfect cook times on poultry, vegetables, and a variety of other dishes. 

Below is what you can expect with the Salter 28 cm Forged Aluminum Frying Pan: 


  • 100% PFOA-free material 
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight 
  • Dishwasher-approved 
  • Perfect for daily use 


  • Not suitable for high temperatures
Salter BW05747S Megastone Collection Non-Stick Forged Aluminium Frying Pan, 28 cm, Silver

Salter Frying Pan Features And Benefits

100% PFOA-Free  

Perfluorooctanoic acid, or PFOA, is a synthetic substance with various toxic properties. Its primary purpose has been as a liquid-repelling ingredient in many competitors' manufactured non-stick pans. With PFOA-based cookware, some cooks are concerned with the potential effects it might have on one's health.  Check out our post on other frying pan materials including ceramic coated pans.

PFOA is not a concern, however, with the Salter 28cm Forged Aluminum Frying Pan. The Salter skillet coating is 100% PFOA-free, durable and scratch-resistant, which means the company guarantees it will not emit any harmful chemicals during usage. Salter is an excellent choice if you're concerned about the safety of your customers or loved ones but don't want to sacrifice the quality you're looking for in a non-stick pan. 

Lightweight Size And Capacity  

Measuring 47 x 28.8 x 5.6 cm, this Salter pan is relatively large compared to other competitors fryware. This size allows for a much larger and more even heating surface, great for a wide variety of everyday cooking applications including the use of metal utensils. 

Heating Capabilities 

The Salter pan heats slowly on low-medium cooking heat, but it retains its temperature once it's thoroughly heated. It cooks evenly on a variety of hob types such as gas, electric, and induction hobs. It's also worth mentioning that it's safe to place in the oven (but only at low temperatures), making this product ideal for various cooking methods such as sautéing, steaming, and frying. If you choose not to serve your meals right away, this pan will keep its contents warm, thanks to its aluminium interior.  

Non-Stick Feature 

The PFOA-free non-stick feature is another significant element you'll love about this Salter 28 cm Forged Aluminum Frying Pan. You can fry your food with confidence, knowing that it will not stick or burn thanks to the pan's durable marble coating. You can even toss food with flair! This coating will allow you to cook much healthier meals with less oil, and it makes for easy cleanup since it's dishwasher safe. 

Dishwasher-Approved Cleaning 

What makes the Salter 28 cm Forged Aluminum Frying Pan so versatile is its easy-to-clean capability. To ensure cleanliness, start by hand washing the product with soapy water and a soft sponge. Avoid rigid cleaning materials like steel wool or tough fibres. If food is still stuck to the pan, you can soak it for a few minutes before placing it in the dishwasher. Although the Salter is dishwasher safe, be aware that cleaning it in a dishwasher can reduce the product's shelf life over time, so use discretion. 

Little-To-No Maintenance 

Unlike cast-iron frying pans, Salter's 28 cm Forged Aluminum Frying Pan requires little to no maintenance after every use. This skillet is durable and doesn't require any prep-work like seasoning or oiling. 

Reasons To Buy 

Having at least one non-stick pan in the kitchen is essential. You can also find a few more reasons to purchase the Salter 28cm Forged Aluminum Frying Pan. It has a: 

  • Large cooking surface  
  • Sophisticated design 
  • Non-stick marble coating, making foods easier to release or pour 

The Salter Pan Is: 

  • Durable, versatile, and easy to use and clean  
  • Dishwasher safe  
  • Manufactured in the United Kingdom  
Salter Frying Pan Review

Other Qualities Include The Fact That It: 

  • Retains heat for prolonged use due to aluminium base 
  • Cooks on medium-low heat for even temperatures 
  • Is usable with gas hobs as well as electric and induction
  • Comes with a guaranteed return policy 
  • Colour


  • Product Dimensions

    47 x 28.8 x 5.6 cm

  • Diameter

    28 cm

  • Material


  • Wattage

    2400 watts

  • Item Weight

    27.2 kg

  • Special Features

    Dishwasher-safe, Electric stovetop compatible, Gas stovetop compatible, Induction stovetop compatible, Metal utensil safe

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Customer FAQS 

What Foods Can I Cook Using The Pan? 

Salter 28 cm Forged Aluminium Frying Pan suits both home cooks and chefs looking to experience a stress-free cooking method.  

The Salter 28 cm Forged Aluminium Frying Pan can sauté vegetables, cook poultry, fry bacon, simmer pasta sauces, and enable you to prepare a variety of other foods. If you like experimenting while cooking, this product will deliver in flavour, cook time, prep, and cleanup. 

For more pan cooking ideas check out this article: Griddle Pan vs Frying Pan.

How Should I Store The Product? 

You can store the Salter 28cm Forged Aluminium Frying Pan wherever you keep your other kitchen cookware. For maximum product longevity, try not to place the pan onto or inside other cookware. 

Can I Place The Pan In The Oven?  

According to the Salter manufacturing label, this product is safe to place in the oven at low temperatures only. Experts recommend using the Salter frying pan on stove-top hobs to prevent damage to the product. 

28cm forged aluminium Salter Frying Pan review

How To Clean?  

Cleaning the Salter 28 cm Forged Aluminium Frying Pan is easy. Because of the pan's marble non-stick coating feature, it's doubtful that food will ever stick. If it does, it's easy to wash off with simple soap and water. The pan is also dishwasher safe.  

For cleaning the pan, you can start by hand-washing the product using warm soapy water and a sponge or microfiber pads. Avoid abrasive cleaning agents and metallic pads as they can damage the non-stick finish.  

In case food sticks to the pan, pour a little water and allow it to soak for 10-15 minutes. The food will eventually fall off. After washing the pan, dry it with a soft towel and hang it or store it safely.  

What Is The Return Policy? 

The manufacturer has built Salter 28cm Forged Aluminum frying pan to be long-lasting. However, please refer to the manufacturer's official website for full details on its return policy if you experience issues with your product. 

20cm Forged Aluminium Salter Frying Pan Review: Summing Up 

The Salter 28 cm Forged Aluminium Frying Pan is a good investment that offers value for your kitchen needs. This pan is not only durable but also versatile enough to handle any tasks thrown its way. Its sophisticated design goes well with other kitchen sets and appliances. After using this pan, you'll feel like a true professional in the kitchen and capable of cooking just about anything with ease. 

Salter BW05747S Megastone Collection Non-Stick Forged Aluminium Frying Pan, 28 cm, Silver

Salter Frying Pan

Editors Choice

  • Safe – 100% PFOA-free material 
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight 
Salter BW05747S Megastone Collection Non-Stick Forged Aluminium Frying Pan, 28 cm, Silver

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