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Scoville Neverstick Frying Pan Review

Published by: Chef Matty Riedel • Updated: January 25, 2024

If you hate spending what seems like an eternity scrubbing off your dirty frying pan without success, then the thought of non-stick cookware will excite you and this Scoville Neverstick frying pan review was written just for you!

These days, many people view non-stick pans as a necessity in every domestic kitchen.

Though many non-stick pan options are available, the Scoville Neverstick frying pan might be the best non-stick pan ever made.

This non-stick frying pan will make frying and cleaning extremely easy, regardless of what you make. This Scoville pans review and buyer’s guide will tell you all you need to know about what the product promises to offer you regarding features and benefits. Let’s dive in.

Scoville Neverstick Frying Pan Review

Has it been your fantasy to fry your food without scraping it from the bottom of the pan or soaking it for hours afterwards to make washing it easier?

Would you like to fry your food without using excessive butter or oil? Do you want a non-stick frying pan whose coating does not fade even after using and washing it many times?

Then, the Scoville Neverstick frying pan was made for you.

Finally, you can now get your hands on a durable and reliable pan that does not let any food get stuck on it—even if you fry your food without butter, oil or other seasonings.

Scoville Neverstick 28cm Frying Pan Scoville Neverstick 28cm Frying Pan

This non-stick frying pan is five times more durable than typical non-stick pans.

It comes with a lifetime warranty, covering the non-stick coating.

Suitable for use on all types of stovetops, including induction cookers.

While it is dishwasher safe, hand washing is advised for longevity.

Free from PFOA chemicals.

  • Food doesn't stick
  • Fast and efficient heat distribution
  • The coating doesn't peel, chip, or flake
  • Comfortable handle that stays cool
  • Heavier than other non-stick pans
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  • Colour


  • Product Dimensions

    43 x 21.21 x 14 cm

  • Material


  • Baseplate Diameter

    200 mm

  • Special Features

    Induction compatible

  • Oven Safe


  • Item Weight

    699 g

Scoville Neverstick Frying Pan Features And Benefits

The Scoville Neverstick frying pan is a product from Imperial International Limited, a company based in the UK with more than 45 years of experience in the homeware industry. The company prides itself on cutting-edge innovation, stunning in-house designs, excellent customer service, and high product availability.

Imperial International Limited has an extensive catalogue of impressive and well-known products such as the Spiegelau crystal glassware, Ready Steady Cook appliances, Spirella bathroom fashion, and the technologically advanced non-stick Eaziglide and Eazigrip ranges of cookware.

However, the company’s Scoville Neverstick frying pan might just be the crowning jewel of all the company’s products.

What makes the Scoville Neverstick frying pan so unique?

It’s all down to the patented Scoville NeverStick coating. The coating is so great that Imperial International Ltd uses it for all the Scoville products, enabling them to give you the quality cooking experience you desire regardless of which product you use.

Scoville Neverstick Frying Pan Review: Features 

The Scoville Neverstick frying pan has been designed to provide its user with the ultimate non-stick experience. Imperial International Limited crafts the product from 3.5 mm forged aluminium for superior heat distribution.

It also designed the pan using a new innovative toughening system, achieving a five times stronger finish than other non-stick pans. It will never peel, chip, scratch, or flake. This feature means that the pan offers not only quality but also durability.

To top it all off, Imperial International Limited completes the design with a riveted, stay-cool Bakelite handle suitable for all hob types.

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Where To Buy

You should be able to pick up the Scoville pan in most local homewares stores. However, Amazon UK usually has next-day delivery and often excellent prices. 

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Scoville Neverstick Frying Pan Benefits

Though we have briefly touched on the pros of this non-stick frying pan, we thought it would be better to dig a little deeper and show you, in detail, the benefits of the Scoville Neverstick frying pan and how it can offer so much.

Five Times Stronger 

Thanks to the company’s specially developed titanium-reinforced toughening process and the two non-stick layers it includes, the Scoville Neverstick frying pan is five times stronger than other non-stick products available.

This feature means that, compared to cookware from other prominent brands, the Scoville Neverstick requires at least five times more force for the coating to degrade.

Healthier And Safer 

For starters, the fact that this is a non-stick pan means that you can cook with little or no butter or oil. This option leaves you with healthier everyday meals and helps you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

Traditional coating in several non-stick pans usually includes certain chemicals, such as perfluorocarbons (PFC) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). These chemicals can cause the coating to become chipped, scratched, or flaky.

When this happens, you can potentially ingest the chemicals when they flake into your food or inhale the released fumes when the pan reaches high temperatures. Ingesting or inhaling PFC could lead to cancer, liver damage, and developmental problems. One study also found the chemical could cause early menopause.

However, since the coating on the Scoville Neverstick frying pan does not flake or chip, you never have to worry about your safety.

More Durable

In most pans, the non-stick surface starts peeling away after being used for a while. However, thanks to a more robust surface and coating, this product will last much longer. You can use it for years without it degrading, flaking, chipping, or scratching.

You may have also noticed that some frying pans quickly warp under thermal shock. This warping happens when a hot or overheated empty pan bends after being placed on a cold surface or comes in contact with cold water.

Warping is unlikely to happen with this pan because of its extreme durability. With that said, it is still recommended, after cooking, to let your Scoville Neverstick pan cool down before washing it.

Cleans Very Easily

Because it is a non-stick pan, you do not have to soak or scrub it for long during cleaning. Also, with most pans, the base usually becomes discoloured because of the high temperatures it is exposed to while cooking. But Scoville’s metal base is not only easy to clean, but it also remains shiny for much longer. If that wasn’t enough, the Scoville Neverstick frying pan is dishwasher safe.

Lifetime Guarantee

This pan comes with an Imperial International Limited lifetime guarantee included. Should the product get damaged or its coating fade, chip, or flake, you will not have to pay for a replacement because the company will replace it for free.

All you need to do to be eligible for Imperial’s lifetime guarantee is register your Scoville Neverstick frying pan within 28 days of purchase, and you’re good to go.

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Best Used For? 

If you are a master in the kitchen, you probably think you cannot fry everything in one pan—unless you are using the Scoville Neverstick frying pan.

The product is perfect for daily use and is suitable for frying a wide variety of food, such as eggs, meats, omelettes, vegetables, fried rice, and so much more.

Plus, as we mentioned earlier, thanks to the pan’s efficient heat distribution, the food is well-cooked, tastes fantastic, and is healthier.

The pan might feel heavier when you hold it. Fortunately, its sturdy arched handle is securely bolted and comfortable. The best part is the handle never gets hot while cooking.

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Reasons To Buy

Though various non-stick pans are available, there are several reasons why the Scoville Neverstick frying pan should be your only consideration.

It Doesn’t Stick

Though this is pretty obvious, we cannot mention it enough. The pan’s non-stick coating creates a virtually frictionless and non-reactive surface that is perfect for frying eggs, delicate fish, and pancakes without sticking to the pan and burning.

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Healthier Cooking

The pan is great for low-fat cooking thanks to the non-stick coating because it needs much less butter or oil to keep your food from sticking to its surface. Using less oil can decrease the risk of developing clogged arteries and improve your cholesterol.

Also, since the Scoville Neverstick does not have chemicals like PFOA, the coating is entirely non-toxic, meaning you can fry your food without any health concerns.

Easy To Clean

Since food does not stick to the pan’s surface, you will not have to spend an eternity scrubbing at your kitchen sink. The Scoville Neverstick frying pan features great food release even after dry frying. All you will need is hot, soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge.

Durable And Scratch Resistant

Even if you treat them with the utmost care, most pots and pans inevitably develop scratches over time. However, the Scoville Neverstick is five times stronger than other non-stick pan options. It is more resistant to scratches, peeling, flaking, or chipping. The pan is also less likely to warp and will deliver quality cooking for years and years to come.

Efficient Distribution Of Heat

Even though the pan is heavier and more robust than other options, it still heats up quickly. It also distributes heat uniformly, which is extremely important for cooking food more evenly and efficiently. Plus, it is suitable for all hobs, including induction heating.

Looks Stylish And Modern

Scoville’s dark grey stone colour might seem unusual for those who are used to seeing shiny-coloured stainless steel pans. However, its modern colour and style promise to complement any kitchen decor.

Additionally, the pan’s granite stone colour invokes thoughts of durability and strength, which perfectly align with the pan’s toughness and long-lasting quality.

Detailed Guidelines

When you purchase the pan, Imperial International Ltd will include a small booklet explaining the best way to use and care for your Scoville Neverstick frying pan. It will include details, such as oven or cooker suitability and instructions, ideal cleaning methods, general safety instructions, and your lifetime guarantee information.

Varying Size Options

For added convenience, the Scoville Neverstick frying pan is available in four different pan sizes:

  • 20 cm
  • 24 cm
  • 28 cm
  • 30 cm
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Scoville Neverstick Frying Pan Review: Summing Up 

Through this Scoville pans review, we have found that the numerous features and benefits of the Neverstick pan make this product a must-have for any modern kitchen. Though the non-stick cookware has remained virtually unchanged for more than 50 years, this product features the most radical innovation we have seen in a long time.

Thanks to the nonstick technology, stylish and modern design, innovative toughening process, chip resistance, lack of harmful chemicals, quick and even heating, and many other advantages, the Scoville Neverstick frying pan promises to revolutionise your cooking.

It is ideal if you are interested in healthy living and are looking to cut down on your use of oil or butter or are simply looking to fry fantastic food and not have it stick to your pan. Plus, this non-stick frying pan is easy to clean, saving precious time in the kitchen.

Avoid going for cheap options offering you limited service or the more costly frying pans that do not live up to their promises. Instead, get a Scoville Neverstick frying pan today and start cooking better.

Scoville Neverstick Frying Pan

Editors Choice

  • Food doesn’t stick 
  • The coating doesn’t peel, chip, or flake
  • Comfortable handle that stays cool 


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