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SMEG Coffee Grinder Review & Buyer’s Guide

Published by: Chef Matty Riedel • Updated: February 28, 2024

Coffee is a unique drink that refreshes and energizes your body significantly. A quality coffee grinder comes in handy for preparing perfect coffee at home. A coffee grinder ensures that each cup of coffee you brew is fresh and delicious. But is a SMEG coffee grinder a good choice for brewing coffee at home or the office? Check out my SMEG Coffee Grinder Review to find out…

SMEG Coffee Grinder Review

SMEG coffee grinder gives you a precise, even grind, which makes excellent coffee. It grinds coffee beans of varying textures to suit different coffee brewing techniques. Contingent to the grind coarseness or fineness, you can make coffee ranging from espresso to the traditional filter machine to combo coffee makers

Even though buying pre-ground coffee is convenient, grinding your coffee beans each time you require it is cool and guarantees a fresh drink. Besides retaining the original flavour longer, grinding your coffee beans allows you to personalize the process to your preferred brewing method.

Like many other kitchen appliances, a quality coffee grinder is a fantastic investment and addition to your kitchen. The SMEG is a stylish appliance that adds class to your kitchen and boasts an insane performance. 

The grinder is unique due to its rounded silhouette, bright white and silver colour, and chrome details. It’s an electric grinder powered by a powerful 120-watt motor. This SMEG Coffee Grinder Review tears down the sleek and stylish machine. Read till the end to uncover more facts about the versatile coffee grinder.

SMEG Coffee Grinder: Specifications

  • SMEG Coffee Grinder

  • Capacity:

    0.35 kg

  • Grinding Grades:


  • Quantity:

    1-12 cups

  • Settings:

    30 levels

  • Quantity:

    1-12 cups

  • Power:

    150 watts

  • Voltage:

    220 volts

  • Material:

    Aluminium, stainless steel, plastic & rubber

  • Dimension:

    38.3 x 21.3 x 14 cm (l,w,h)

SMEG Coffee Grinder: Features And Benefits 

1. Electric Powered 

A mighty 120-watt motor makes it fast and convenient. You don’t have to spend hours grinding coffee beans to prepare a drink instantly. More so, the SMEG electric grinder gets the work done and achieves a high level of consistency compared to hand-powered grinders. 

2. Retro Style

Performance aside, the SMEG coffee grinder stands out amongst other grinders. A considerable number of people have a great love for vintage items. This coffee grinder features a 1950s retro design, making it uniquely attractive. 

The SMEG CGF01 is so charming that you can’t walk inside a store and leave without one should your eyes spot it. It’s impressive because the 50’s look and fantastic performance make it an appliance to drool over. The grinder comes in three colour options only: black, cream, and pastel blue, which can match your kitchen.

3. Incredible Performance

The SMEG CGF01 has stainless steel conical burrs that produce consistent grounds. You can choose between grinding into a ground container or a manual portafilter. The SMEG grinder produces uniform grounds for your desired brew. When grinding, the burrs are engaged at 40 revolutions per minute. Therefore, you are sure that the burrs won’t heat up but will still extract the best flavour before brewing. The grinder has 30 grind settings that allow you to personalize your grind from fine to coarse. 

4. Durable

Die-cast aluminium is the primary material used to make the machine. It also has a powder-coated body. Although it feels heavy, it is well-made and of high quality. It can withstand long-term moderate to heavy usage. The appliance has anti-slip feet to prevent movement when in operation. 

5. User-Friendliness 

The SMEG CGF01 is a significantly solid machine yet very silent. Also, the device features an anti-static technology that ensures coffee grounds do not stick to the surfaces of the ground’s container. 

The grounds container has measurement markings to aid you in making a perfect estimation. Furthermore, you can secure the grounds container to keep the coffee grounds fresh. The machine has an illuminated start button, which is easy to use even in the dark. Great for those dark, cold winter mornings. Also, the stainless-steel conical burrs are removable for easy cleaning. 

Best Used For 

With a capacity of 12 cups, the SMEG CGFO1 coffee grinder is best when used to grind coffee grounds of a small to moderate family.

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Reasons To Buy 


If you want to boost your kitchen, look no further than the SMEG coffee grinder that comes in 3 colours. Combined with the 1950s retro design, the grinder looks very stylish. It has proved to be an excellent grinder and will make you many delicious cups of coffee.  

Ease To Use

Operating a SMEG coffee grinder is seamless. The manufacturer’s manual is easy to read and has all the instructions to use the machine. Secure the hopper and the burr with the help of an integrated “twist and lock” system, select the ground level with a rounded steel lever, dial the number of cups you wish to brew then press the start button. Alternatively, you can grind manually by holding down the knob. 


SMEG CGF01 lets you grind coffee to your desired texture to match your preferred brewing method. You grind fine coffee grounds for an espresso coffee and coarser grounds for a cafetiere. Besides, you have 30 setting levels to adjust the texture of your coffee grounds. 


The machine has safety features taken into consideration. It cannot function without the bean container, making it safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is The Exact Height Of The SMEG Coffee Grinder?

The SMEG coffee grinder is 38 cms from the bottom to the top of the bean’s hopper

2. Does It Grind Fine Grounds?

The fineness of the grounds depends on the settings you choose. The machine grounds beans suitable for use in an espresso machine. The machine has a “Fine” setting.

SMEG Coffee Grinder Review: Summing Up 

The SMEG coffee grinder is a machine that gives you extreme flexibility in the kitchen. You can use the machine to prepare coffee depending on the number of persons available – 1-12 cups instantaneously. Although the device is a little pricey, it’s classic and worth every single penny. 

You don’t have to use pre-ground coffee or store grounds for later use. The SMEG coffee grinder allows you to prepare a fresh cup of coffee with a press of a button. It’s fast and convenient. You will enjoy the brewing experience the SMEG coffee grinder brings to your home. 

Did you know that some coffee grinders let you grind directly into a portafilter when you need coffee quickly?

Where To Buy The SMEG Coffee Grinder

SMEG Coffee Grinder

  • Looks stylish 
  • Convenient 
  • Large grind capacity

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