SMEG Filter Coffee Machine Review & Buyer’s Guide

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When it comes to drip coffee makers, the SMEG Filter Coffee Machine is arguably the most visually appealing of them all. From its smooth 1950s retro-style curves to its bold colour choices, this machine is eye-catching and one-of-a-kind. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another machine that brings such elegant styling to the fore—something for which the SMEG brand is well known. 

Once you take in the beauty of this 1.4 litre drip coffee maker, you realise it has more to it than mere style. It also serves a piping hot cup of functionality. An aroma intensity button lets you pack an extra punch if you need it, while the automatic start feature means you can be sipping that first cup of coffee before your brain notices the sun is up. Even if you’re not a morning person, there’s no need to paw around in a half-daze for all your coffee-related paraphernalia. The SMEG drip coffee machine is incredibly easy to use.  

SMEG Filter Coffee Machine Review

Smeg DCF02RDUK Drip Coffee Machine, 10 Cup Capacity, Auto-Start Mode, Reuseable Filter, Digital Display, Anti-Drip System, Aroma Intensity Option, 1.4 Litre Tank, Red

The first and most important aspect of any coffee maker is the taste, and in that regard, this machine performs well.

Now, bear in mind that purchasing low-quality coffee beans produces a low-quality cup of coffee no matter what machine you have.

But if you invest wisely in your beans, the SMEG drip coffee machine will brew a clean, consistently smooth cup of coffee every time.  


  • Makes smooth and consistently good coffee
  • Keep warm function Pastry brownie
  • Incredible Design  
  • Auto On and Off Functions 


  • Limited Features and Functionality
  • Fairly Expensive  
Smeg DCF02RDUK Drip Coffee Machine, 10 Cup Capacity, Auto-Start Mode, Reuseable Filter, Digital Display, Anti-Drip System, Aroma Intensity Option, 1.4 Litre Tank, Red

Features And Benefits Of The SMEG Drip Coffee Machine


Multiple chic colour options make this machine stand out from its competitors. You can’t go wrong with any of the standard colours consisting of black, red, white and stainless steel. Or you can cue the retro vibes with the unique hues of cream, pastel blue and pastel green. The cream colour accenting the vintage style is striking in its hard hit to nostalgia, while the pastel green colour stands out from the pack. 

What’s more, the pastel blue is dreamy and glam. No matter what you choose, these colours will complement any countertop. No matter what color you choose, you’ll soon understand why SMEG has such a loyal fan base.  

Auto On/Off Feature 

The Intuitive automatic on/off feature on the SMEG coffee machine takes functionality to a new level. You can set this machine to start brewing at any hour you desire. You’re presented with a steaming cup of coffee without having to be anywhere near the machine. There’s nothing better than walking over to the coffee maker to find that the coffee has already been made just the way you like it. After 60 minutes of keeping your favourite liquid hot, the automatic shut-off feature kicks in and turns the hot plate off for you. Considering how busy everyone is these days, not having to remember to turn off the coffee maker is one less thing to worry about.  

Ease Of Use  

Using the SMEG filter coffee machine is simple and straightforward. Most of its features can be easily accessed through the four buttons on the face of the machine and a digital LED display that is nestled between them. This machine comes with a permanent filter and filter holder, so gone are the days of fumbling for a paper coffee filter and painstakingly peeling one from the other hundreds. 

Details right down to the no-slip feet take your coffee experience from good to great. Even the most bleary-eyed night owl can navigate this morning machine without any fuss, making the start of each morning far less complicated. You have more important things to worry about than whether your coffee will be worthy enough to supercharge your day. 


As far as design goes, the SMEG drip coffee machine is unmatched. The stylish and bold colour selection makes competitors look tacky and boring. The rounded outlines that curve and weave through this machine are visually stunning. Things you don’t think of, such as the water tank, have been carefully camouflaged so as not to detract from its overall appearance. Even the glass carafe has been thoughtfully considered, resting in all its curvaceous glory inside the unit. Once you get your hands on one of these machines, you can feel the weight and solidity of quality materials such as stainless steel and metal. Flimsy cheap plastic has been eliminated. So, in addition to being downright sexy, this machine is built for daily use.  

Pros Of The SMEG Filter Coffee Machine 

Makes Smooth And Consistently Good Coffee 

As noted above, the single most important function of any coffee maker is its ability to make a good cup of coffee. The SMEG drip coffee maker executes admirably. Every cup is guaranteed to be satisfying, bold and flavourful. 

Keep Warm Function 

This feature also makes the top of the list because it’s just so convenient. You’re promised a steaming hot cup of coffee from the moment it’s brewed and a solid 60 minutes afterward. Anything longer than that and the coffee starts to get burned, so this feature hits the nail on the head.  

Incredible Design  

The SMEG name is no stranger to feats of genius when it comes to design. The retro 1950s boldness is emblazoned across every detail of this coffee maker, making it chic and fun. Even the colours are savoury and daring. This machine will stand out in your kitchen, so be prepared to make it a decorative staple. 

Auto On And Off Functions 

Options you don’t know you needed until you have them and can never again live without, the auto start button and automatic off feature are highly sought after and game-changing. Programme it to brew up to 24 hours in advance with the auto start button and let it shut the heat off itself 60 minutes after brew time. You can’t go wrong with these practical user-friendly details.  

Cons of the SMEG Filter Coffee Machine

Limited Features And Functionality 

For heavy hitters in the coffee drinking community, this machine is bare bones. Its total capacity is eight cups of coffee when making a full pot and, if you opt for a small carafe, you’re only getting four cups. It also lacks some of the complexity that comes with making that perfect cup of strong coffee. You’re not setting a custom brew temperature or getting the sophistication of water filtering with the SMEG drip coffee machine. 

Fairly Expensive  

Considering the above limitations, the price of the SMEG drip coffee machine is high. Other machines offer the same features for nearly half the price, so you’re paying for the SMEG name here. However, with a name like SMEG, you know you’re getting a high-quality drip coffee maker that will last you years if taken care of properly.  

  • Colour


  • Product Dimensions

    25.6 x 24.5 x 36.1 cm

  • Capacity

    1.4 litres

  • Watts

    1050 watts

  • Material

    Glass carafe

  • Item Weight

    3.4 kg

  • Special Features

    10 cup capacity coffee, 40-minute keep warm function, Anti-drip system, Non-slip feet, De-scaling light indicator, Includes measuring scoop, Water level indicator, Adjustable water hardness, 1-4 cup function, Aroma intensity selector button, Programmable auto-start mode, Digital LED display, Clock with lever, Reusable coffee filter with handle, Glass carafe with handle and lid

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What Does SMEG Stand For?  

SMEG stands for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla. Translated to English it means ‘Metal Enamelling Plant from Guastalla Emilia.’ 

Where Are SMEG Appliances Made?   

SMEG appliances are made in Guastalla, in the Region of Emilia Romagna in Northern Italy, 30 kilometres north of the city of Reggio Emilia, with subsidiaries worldwide. 

Who Owns SMEG? 

SMEG has been family-owned and operated for three generations by the Bertazzoni family. 

How Do You Descale A SMEG Filter Coffee Machine?   

Per SMEG’s website, to activate the descaling cycle:

  1. Pour water and descale into the water tank.
  2. Press the ON/OFF and AUTO START buttons simultaneously for five seconds to activate the DESCALING mode: the LEDs of the ON/OFF and AUTO START buttons flash and the DESCALING icon flashes until the end of the cycle.
  3. At the end of the cycle, the display returns to CLOCK mode and the DESCALING icon disappears from the display.
  4. Rinse the appliance by running it with only water at least two times, filling the tank up to the maximum limit (1.4 litres).

Summing Up – Is It Worth The Investment? 

Overall, yes, the SMEG drip coffee machine is worth the investment. This product performs well in the categories of taste, design and functionality as outlined above. The only real drawbacks are the price and lack of features, though these can be argued considering you’re paying for quality over quantity. 

It should also be noted that this review is for the updated DCF02. The original DCF01 had some drawbacks that led to a fair amount of negative feedback from customers. SMEG listened to their concerns and corrected these features when they released the DCF02. 

In case you are intrigued by the DCF01 model, note the differences: 

  • In the DCF01, the auto-off feature was initiated after only 20 minutes. The DCF02 has been upgraded to 60 minutes. 
  • Because users of the older model complained that the unit was quite noisy, the DCF02 is significantly quieter when in use. 
  • Changes to the original lid were also made in response to complaints about it being difficult to open. 

If given the option, go for the updated DCF02. 

If you’re looking for a solidly built machine that brews a great cup of coffee, the SMEG drip coffee maker is an outstanding choice, especially if you want something that is also stylish enough to accent any kitchen’s décor. 

Smeg DCF02RDUK Drip Coffee Machine, 10 Cup Capacity, Auto-Start Mode, Reuseable Filter, Digital Display, Anti-Drip System, Aroma Intensity Option, 1.4 Litre Tank, Red

SMEG Filter Coffee Machine

Editors Choice

  • Precision
  • ease of use
  • and astonishing versatility
Smeg DCF02RDUK Drip Coffee Machine, 10 Cup Capacity, Auto-Start Mode, Reuseable Filter, Digital Display, Anti-Drip System, Aroma Intensity Option, 1.4 Litre Tank, Red

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