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Swan Deep Fat Fryer Review

Published by: Chef Matty Riedel • Updated: March 12, 2024

Deep-fat fryers are great appliances that allow you to have restaurant-quality fried foods in your home. The Swan Deep Fat Fryer is a top-of-the-line deep fat fryer you should consider purchasing. This deep-fat fryer has temperature control, safety features, and a large cooking capacity. It doesn’t pose a significant risk of a fire hazard and allows you to cook various foods in large quantities.  To make an informed decision, read our in-depth Swan Deep Fat Fryer review

Swan Deep Fat Fryer Review

Swan is a reputable brand that makes a range of kitchen and home appliances. Swan is famous for making high-quality products, and their deep fat fryer is no different.

Throughout this Swan Deep Fat Fryer review, we will go over the main features of the appliance and our opinions of why you should consider buying it

Swan SD6040N Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer Swan SD6040N Stainless Steel Deep Fat Fryer
  • The Swan SD6040N takes home the title of best deep-fat fryer overall.
  • You can cook up to 1 kg of food at a time, making it suitable for small families.
  • The oil heats quickly, so it doesn't take long to whip up a second batch if needed. 
  • With seven temperature settings, cooking your food perfectly is easy.
  • Food like chips, doughnuts, and tempura come out crispy on the outside and evenly cooked on the inside. 
  •  Durable and simple to use, this Swan model is an excellent addition to any home. 
  • Multiple temperature settings
  • Large capacity
  • Easy to clean
  • Compact design
  • Heats quickly
  • Non-slide feet
  • Slow temperature return
  • Basket handle may detach
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Swan Deep Fat Fryer: Specifications

  • Swan Deep Fat Fryer

  • Food Capacity:

    Up to 1 kg

  • Maximum Oil Capacity:

    3 Litres

  • Oil Capacity:

    3 litres

  • Auto Shutoff?:


  • Special Features:

    Viewing window, Overheat protection, Cool touch handle

  • Material:

    Stainless Steel

  • Power:

    2000 watts

  • Weight:

    21.48 kg

  • Dimension:

    41 x 23 x 27.7 cm

Features And Benefits  

The Swan Deep Fat Fryer has many features that make it a smart purchase. This appliance makes frying foods easy and has added safety features and an easy-to-clean exterior. You no longer have to worry about the fire hazard of deep fryers or a messy, oily clean-up after cooking. 

Multiple Temperature Settings

One of the best features of the Swan Deep Fat Fryer is its seven temperature settings. 

The variety of temperatures on this appliance allows you to cook any food. You will also know if you have cooked the food through. This is important for foods like chicken, which, when undercooked, is unsafe to eat.

Large Capacity

The Swan Deep Fat Fryer has a large cooking capacity. It has three litres of oil capacity, which lets you cook about one kilogram of food at a time. For reference, if making chips, one kilogram equals about seven medium-sized potatoes.

This capacity is plenty to feed an entire family or make food for a party.

Easy Clean-Up

Another great feature of the Swan Deep Fat Fryer is that it is extremely easy to clean. The safety cut-out not only keeps you safe from oil coming out of the fryer, but it also keeps oil from getting all over the appliance and your kitchen. 

Even if oil does get on the appliance, the stainless-steel fryer is easy to wipe clean. The inside of the appliance uses non-stick surfaces, so you can easily clean out the oil. You won’t have to worry about sticky oil residue all over the appliance and your kitchen when using the Swan Deep Fat Fryer.

Safety Features

Lastly, and most importantly, the Swan Deep Fat Fryer has many safety features. Cooking with hot oil can be very dangerous, but this appliance anticipates the danger and has included several features to keep you safe. 

The first is the safety cut-out. This is a piece of metal that fits over the cooking area of the appliance. The cut-out is a viewing window that allows you to see your food without getting splashed with oil. 

The cool-touch handle attached to the basket lets you remove the food when the appliance is running and hot. Indicator lights on the machine tell you when the appliance is on and when it is hot. These features give you the confidence to handle the machine even when running.

This appliance also has an automatic shutoff feature when temperatures get too high. If the machine is on too high a temperature for too long, the overheating protection will shut it down. 

All of the safety features of this appliance are in place to help protect you, your family, and your home while cooking with hot oil.

Best Used For?

deep fat  fried chicken

The Swan Deep Fat Fryer is best used for making deep-fried foods. Some of the most common foods to make at home with a deep fryer include:

  • Chicken
  • Chips
  • Fish
  • Onion rings
  • Shrimp
  • Mozzarella Sticks

While these foods are some of the more popular foods to deep fry, this is not an exhaustive list of what you can cook in the best deep-fat fryers

You might want to experiment with deep-frying new vegetables or making an at-home recipe for your favourite fried restaurant food. This appliance opens the doors to so many cooking possibilities. 

The Swan Deep Fat Fryer is best suited for larger families due to its large cooking capacity. A two-person household would likely not need the one-kilogram cooking capacity unless they hosted a large group.

Here are Some Other Deep Fat Fryer Brands We Have Reviewed:

> Russell Hobbs
> De’Longhi
> Tefal

Reasons To Buy? 

If you are shopping for a deep-fat fryer, you should consider the Swan Deep Fat Fryer. The versatility, size, and safety controls make this appliance an excellent choice for any family. 

The Swan Deep Fat Fryer is great for families that like to cook deep-fried foods at home but avoid it due to safety and clean-up concerns. With the Swan Deep Far Fryer, you no longer have to worry about hot oil spilling or the appliance overheating. 

Its surfaces are easy to clean, so no scrubbing or oil residue is associated with using this appliance. Swan is a reputable brand known for making quality products that hold up over time. You can’t go wrong with purchasing this product.

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Swan Deep Fat Fryer Review: Summing Up  

The Swan Deep Fat Fryer is an excellent appliance to have in your home if you enjoy cooking fried foods. This appliance has plenty of safety features, making it a great option in the house. 

You won’t dread using this appliance as you might with other fryers. The Swan Deep Fat Fryer doesn’t spit oil all over itself, you, and your kitchen. Its non-stick and stainless steel surfaces make clean-up easy and quick. 

Finally, the size and versatility in temperature allow you to cook all kinds of foods perfectly with this appliance. If you are considering buying a deep-fat fryer, consider the Swan Deep Fat Fryer.

Where To Buy The Swan Deep Fat Fryer

Swan Deep Fat Fryer

  • Multiple Temperature Settings
  • Large Capacity
  • Safety Features

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