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Tefal Griddle Pan Review

Published by: Chef Matty Riedel • Updated: March 14, 2024

If you’re searching for a non-stick pan that can help you cook your favourite meals, our Tefal Griddle Pan review is an excellent starting point. It’s essential to purchase a durable product that offers a host of modern cooking benefits, and there are now plenty of high-quality non-stick pans available. The Tefal E2454144 Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Griddle Pan remains one of the most popular non-stick griddle pans in the United Kingdom. 

In this Tefal Griddle Pan review, we consider the features and benefits of this unique product and answer some frequently asked questions. We also discuss why the Tefal Griddle Pan might be the perfect griddle pan for your kitchen. 

Tefal E2454144 Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Griddle Pan

Tefal has a solid reputation as one of Europe’s most trusted cookware brands. It’s been in business since 1956, and the brand has become famous for a variety of non-stick, sturdy frying pans and griddle pans. The aluminium Tefal E2454144 Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Griddle Pan is the latest instalment in the brand’s premium cookware offering and provides many benefits in the mid-range size (26cm to 28cm). 

The design of the griddle pan is unique to the range, providing an optimal cooking surface with a classic Tefal “Thermo-spot” in the middle. The spot turns red when the surface has reached a perfect cooking temperature. 

Tefal E2454144 Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Griddle Pan Tefal E2454144 Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Griddle Pan
  • The Tefal E2454144 Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Grill is a well-built aluminium pan that offers plenty of premium features to its owners.
  • One of the unique components in this pan is its Thermo-Spot – a central spot that changes colour when your pan reaches an adequate cooking temperature. 
  • The non-stick surface on this pan is excellent, and it comes with a lifetime warranty (the rest of the pan is protected by a two-year warranty). It’s safe to say that the manufacturer backs the quality of this product. 
  • If you’re searching for a well-built and easy-to-use pan for your kitchen, we recommend the Tefal E2454144 Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Grill.
  • This product comes from a well-known brand and includes an extensive warranty. You’ll have the added benefit of Tefal’s proprietary Thermo-Spot that confirms when the pan is at an optimal temperature for cooking. 
  • Excellent non-stick coating
  • Large cooking surface
  • Sturdy design and handle
  • Extensive warranty protection
  • On the pricier side
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Tefal Griddle Pan: Specifications

  • Tefal Griddle Pan

  • Capacity:

    2.5 litres

  • Material:


  • Interior Coating:


  • Exterior Coating:

    Non-stick PTFE

  • Dishwasher safe?:


  • Colour:


  • Weight:

    1.89 Kilograms

Features And Benefits  

The Tefal E2454144 Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Griddle Pan sports a range of features and benefits, including the design, functional additions, oven-safe coating and impressive warranty.  

Four-Sided Design 

Unlike circular griddle pans, the square design of the Tefal Griddle Pan provides an adaptable surface area for all types of meals. If you’re cooking multiple food items simultaneously, you can use the quadrangular design of the Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Griddle Pan to divide items into segments. The placement options also make food much easier to cook. 

The cooking surface is 27 cm by 23 cm, which provides plenty of space to cook large steaks, chicken, fish, and vegetables. Removing food from the pan is also surprisingly easy when you don’t have to contend with awkward and rounded edges. 

Bakelite Handle 

The non-stick coating on the Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Griddle Pan ensures that your steaks, vegetables, and other food items will not stick to the surface or burn easily. However, it’s the sturdy Bakelite handle that gives you even more control when cooking a meal to perfection. 

If you’re preparing hot or oil-seared meals, it’s critical to purchase a griddle pan with sturdy construction. The aluminium composition of the Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Griddle Pan griddle pan provides this strength and balance, but the steady Bakelite handle is also an essential feature for handling the heat. The handle provides enough control to confidently cook and serve hot meals, no matter your experience in the kitchen. 

Tefal’s Thermo-Spot 

If you’re searching for a pan that tells you exactly when it’s time to cook, the Tefal Griddle Pan offers a Thermo-spot. It is an excellent option, showing a red spot in the centre of the pan that changes when the surface temperature reaches an optimal level.  

There’s no need to hold your hand near your pan to determine if there is any heat—the Thermo-spot technology will do the work for you. When the pan is still warming, the Thermo-spot will appear bright red. However, when the pan has reached an optimal temperature, it dulls to a darker wine red. 

Oven Safe 

The Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Griddle Pan from Tefal is also oven-ready—a rare feature of these types of pans. You can use it for baking, warming food, and a host of other oven-related tasks. You can also use this griddle pan in the same way you would use an oven pan, as long as the ridges won’t impact your baking shapes or patterns beneath. 


Our Tefal Griddle pan review panel agrees that the grill ridges along the surface of the pan might not turn out flat sheets of cookie dough, but it is a fantastic feature for griddle purposes. If you like grilling meats or vegetables that have char marks, this ridge design is ideal. The Tefal Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Griddle Pan can also give you a BBQ-like char pattern on your food from the comfort of your own kitchen. 

The ridges also provide an excellent collection point for fats and juices. It can help you create phenomenal flavours, and it is better for healthy cooking

Non-Stick, Black Coating 

No Tefal griddle pan review will leave out the durable non-stick surface. The classic feature abounds in Tefal products, and the non-stick coating has proven incredibly durable over the years. You won’t need to add oil or butter to the pan—the food won’t stick to the surface of your Tefal pan or ruin your favourite meal.  

Long-Term Warranty 

One of the most pleasing features of the Tefal Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Griddle Pan is the long-term warranty. If you’re searching for a pan that you can rely on for decades, this warranty is amazing. The non-stick coating also has a lifetime warranty, protecting your cookware from blistering and peeling.  

It’s important to note that if you’re at fault for scraping or damaging the non-stick coating, Tefal’s warranty is void. The rest of the pan’s elements are protected by a two-year warranty.  

Best Used For?  

One of the reasons the Tefal Griddle Pan is so popular with UK consumers is its versatility. Unlike other pans, you can use this pan for cooking a wide variety of foods, including in the oven. Whether you want to fry a steak, cook vegetables, fry fish, or bake something in it, the Tefal Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Griddle Pan griddle pan can do it all. 

This is an excellent pan for most types of cooking, but the pan’s surface has prominent ridges. It will be an excellent option for charring meats and vegetables, but not for trying to cook pancakes or other delicate foods.  

However, the Tefal Griddle Pan is compatible with ovens and baking or keeping food warm is part of its daily offering. For example, it is an excellent feature if you’re cooking a large meal for a dinner party and need to keep food warm while preparing other dishes. 

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Reasons To Buy 

The many benefits and features provide plenty of reasons to buy the Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Griddle Pan version of the Tefal Griddle Pan. Review listings put it as one of the most popular choices on the market, not only for its ample cooking benefits for your family but also for its perfect size.  

  • Heat: The pan heats up quickly, and you’ll always know when the surface is hot enough to start searing.
  • Utility: The non-stick technology negates the need for lubricating the pan and saves time.  
  • Design: The shape of it makes it extremely easy to flip meats and vegetables in this pan without the risk of dropping the precious ingredients on the floor or stovetop.  
  • Function: The heavy ridges along the surface of the pan collect juices and fats to marinade your food without impacting the pan’s ability to cook. 
  • Versatility: If your food is ready early, you can put it safely into the oven to keep warm. You can also cook food in the oven using the Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics griddle pan. 

Investing in products backed by their manufacturers is always a great idea. The Tefal Griddle Pan comes with a lifetime warranty for the non-stick coating and a two-year warranty on other pan components. If you’re searching for a pan that’s built by a reputable manufacturer, this Tefal option is hard to beat. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

We receive many queries from readers about the options for a Tefal griddle pan. Review information is helpful, but here are some other common questions about the Tefal Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics griddle pan: 

How To Use A Griddle Pan 

If you’re purchasing a griddle pan, it’s critical to understand how to cook with it. Most griddle pans will come with manufacturer instructions, but there are best practices for using any new pan around the shape and size of the Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics griddle pan. For example, you should never use metal spatulas or cooking utensils on the non-stick surface, as it can quickly damage the non-stick coating.  

You should also only cook thick food items that you want to sear or tenderize. It is a griddle-style surface, and if you’re opposed to grill marks on your steak, this probably isn’t a good option for you. However, used for the right purpose, the pan can help you turn out amazing meals, even baked goods. Read our in-depth guide on how to use a griddle pan.

How To Clean And Maintain A Griddle Pan

Safe cleaning and maintenance practices will help you avoid damaging the pan’s non-stick coating. It will also lengthen the lifespan of your Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Tefal Griddle Pan and uphold your warranty policy.  

For example, once you’ve cooked on your griddle pan, you will need to follow a proper cleaning routine. First, rinse the pan to clear any loose fat or food. Then, apply warm, soapy water and use a gentle scrubber to remove additional fat, oil, or food (abrasive materials will destroy the non-stick coating, so avoid these methods). 

The Tefal Griddle Pan is also dishwasher safe. However, it is best to wash your griddle pan in the sink before placing it in the dishwasher if you want to eliminate the food particles between the ridges. If you’re using a different type of griddle pan from the one reviewed here, check whether it is dishwasher safe and always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning and maintenance guidelines. 

Tefal Vs Le Creuset Griddle Pans 

If you’re wondering whether the Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Tefal Griddle Pan 27 x 23 is right for you, you’re probably considering a range of options. A popular choice is the Le Creuset. Like Tefal, Le Creuset offers a range of sizes and designs. 

Most Le Creuset branded griddle pans are also square, but these have spouts on each end to facilitate the pouring of juices and gravy. These Le Creuset pans also have an excellent non-stick surface, which is comparable to the Tefal coating. 

However, one area where the Tefal Griddle Pan dominates is the thermo-spot technology that even professionals love to use in the kitchen. The Tefal pan notifies when it is hot enough to cook, while other pans keep you guessing. There’s plenty to like about the Le Creuset Griddle Pan except its higher price tag—the Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Griddle Pan seems far more affordable.  

Griddle Pans Vs Frying Pans 

Another important consideration is the difference between a griddle pan and a frying pan. Both pan options are an excellent choice for a family setting, but you may only have the budget for one. You will need to decide if you prefer searing meats and achieving a grill-like char on your food or sticking with flat results.  
Frying pans have a flat surface, so they’re better for searing sides of steak to lock in the flavour. A grill pan has grill-like ridges that you might equate to a barbecue setting, so it will produce delicious char lines on your food and distribute even heating. 

Frying pans can be used for cooking eggs, pancakes and other food items, but the griddle pan opens up options for oven-safe cooking, as well. If you can, choose both pans for the kitchen. If your budget is tight, your cooking needs and preferences will make a choice easier.  

Tefal Griddle Pan Review: Summing Up 

The home cookware industry is competitive. However, Tefal is one among many international brands providing excellent products. If you’re searching for a high-quality griddle pan that offers excellent features, the Tefal Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Griddle Pan is produced by one of the industry’s most respected names and packs great features into a compact 27cm pan.  

There’s plenty to like about this product that makes it excellent value for today’s market. The Thermo-spot notifies you when the cooking surface is hot enough, and the warranty protects the non-stick coating for a lifetime.  There are also additional sizes on offer, and you will be hard-pressed to find a professional-grade pan at a better price. 

Where To Buy The Tefal Griddle Pan

Jamie Oliver Cook’s Classics Griddle Pan

  • Premium non-stick surface 
  • Thermo-spot for optimal temperature 
  • Unique surface area 

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