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13 Delicious Toaster Hacks You Can Make Anytime!

Published by: Maria Kelley • Updated: February 10, 2024 • Checked By: Chef Matty Riedel

Toasters are among the most versatile kitchen appliances. It is an innovative gadget that simplifies cooking. Thanks to this great appliance, you start your morning in style with a super breakfast. Toasters go way beyond simply toasting slices of bread. Here, we share 13 incredibly tasty toaster hacks you can easily make at home. Enjoy!

Our Top 13 Toaster Hacks 

1. Asparagus 

Asparagus is one type of healthy food you can cook with a toaster. Normally, asparagus is cooked using a frying pan. It’s also obvious that a lot of oil is used in conventional cooking. Using a toaster to cook asparagus saves your time and makes the food healthy.  

Fascinatingly, you do not have to learn new meal preparation skills. You only need a toaster bag or an aluminium foil. Once you pick your asparagus, put them inside the aluminium foil or toaster bag, add your preferred seasoning and insert them inside the toaster.  

asparagus as a toaster hack!

2. Nuggets 

Who doesn’t love seeing their kids happy? It’s time to make them their favourite chicken nuggets using a toaster. Once you have your nuggets ready, insert them inside your toaster bag. Once you toast them, you get incredibly delicious chicken nuggets.  

Overburning the nuggets should be the least of your concerns when toasting the nuggets. The whole dish takes a couple of minutes. The nuggets don’t get overcooked, and they are fluffy and crispy.  

toaster hack with nuggets

3. French Fries 

You must be familiar with deep-fried or air-fried fries. The toaster you use for breakfast could save you the cost of investing in an air or deep fryer. Once you have your French fries, pour them inside the toaster and enjoy some super delicious toaster-made French fries. 

In addition, making French fries with a toaster also saves you the cost of purchasing frozen French fries from the supermarket of stalls. This method lets you enjoy some fresh homemade French fries. You can also try making sweet potato French fries, which are also gaining traction.  

chips in a bowl

4. Burger Patty 

You can make a variety of burger patty such as cheese toast. It sounds dumb folding, right? A burger patty is best when made using a 2-slice toaster. You must be wondering how it is prepared.  

Place a burger patty inside a two-slice toaster and wait for it to cook thoroughly. Ensure you include patty ingredients such as meat, vegetables, or eggs. You may also include a butter burn. First, allow the butter bun to toast properly to get a perfect burger patty. Pop the patty in the toaster and wait for several minutes. This recipe will shock you. 


5. Grilled Cheese 

Going by the statistics of cheese sales, many people love cheese. A toaster gives you a new style to enjoy your toast. You can grill your cheese with a 2-slice toaster. This appliance can save you the agony of stuffing your kitchen with appliances such as a frying pan to grill your cheese. You only need a foil.  

Preparing cheese toast is very easy. Add cheese with your butter bread and place it inside a toaster bag. Notably, you can use any cheese for this task. Once inserted in the toaster, wait a few minutes and enjoy your cheesy and tasty toast. Save your frying pan some agony by utilizing this amazing hack.  

toaster hack using grilled cheese

6. Tortilla  

Making a tortilla with a toaster sounds insane—nonetheless, it is possible to do so. Gather ingredients (flour, tortilla flour, and corn) from the market. Add the ingredients and mix them to make dough. Cut it into small pieces as you put them inside the toaster. Put 2 or 4 slices each time, respectively.  Add some drops of olive oil for best results.  You can also add seasonings during the toasting process. Enjoy fresh, crispy, and delicious tortillas.  


7. Sweet Potato Toast 

Sweet Potato Toast is probably one of the coolest methods to get a toaster to perform extra tasks. You slice the sweet potatoes into tiny slices and place them inside the toaster. Toast them for some minutes and eject them. You can use a 2-slice or 4-slice toaster.  

sweet potato toast just one of our amazing toaster hacks

8. Bacon 

Bacon fries are my favourite. Take some bacon pieces, wrap them with an aluminium foil or toaster bag, apply some oil using a brush, add seasoning, and put them inside the toaster. After some minutes, you get tasty and crispy bacon fries. Once you prepare some, you can gift me some pieces.  

bacon in a toaster!

9. Taco Shells 

Once you gather your taco shells, pick the ingredients and seasonings. Mix them and put them inside the toaster till they fold. Enjoy your taco shells. 

taco shells

10. Reheating Pizza 

Reheating pizza is always a frightening task. You can, however, maintain the crispy crust nature by toasting the remainder of the pizza slices. You can use a toaster bag to achieve the best results. 

reheat your pizza in a toaster?

11. Waffles 

You don’t make waffles with a toaster. Instead, you toast frozen waffles for some minutes so that they turn crispy and enjoy them with melted butter on the edges. 

waffles with berries

12. Pancakes 

Once you prepare your homemade pancakes, freeze them individually and toast them the next time you eat them. You don’t have to cook again or use a microwave.  

pancakes with raspberries

13. Ham ‘n’ Cheese Toasties Combo 

You can use a toaster to snack with ham and cheese toasties. Make your sandwich with a lot of ham, apply butter on the outside, and then insert it into the toaster for several minutes. Ensure you use a toaster bag to prevent the butter from dripping inside your toaster. 

ham n cheese toasties just one of our amazing toaster hacks

Toaster Hacks: Summing Up 

You now have some deep insights on how you can diversify the uses of the toaster. Nonetheless, there is no specific number of tricks when talking about hacks. You can unlock more tricks with your toaster as you experiment more. When using and experimenting with the toaster, always prioritize safety.  

Maria Kelley