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Types Of Coffee Drinks

Coffee is a beverage that is popular the world over and it can be brewed in a multitude of different ways to create different variations. The beans are grown exclusively in tropical environments and some of the largest coffee exporters are Brazil, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Colombia and Vietnam amongst others. Each coffee from each particular region will have a different flavour and its own unique notes just like a bottle of wine, so the variety you have when you are a coffee enthusiast is almost limitless. Here's some of our very favourite types of coffee drinks …

Types Of Coffee Drinks Your Local Coffee Shop Makes

When it comes to the various kinds of coffee drinks the differences can be very slight and may seem hard to tell apart at first glance but a true coffee connoisseur can really appreciate the subtle changes from drink to drink if you take the time to familiarise yourself with them. The main elements that make up these drinks are espresso, which is made from freshly ground coffee beans or prepackaged ground coffee and milk in some form whether thats cold, hot, steamed, scalded or foamed. Some coffee drinks don’t include milk at all but we will get to those in a second. These two features may seem very simple but they can be combined in a myriad of different ways to create these delectable coffee drinks.

The coffee drinks we are looking at today are all based on ground beans rather than the instant coffee you make at home so make sure you scope these out at your local coffee shop when you want to treat yourself. Even if you have your own filter coffee machine or bean to cup machine, it's still great fun to share coffee with friend in your favourite coffee shop.


The common base for most coffee drinks this strong beverage is created by pushing nearly boiled water through finely ground coffee at high pressure. This is a very quick process and results in a very strong, small serving of coffee that can either be served in a small cup as is or act as the base to another drink.

types of coffee drinks include the espreso


Different but similar to an espresso, an americano is espresso and hot water so you end up with a full cup of coffee the same serving size as a normal percolated coffee just with a more intense flavour. It is common for an americano to be served with hot or cold milk on the side in a small jug. This is an Italian coffee but literally translates to “American coffee” that originated in World War II.

types of coffee drinks include the americano

Café Latte

Another very popular coffee drink, the café latte translates from the Italian very fittingly to “coffee and milk,” which is exactly what it is; espresso with a generous helping of milk in two different forms. They are often served in tall glasses rather than a mug so you can see the clear layers of espresso, steamed milk and milk foam.


Arguably the most popular coffee drink in the world, a cappucino involves espresso and steamed milk topped with microfoam. In comparison to a latte a cappucino has a smaller volume of milk but a thicker layer of foam. The foam itself is often decorated with designs created by trained baristas.

Café au Lait

This French coffee consists of equal parts coffee and scalded milk with no foam on top. A café au lait is often served in a wide, bowl type cup with a wide mouth to cool it down sufficiently to drink.

Café Mocha

Also known as a mocaccino, a mocha is basically a latte but with chocolate flavouring that is either white or dark chocolate. This flavouring is often in the form of cocoa powder but can sometimes be chocolate syrup. Its namesake comes from the city of Mocha in Yemen.

Cold Brew

To completely flip coffee making on its head cold brew has become wildly popular in the last few years. This is created by steeping ground coffee in cold or room temperature water for 14 to 18 hours and then strained before drinking. It can be drunk straight or with ice and milk. The concept behind this brewing process is to bring out different flavour profiles that aren’t brought to the forefront when the coffee has been heated.

types of coffee drinks include the cold brew


This is a pretty simple drink merely involving espresso with hot milk. The milk is not scalded or frothed so it results in a milky finish without the creamy texture from steamed milk.

Flat White

This is a beverage that is very commonly confused with cappuccinos but there are subtle differences. A flat white features espresso and microfoam that has a higher proportion of coffee to milk. What really sets this apart however is the fine bubbles and the velvety consistency this creates in the foam.

Iced Coffee

Another very popular coffee in recent times this is exactly what it says on the tin; coffee with ice. This can be cold brew or cooled down traditionally brewed coffee with added ice and the creamer of your choice. The perfect compromise when you want a coffee on a hot day.

Café Macchiato

For those who love espresso but want to take the edge off then a macchiato is perfect! It consists simply of a shot of espresso with a splash of steamed milk on top.

macchiato, one of the types of coffee drinks you can get at your local coffee shop


If you like dessert and you like a coffee at the end of your meal then an affogato is the perfect solution. This delectable treat features a scoop of ice cream (traditionally vanilla but you can mix it up) with a shot of hot espresso poured over the top and eaten with a spoon.

afogado, one of the types of coffee drinks you can get at your local coffee shop

Types Of Coffee Drinks: Summing Up

Who would have thought that one little bean could be transformed into so many different varieties? Whether you like sweet or bitter, creamy or smooth, there is a coffee out there for just about any taste. We often get stuck in the same old coffee order again and again out of habit but with all of these wonderful options on offer why not push the boat out and switch up your order next time? You never know you may find a new favourite along the way. Try our bulletproof coffee recipe, it's amazing!

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