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Vitamix Blender Review & Buyer’s Guide

Published by: Chef Braam Botha • Updated: February 22, 2024 • Checked By: Chef Matty Riedel

A few years back, I dedicated myself to getting serious about my family’s health. The starting point on this health journey was incorporating Green Juice into our diet. It was a game changer and supported us in changing our eating habits. So here is my Vitamix blender review that I prepared for you!

This is how I found out about the mighty Vitamix! I quizzed fellow healthy foodies about what juicers they were using, and they recommended getting a Vitamix, as it can do everything you need, from smoothies to soups and desserts. I was blown away by the versatility of this one machine to have on hand that could do anything I asked of it.

As my passion for healthy food grew, I discovered that Vitamix’s are often used in commercial settings, including juice and smoothie bars. But don’t worry, I make amazing ‘healthy-ish’ desserts with it too! Life wouldn’t be worth living without delicious desserts here and there.

Vitamix Blender Review & Buyer’s Guide

So, I hear you ask how to make juice in a blender. Don’t worry; I was confused at first, too. You chop up the vegetables you want to include, e.g., celery, spinach, and cucumber, then blitz them in the Vitamix and strain them through a nut milk bag or fine sieve. Seems too easy. Well, it was, and the clean-up was even easier.

No messy juicer with so many pieces to clean. I could make fresh juices easily and fast and make nut milk, smoothies, soups, desserts, and even cocktails. The variety of dishes you can make with a Vitamix is limitless, and it is built tough, so you can make whatever your heart desires. It quickly became part of my family and our daily routines. 

Let’s take a look at the Vitamix Blender and all the benefits it can bring to you and your kitchen. 

Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender
  • Vitamix is a well-known brand in the blender world. Vitamix E310 Explorian is their entry-level Blender.
  • It is simple to use and is fairly powerful. It’s been built to serve small families at an affordable cost. 
  • The small-capacity blender is made of stainless steel, making it durable.
  • The blades are also made of stainless steel and withstand many years of blending harsh ingredients.
  • You won't experience any performance lag regardless of the blender's age. 
  • A 1.4-litre container is sizable enough for a small or medium family. Interestingly, you can make hot soup with the Blender without a stove.
  • You can also mix dough and batters for making muffins, pancakes, cookies, cakes, and waffles. Add frozen ingredients to your gadget and enjoy frozen treats. 
  • Easy to use
  • Perfect for blending small to medium size batches
  • Extremely powerful
  • Sharp blades
  • Very noisy
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Vitamix Explorian Blender: Specifications

  • Vitamix Explorian Blender

  • Capacity:

    1.4 litres

  • Variable Speed Control:


  • Pulse Feature:


  • Colour:


  • Special Feature:

    Automatic Cleaning

  • Dimension:

    42 x 33 x 29.6 cm

  • Material:

    Stainless Steel, BPA-free container

Features And Benefits 

Variable Speed Control 

The easy-to-use variable speed control and pulse puts you in control of the texture of any ingredients in your recipe. You’ll create the smoothest smoothies through to chunky salsa and everything in between. It is as simple as flick the switch on and turn the dial to your desired speed.

This helps when making condiments like mayonnaise, and you need a steady speed to emulsify it as you pour in your oil through the top of the jug. You’ll be making the best homemade mayonnaise in no time. Unlike other blenders, the Vitamix puts you in control of your textures and the speed of the blending process, and the results are fantastic. 

1.4L Container/Jug 

The 1.4 Litre jug is ideal for blending small to medium batches of your favourite breakfast smoothie, savoury soups or whipping up a delicious dessert. Seriously, there isn’t much you can’t do with this beauty. There are dry jugs available, but I have used mine to blend a variety of grains, including oats, for different recipes (even coffee beans when I’ve been without a grinder). Go slow and listen to the motor on your machine. You’ll hear if you need to slow it down or go faster to get the optimum result.  

The jug is made of a high-grade BPA-free plastic, keeping it lightweight and easy to clean. Just be careful when using turmeric. As you’d know, turmeric will stain any surface (including your hands) bright yellow. My jug has a yellow tinge to it these days as I grew, dried and ground turmeric this year. It turned out super fine and light from grinding in the Vitamix, but like I said, it now has a yellow tinge around the base of the jug (I can live with that). 

Hardened Stainless Steel Blades 

From your first blend to your 1000th blend, the hardened stainless steel blades won’t let you down. They are designed for commercial cookery, and even after years of blending nuts into cheesecake bases or nut milks, my Vitamix is still going strong. I’ve put mine through its paces over the years, from catering for retreats, making smoothies nearly every day for the family and making treats to sell at the markets. It hasn’t skipped a beat! 

Always make sure you blend with your lid on tightly, and don’t be tempted to use other utensils besides the tamper provided to manipulate the food while using. The tamper has a guard to prevent it from going as far as the blades when using the lid on the jug. I accidentally pushed the tamper in without using the lid, resulting in a tamper being flung out extremely fast with chunks out of it! It was a mistake I have never made again, and I was able to purchase a replacement tamper easily.  

Easy To Clean 

I never put my favourite cooking utensils and items through the dishwasher as I find the high temperature can warp items over time. Ask my kids, and they will tell you my chef knives, the Vitamix jug, tamper and lid NEVER go near the dishwasher. They see this as an excuse to leave it on the sink for me to wash, cheeky kids! My Vitamix jug gets hand-washed lovingly as it is part of my family. A squirt of liquid soap into the jug with warm water, then lid on before a quick whiz (60 seconds or less) is all you’ll need to remove what is remaining. Rinse with hot water, and you are good to go. I try to keep the underside dry to avoid water in the base mechanism. 

High-Performance 2HP Motor 

Now, the Vitamix is loud, but it has a high-performance motor. Think of it like a muscle car. The powerful 2HP motor is built to last and blend through the toughest ingredients (within reason, of course!). Blending nuts and vegetables is no issue for this little machine; ice blended into your margaritas on a hot day will make anyone smile. The Vitamix is definitely not a once-a-year one-hit wonder. It is a versatile machine that you’ll use daily. The vibration level is low as it has rubber feet on the base unit. This stops it from moving around while in use. 

I have used other blenders only to burn out the motors on blending simple foods. Nothing is worse than unboxing a small, cheaper blender, thinking it would be fine to see smoke coming out of the vents halfway through blending a thick pumpkin soup. It shouldn’t have happened, but it did. Meekly, I returned the item and received a refund. It has never been an issue since having the Vitamix. Learn your machine by adjusting the dial slowly; it will work for you.  

The Vitamix has built-in Overload Protection, which automatically stops the machine and prevents your machine from overheating with heavy loads. If your machine does stop, let it cool down and perhaps remove half the amount of food you are trying to process. The machine will reset itself and continue to work. Learning your machine and putting your ‘wetter’ ingredients in first will help the Vitamix blend more easily and thoroughly. 

Best Used For? 

What can’t this beauty do? It can be used for everything and anything you want chopped, blended or extremely smooth. I love to make creamy fresh salad dressing full of herbs and avocado to drizzle over a healthy, nutritious salad. It easily blends up avocado to make guacamole and even soaked cashews as a base for a dairy-free sour cream. Raw dairy-free cheesecake filling is a breeze to blend as the soaked cashews go so smooth you’d never know it isn’t cream cheese. These blenders are the best on the market and aren’t just for smoothies. 

chocolate milk in a tall glass

Here are just some of the recipe ideas the Vitamix can be used for: 

  • Hot soups 
  • Nut Butters 
  • Baby Food 
  • Frozen Desserts (Nice Cream is my favourite!) 
  • Cakes and Batters 
  • Non-Dairy Milks 
  • Dips & Spreads  
  • Cocktails 
  • Smoothies & Juices 
  • Dressings & Sauces 

The variety of fresh and nutritious foods you can create is endless. If you or a family member has an allergy or intolerance, it is perfect for making your foods from scratch to never miss out on taste and flavour. 

Reasons To Buy 

This powerhouse blender is the top of its class regarding blending & grinding ability and the range of uses in the kitchen. They are used in cafes, juice & smoothie bars, restaurants and commercial kitchens. You can now have this technology at your fingertips in your kitchen at home. Whether you are an aspiring master chef or want to make healthy options, Vitamix is your answer. 

It is perfect for those with allergies and intolerances, as you can make dairy-free and gluten-free ingredients at home. Often, these ingredients, when store-bought, are full of thickeners and fillers and are expensive to purchase regularly. By making yourself, you will know exactly what is going into your food and save yourself money. This also goes for making healthy dressings, sauces, and meals.  

No need to buy expensive processed baby food for your little one when you can use Vitamix to blend up fresh fruit and vegetables. Create and freeze your recipes so you know what they are eating. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Vitamix Worth The Money? 

The answer is YES. Like anything, you get what you pay for. It is definitely worth the investment in a quality machine. These things are workhorses and will last you a lifetime. You’ll wish you had purchased one earlier instead of wasting time and money on other blenders. 

Ninja Vs Vitamix 

Both have their place in the kitchen. Ninjas are great to store in the pantry to blend smaller quantities, whereas the Vitamix is your go-to kitchen item. It is an essential tool for any home cook ready to take their cooking to another level. Sweet or savoury, hot or cold, it will have you covered. It can blend small to medium quantities. 

What Can A Vitamix Do?

It can do it all. Your Vitamix can blend, process, grind and create any recipe items you need including nut butter, smoothies, nut milks and soups. You’ll be surprised how often you’ll use your Vitamix once set up in your kitchen. 

Is The Vitamix Container Plastic?

Yes, it is. It is made from a BPA-free plastic called Eastman Tritan Copolyester. It is strong and durable. This also allows the jug to be lightweight. 

How To Clean

Simple and easy to clean. Add a squirt of dish soap and warm water. Blend for 60 seconds or less and rinse out with hot water. The jug container and blades will be clean and ready to go. Avoid soaking the outside base of the jug in water as water could enter the mechanism and make it seize (my hubby’s tip). 

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Vitamix Blender Review: Summing Up 

Investing in your Vitamix feels like a big decision at the time, though it won’t be long until it becomes your new best friend in the kitchen. Like any new friend, take the time to get to know each other and what your Vitamix can do. The other blenders you have previously will become a distant memory. My son said it makes him smile when he walks past a juice shop and hears the blenders going. He said it reminds him of mornings at home. I love that a sound can take him back to our kitchen and our mornings together, drinking smoothies and getting ready for the day. Kitchens are the heart and soul of the household. 

There are so many recipes to try, and using this versatile machine will help take your cooking to another level. For the price, you are investing in your kitchen and yourself, and it is well worth it. It has been one of my most worthwhile purchases for myself, my family and my cooking business. We use it daily to make smoothies, juices, salad dressings and more.  

This blender is the best of the best, you won’t be disappointed. Once you go Vitamix, you’ll never go back! 

Where To Buy The Vitamix Blender

Vitamix Blender

  • Easy to use 
  • Perfect for blending small to medium-sized batches 
  • Extremely powerful 

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