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Clean clothes are not important only because of hygiene. Wearing a clean shirt with a fresh scent and soft touch boosts our confidence when meeting other people. Leaving a good impression is crucial to a healthy social life, an important part of our wellbeing. 

Don’t negotiate with washing machines! A good washing machine should deliver clean clothes without damage and reduce water and energy consumption bills.  Become a laundry investor. These reliable brands will save your money over the years and the environment too as a bonus.

Best Washing Machine: Our Top 7

1. Candy Smart Pro CS1410TE Best 10kg Under £30

Candy Smart Pro CS1410TE Freestanding Washing Machine, 10 kg Load, 1400 rpm, White

An Italian brand, Candy, with more than 60 years of expertise in the home appliances market. Candy is producing reliable products that bring comfort into every household for an affordable price. 

The Internet can be a huge benefit for people who want to be in control. Candy strives to give you remote control over your appliance through an integrated app. You can read performance reports and adjust your washing cycles or just follow the smart suggestions the app gives you.

The performance and smart functions for this machine in this price range is a steal. Unsurprisingly, the Candy made its way on to our list of best dishwashers too.

16 programs will take care of your everyday washing needs and a variety of materials in your closet. Choose one of the 3 rapid wash cycles 60, 44 or 15 minutes when you need your laundry done in a hurry. 

This 10kg washing machine comes in a 9kg version as well. Candy is a great brand if you are on a budget or buying your first washing machine.


  • App compatible 
  • Water efficient
  • Price


  • App pairs only with Android
  • Energy class E

Features & Benefits

Efficient Water Consumption

The Candy washing machine will measure the weight of your laundry at the beginning of each cycle to adjust the water required accordingly. Fewer clothes, less water, lower bills, and more sustainability. 

Usage Reports

The integrated app will collect performance reports of your washing machine that you can access anytime. Use the information to optimise and improve your washing routine and make it even more effective.

2. Midea MF200W90B/E Best Freestanding 9kg Load

Midea MF200W90B/E Freestanding Washing Machine, BLDC Motor, Bright LED Display, Health Guard, Steam, 1400RPM, 9kg load, White [Energy Class B]

The greenest and easiest to use 9kg washing machine on our list. Its seamless design and operation received a prestigious Red Dot award. Midea brand, an official Manchester City FC partner, receives many awards for their home appliances each year.

Energy class B makes this 9kg washing machine the most sustainable on our list. Prepare for fresh laundry at a super-low cost.

An ideal choice if you do the washing every day or even twice a day. The right choice for our environment too.

Midea is extremely focused on keeping your clothes as clean as possible. The washing machine will clean itself after every cycle. Running a drum clean program regularly will exterminate all bacteria and keep your clothes pristine clean.


  • Easy to use
  • Simple maintenance
  • Energy class B


  • No App

Features & Benefits

Add Or Remove Garments Mid Wash

You can always pause the washing cycle and add that one forgotten sock or shirt. 

Allergy Care

An allergy care function will remove most of the allergens from your garments using a special program. Big help when you have pets or during spring hay fever.


Refresh your laundry or make it easier to iron using a steam program.

3. Hoover H-Wash 300 H3W4102DE Freestanding 10 kg

Hoover H-Wash 300 H3W4102DE Freestanding Washing Machine, Large Capacity, 10 kg Load, 1400 rpm, White

The home appliance brand that takes credit for the invention of the first vacuum cleaner. 

The 10kg washing machine will weigh the load and adjust the program and water consumption. You still have full control over the washing cycle with standard washing cycles and variable temperature and spin settings. It is also one of the quietest on our list.

An integrated app that pairs with Android and iOS provide valuable suggestions and reports about your washing. 

The almost-failproof washing using the app makes this washing machine ideal for busy people or those new to washing laundry at home.


  • Additional features through the app (iOS, Android)
  • Time and energy efficient
  • Very quiet


  • Basic programs 
  • Energy class E

Features & Benefits

Powerful App

Access additional programs through an app and optimise your washing routine. It provides you with useful suggestions spanning from suitable program settings to detergent tips. 

Diagnostic Checks

The washing machine runs its diagnostic checks. Get notifications through your app about the washing machine’s condition, performance or when it requires maintenance.

4. Bosch WAU28T64GB Serie 6 Freestanding

Hoover H-Wash 300 H3W4102DE Freestanding Washing Machine, Large Capacity, 10 kg Load, 1400 rpm, White

Have peace of mind when washing your laundry with Bosch 9kg washing machine and a long warranty. Energy efficient rating C will leave a low impact on your wallet and environment. 

This machine provides quiet operation using an EcoSilence Drive wash cycle. The forgotten garments can be added or removed during washing by pausing the program and opening the doors. 

The allergy washing program will help you keep your garments free of most allergens by using a higher temperature and special rinse cycle.

The powerful performance will remove your pet’s hair, dust or pollen, a must-have for allergy sufferers.


  • Long warranty
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy efficient


  • Some washing cycles are long
  • Quick wash only with 1200 rpm

Features & Benefits

Highly Efficient Water Management

The washing machine sensors analyse the load of your laundry and adjust the water consumption accordingly leading to less waste.

Speed Perfect Program

In a hurry? Super-fast washing program will wash your clothes in 65% less time.

Gentle Washing

Patented VarioDrum will remove stains and strong dirt from your garments while preserving the fabric and making it easier to iron. Keep your favourite clothes longer and in the best shape. 

5. Bosch Serie 4 7kg Load Best Small Washing Machine

Bosch Serie 4 7kg 1400 Freestanding Washing Machine - White

A smaller sibling of the previous model. This 7kg washing machine is perfect for smaller households. 

Powerful washing performance will make sure your clothes are clean and fresh after every washing.

Easy to use navigation display offers standard washing cycles and a Speed Perfect program in those moments when time is of the essence.

Features, warranty and price make this 7kg washing machine ideal for people doing a smaller amount of laundry but seeking reliable performance.


  • Price
  • Simple use


  • No app
  • Less energy efficient

Features & Benefits

Fewer Vibrations

Special design minimises the vibrations during the spinning cycle leading to the quiet washing of your laundry.

Super Quick 30 

On top of the Speed Perfect program, this fast-washing cycle saves your time even further by cleaning your clothes in just under 30 minutes

6. Samsung Eco Bubble 9kg

ecoBubble 9kg 1400 Spin Freestanding Washing Machine - Graphite

This 9kg washing machine by Samsung is packed with powerful features and performance. 

Advanced washing technology will scrape heavy dirt from your garments while being gentle to the fabric itself, prolonging the lifetime of your clothes. On top of that, the steam function will kill most bacteria in your clothes helping you stay healthy. Great for families with toddlers, young children or people with lower immunity. 

The self-cleaning cycle keeps the drum clean and bacteria-free. It will notify you when it is needed so you can let it out of your mind. This simple maintenance will extend the lifespan of your premium washing machine.


  • Useful app
  • Powerful washing
  • Straightforward maintenance


  • Some washing cycles are longer
  • Price

Features & Benefits

Bubble Wash

Eco bubble is a special feature unique to the Samsung washing machines. It will soak your dirty clothes in a bubble bath. Mixing air, water and detergent will push the dirt out of your clothing’s fibres making it pristine and clean.

Detergent Free Self-Cleaning

The self-cleaning cycle doesn’t require any cleaning detergents. Can the maintenance be more straightforward? 

Add Wash Feature

A small latch on the doors allows you to add forgotten garments to the washing. Simply pause the washing cycle and add that white shirt with a fresh spill of tomato sauce before it dries up.

7. Hoover H3WS4105TACBE-80 10kg Freestanding, WIFI

Hoover H3WS4105TACBE-80 10kg 1400rpm Freestanding Washing Machine, WIFI Connected, Steam, Black with Chrome door

A more advanced 10kg washing machine by Hoover with additional features. 

The 14 wash cycles cover the standard, most used, functions of a solid washing machine. You can access additional features through an integrated app that will provide you with performance reports, optimisation tips or remote control. 

Spacious, large capacity, drum allows washing big loads in one go. Saving energy and time. Water is saved even further thanks to the intelligent wash system that measures the weight of your laundry and supplies the water accordingly.

Consider this model if you always have piles of laundry to do. Energy class C will reduce your bills with each load.


  • Energy class C
  • Remote control


  • Loud

Features & Benefits

Easy Ironing

The steam function loosens the fibres of the fabric, making it much easier and faster to iron.

Remote Control

The advanced app gives the total control over the laundry washing in the palm of your hand. Stay on top of the performance and consumption with reports delivered to your phone. 

Washing Machine Buying Considerations

Browsing the washing machines could get frustrating with so many choices on the market. Some brands engage in clever marketing tactics drawing your attention away from what’s important when choosing a washing machine. 

Manufacturers bring a lot of innovation to modern washing machines, each offering a different set of features matching most users’ lifestyles. These features can help keep your garments clean and in shape. However, when considering buying a new washing machine look at these 5 points first.

1. Price

Fancy features can crank up the price very quickly. Set your budget first before you’ll start browsing the market. Consider how much you can afford to spend on a washing machine and whether you’ll buy it in instalments or pay in full. 

2. Energy Rating

Washing machines can last for years. A reliable brand can serve you well even 10 years or more. It is worth spending a bit more for a washing machine with a higher energy rating. Think how much it can reduce your water and energy bills over such a long period. Not to mention how important it is for the environment as well. 

3. Drum Capacity

Home use washing machines come in various sizes ranging from 6kg up to 13kg. A 7kg capacity is an optimal size for a small family of 3 people. If you often do a big laundry including curtains, bed sheets, towels or other bulky pieces, consider at least a 9kg washing machine. 

best washing machine is ...

4. Spin Speed

The spinning cycle extracts water from soaked garments by spinning generating centrifugal force that pushes the water out of the fabric’s fibres. It is set in the rpm units. Most washing machines offer spinning at 1400 rpm. Some programs could limit the water extraction to 1200 or 800 rpm which could leave garments very wet, prolonging the drying time. It is good to choose a model where you can adjust the spinning manually.

5. Wash Modes

Each wash cycle has settings adjusted for the specific type of fabric to ensure proficient cleaning. Not matching the fabric with the appropriate washing cycle can make your garments look old and worn out faster. 

Washing machine brands develop loads of new wash modes or cycles. It may be difficult to pick the right one, especially when there could be more than thirty wash modes on hand. That’s why smart washing machines that can do the guessing for you and suggest the appropriate washing mode comes in handy. 

Each washing machine should have the basic wash cycles: 

  • Cotton
  • Synthetic
  • Delicates
  • Quick wash
  • Hand wash

Have a look at the additional washing cycles and consider which one will be more suitable for your lifestyle. 


How To Clean A Washing Machine?

Always read the user manual of your washing machine first before pouring in any detergents. 

  1. Start with removing and cleaning the detergent drawer in warm soapy water. 
  2. Clean the detergent drawer cavity next. Use a soft brush to scrub all dirt and dry it with a clean towel.
  3. Use a wet cloth to wipe around the rubber seal that holds the drum. 
  4. Use washing machine cleaning detergent following the instructions on the label to clean the drum and inside of the washing machine and run the washing machine.
  5. Alternatively, you can pour 250ml of white vinegar directly into the drum and put 2 tablespoons of bicarbonate of soda into the clean detergent drawer. Run the washing machine at least 60℃.
  6. Make sure to run a rinse cycle after the cleaning to make sure there is no detergent left in the drum to prevent damage to your garments.

Some models have automatic self-cleaning programs making maintenance a lot easier. 

Best Time To Run A Washing Machine?

The best time to run a washing machine would be overnight or during the other time of the day when the electricity price is lower. This may vary on your electricity provider. It will reduce your electricity costs even further.

You can choose the program, add washing detergents and set the delay timer to start the washing cycle at your desired time.

Is It Worth Buying A Wi-Fi-Connected Machine?

Washing machines paired with your phone through Wi-Fi can provide you with valuable reports and information about your washing habits and performance. It can run diagnostic checks and notify you directly when maintenance is needed or give you full control over your machine remotely. 

If you think you won’t need any of these features then it may just make your new washing machine unnecessary pricier.

Freestanding Vs Integrated?

The difference between freestanding and integrated washing machines is design. An integrated washing machine is designed to be hidden behind the doors of a cupboard. It is suitable when you prefer having a washing machine in the kitchen. On the other hand, it requires more work to install custom-made kitchen cabinets.

How To Wash Trainers In A Washing Machine?

  1. Read the label of your trainers first and use it as a guide.
  2. Remove the laces from your trainers.
  3. Clean the excess dirt from the soles of your trainers with a soft brush. 
  4. Place the laces and trainers in a wash bag and place them into the drum.
  5. To reduce the impact of the shoes on the drum and reduce noise, add a few towels.
  6. Use the detergent appropriate for the colour of your trainers and set the wash mode with cold water. Some washing machines have built-in wash cycles for trainers and sneakers.
  7. Try not to tumble dry your shoes as it may damage the fabric.

How Long Do Washing Machines Last?

A washing machine from a reliable manufacturer should last around 10 years. Some brands offer a 10-year warranty as standard. The washing machine may function even past this time. However, it may have bigger water or energy consumption and unnecessarily raise your monthly bills.

How To Disconnect A Washing machine?

Always read the user manual before you manipulate your washing machine and follow the instructions in it. 

  1. Unplug the washing machine from the power socket. If it is behind the washing machine and not accessible, pull it out as in the 3rd step. 
  2. Turn off the water valves, they are usually located on the back side of your washing machine.
  3. Gently pull the washing machine as far out as you can. Be careful, washing machines can weigh over 70kg and pulling them alone may hurt your back. 
  4. Place an empty bucket near the water hoses.
  5. Remove the switched-off water hoses. You may need a wrench to do this. Some models may be conveniently attached with simple screws.
  6. Catch the excess water into the bucket. Be careful as it may spill on the floor. 
  7. Remove the waste hose from the drain.

Washing Machine Repairs – Are They Worth It or Should I Buy a New One?

If your washing machine is still covered by the warranty, try having it professionally repaired first. Consider buying a new washing machine if the price that you have to pay for the repair is more than half of its total value. 

Consider also how old is your washing machine and whether buying a new, more energy efficient, the model will save you additional money on the monthly bills. 

Best Washing Machine: Summing Up

Choose a washing machine that suits your lifestyle. Consider those that can be paired with your phone, smart washing machines can lower your bills and optimise your performance. It can make your life a lot easier, especially when you are new to doing laundry at home.

Candy Smart Pro CS1410TE Freestanding Washing Machine, 10 kg Load, 1400 rpm, White

Candy Smart Pro CS1410TE

Editor's Choice

  • App compatible 
  • Water efficient
  • Price
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