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What Else Can You Make In A Soup Maker?

Published by: Chef Matty Riedel • Updated: February 9, 2024

Depending on the model, you can make sauces, dips, purees, smoothies, milkshakes, ice creams and baby food in a soup maker. That, of course, is other than the many soups.

What Else Can You Make In A Soup Maker?

We all like all-in-one appliances that can do more than one thing. It’s because I don’t have endless counter space in my kitchen. For you, it might be the ease of using just one appliance or budget constraints.

Now, if you’re a soup junkie (if that’s even a thing) and want to get a soup maker, you might be wondering what else it can do. Luckily for all of us, while there are tons of delicious soups you can make in it, there are a few other things it does well.

The key here is to remember to check the instruction manual and make your choices according to what the manufacturer suggests. They, after all, know best what the appliance can and can’t do.

The soup maker takes 20-30 minutes to finish its process, which includes heating the ingredients, stirring them and blending them. Here’s what else you can do if you’re feeling creative and have or want a soup maker.

Purees And Baby Food

baby food puree in a white bowl surrounded by a wooden spoon, sliced apple and sliced banana with the skin on (What Else Can You Make In A Soup Maker)

New parents have enough to deal with already. So, if your baby is weaning, the soup maker can help you with the baby’s food. Since it’s easy to do, the parents don’t need to fight over who does this…unlike poop patrol.

You can also use the soup maker to puree things for more extensive preparation, and it’s best if you plan to cook in bulk and store it in the fridge.


milkshake in a glass with a nut topping, strawberries and a blue vase inn the background

Those who like milkshakes will also appreciate that you must put the ice cream, milk, and other ingredients into the soup maker, which will be done in no time.


purple smoothie in a glass with 3 straws, one with a lime wedge and a blueberry, raspberries and mint on the side

The same logic applies to smoothies as well. Almost all good soup makers can do this, but you should check the blade’s placement and the motor’s strength before you get cracking.

Ice Cream

blueberry ice-cream and blueberries in a white bowl

Some soup makers can also make ice cream, and you might discover that once you realise how easy it is to do this, it’s a real test of self-control. But, you know, let yourself go occasionally if you don’t have any health concerns.


small white bowl with tsatsiki on a wooden chopping board with basil and spring onions

Some of the soup makers can also make dips and sauces. If you’re making a milk-based sauce, ensure not to add too much milk because that can spell trouble. Once again, check the manual.


  • It’s always good to fry the veggies in a bit of oil before you add them to the soup maker. And if your soup maker has a sauté function, put that to use.
  • Hard veggies like carrots and potatoes can also be put in a soup maker. Just remember to secure its lid.
  • You want to try to avoid herbs such as bay leaves and rosemary stems to reduce the stress on the blades. You also don’t want to go over the maximum limit line.

  • What Else Can You Make In A Soup Maker? Conclusion

    Soup makers are a hit because, for one, you don’t have to stand in front of it and keep stirring the soup. They also eliminate the need for extra tools. Peel and chop the ingredients if needed. After that, you need to push a couple of buttons, and it’s done.

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