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What Is The Hole In A Saucepan Used For?

Published by: Chef Matty Riedel • Updated: October 26, 2023

Walk into your kitchen right now and take a look at your saucepan set. A lot of them probably have a tiny hole at the end of the long handle. Obviously, this is for hanging up your utensils—right?

Well, yes! But there is also a hidden and much less obvious use of this hole in the saucepan handle.

Imagine you are cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Pots and saucepans are merrily simmering away on your stove. You pick up a spoon and give your sauce a nice stir. While it continues to cook, you have to find a plate to place your sauce-covered spoon. You cannot just leave it in the pan; it will heat up or even melt.

Is the reason for the hole in the saucepan becoming a little more obvious to you now?

The Reason Behind The Hole

If it has not dawned on you yet, let me let you into the secret—the hole is meant for your spoons! That is right!

While you might not be aware, a lot of our household items have multiple other uses and hidden features. After all, who does not like having multipurpose objects? This is especially handy in the kitchen. There are surprisingly a lot of kitchen aids with dual purposes.

For instance, your spaghetti spoon. The handy spoon is not just to lift spaghetti effortlessly out of your pan and make serving it a peach. There is another really smart use for it! 

Notice the size of the hole at the heart of the spoon? This hole has been ingeniously added to the spork to allow you to measure out a single serving of spaghetti. 

Similarly, the hole in your saucepan handle is designed to hold your cooking spoon. This makes your cooking process a lot cleaner and more efficient. Instead of simply propping your sauce-covered spoons at the edge of the pan or on your countertop, you can simply plop the handle of the spoon through the hole.

Not only will you be saved from having to clean your countertop or any additional dishes, but your saucepan will also catch any stray drips, leaving your cooking area immaculate.

In addition to cleanliness, you also avoid the risk of your spoons getting scalding hot or melting down in case they are plastic.

Propping your plastic spoon in hot utensils risks the release of a slew of harmful chemicals, especially the toxin BPA. In addition to being a health risk, it will also make your dish taste unappetizing.

What Is The Hole In Saucepan Used For? The Takeaway

So, not only does the little hole in the saucepan handle keep your cooking range clean, but it also saves your spoon, and in turn, your dish and health!

Make sure you turn the handle of the pan away from you and in the direction of the counter. Switch out any spoons with plastic handles for heat-resistant or wooden spoons—it is the better choice in the long run.

What are you waiting for? Go check if your saucepan set can handle your spoon!

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