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Why Filter Coffee Is Better

Get up early in the morning and need a drink to freshen up the senses? Coffee. Get up late and want a kickstarter to your day? Coffee. Want to feel recharged for work in the day after a dozy period? Coffee. Want to stay up for a little bit longer to finally complete that one deadline that you have been putting off? Coffee. Find why filter coffee is better further below!

Coffee and tea are the two most popular drinks across the world. Whereas tea is reputed to be the drink that is consumed during the comparatively mellow periods and served as a drink of refreshment and relaxation, coffee is most often associated as the drink of activity and work. 

People have this activity-inducing drink across the world in different forms and ways. First produced in the Ethiopian plateau, with colonization and the global extractive market, the bean soon became a global commodity around the world. 

Now, coffee is produced and processed at places beyond where the native corps were first found and drank in even more places. With the number of eateries out there which sell coffee as a staple and its constant image in popular media as the “work drink”, its popularity does not seem to go away any time soon. 

But do you know what are the different types of coffees you consume and what that does to your body? If you are a coffee addict who is into trivia as well, you probably already know, but if you are a new inductee into the cult of the coffee, we are here to ease you into the different nuances of the bean. 

Why Filter Coffee Is Better

The Two Major Types Of Coffee 

Of course, coffee comes in a thousand variations depending on what you can pay for. There is coffee that can go upwards of thousands of dollars, depending on how and where it is processed. We, however, will limit ourselves to the coffee that we can access and drink in our daily lives without shedding thousands of dollars to do so. 

The two major kinds of coffee that are easily available for cheap access and daily use are filter coffee and instant coffee. In the next few paragraphs, we will look at what each of these two terms means and then look at what are the benefits of each kind. 

What Is Filter Coffee? 

As you know already, coffee comes in the form of beans which are roasted and then ground into a fine powder for consumption. The powder is then steeped into hot water and/or milk and then filtered out, giving a coffee made in this fashion the name “filter coffee”. 

The process usually uses a paper filter to steep out the coffee and works with the help of gravity to produce an extracted plain and pure coffee. The coffee produced in this method can be made to the liking of the individual making it by regulating the size of the ground beans, their coarseness along with the time of steeping. 

Why Filter Coffee Is Better

What Is Instant Coffee? 

Unlike filter coffee, instant coffee is a powder of pre-made coffee. Essentially, the instant coffee powder is the dried-out powder of an already brewed coffee solution. The brewed coffee solution is either dried through spray-drying or freeze-drying, making it processed food. 

Similarly, unlike filter coffee where you can control the taste and flavor of the coffee brew during the process of making the brew by adjusting the different variables involved in the process, the instant coffee does not offer any such versatility as being a pre-made powder of a specific kind and type of brew. 

Why Filter Coffee Is Better

Filter Coffee Vs Instant Coffee 

Difference In Taste 

The two coffees differ considerably in terms of the taste and flavor that they provide to the brew. Whereas filter coffee is said to provide a richer and more authentic experience of coffee, instant coffee is often seen as a sub-par substance in terms of both richness and authenticity. 

Difference In Shelf Life 

The shelf life of filter coffee is dependent on the kinds of coffee beans that are used in the brewing process and it varies from product to product drastically. Whereas, for instant coffee, since it is processed and packaged with preservatives, it generally has a longer shelf life than filter coffee. 

Difference In Accessibility 

The process of making filter coffee brew is considerably more intensive than making a brew of instant coffee. This is one of the primary reasons why, despite its blandness in taste, instant coffee remains quite popular. 

Difference In Health Parameters 

A recent study published in the European Society of Cardiology states that people who consume coffee have a lower risk of stroke and premature death due to heart disease in comparison to people who drink instant coffee whose powder contains unfiltered substances. 

  • Filter Coffee

    Instant Coffee

  • Taste 

    richer and more authentic


  • Shelf Life



  • Accessibility 

    more intensive process

    less intensive process

  • Health Parameters


    less healthy

The Final Verdict 

As you know, health is of the most important value to a person. As such, even though the process of making filter coffee is intensive compared to instant coffee, filter coffee is better because of its health benefits as well as its richer and more authentic taste. 

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