Why Invest In A Vacuum Sealer

Food waste is a common problem affecting households across the world. People buy stuff in bulk such as meat, veggies and other foods but don’t know how to store them properly, causing them to go bad quickly. This is where a food sealer comes in super handy and is extremely useful when it comes to preserving food.

Why Invest In A Vacuum Sealer? 

Vacuum sealers essentially remove the air from a bag or container, making it airtight. This helps to protect the food in the bag or container from oxygen or bacteria, which can impact the food negatively over time and cause it to become spoiled. 

So, if you’ve been thinking of purchasing a vacuum sealer, but are not very sure if it is worth the money, then here is a lowdown of the advantages of a vacuum sealer and why it may be worth investing in one. 

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Extends The Shelf-Life Of Food 

If you purchase meat, cheese or other foodstuffs in bulk, which cannot be used immediately, the biggest challenge is to store these food items. The oxygen in the air causes the food to spoil because of the growth of bacteria and mould. 

Also, when you put the food into the freezer when the air comes in contact with the food, it causes it to oxidize and dehydrate, causing freezer burn. 

This is where a vacuum sealer is very useful. Whether you want to store food in the refrigerator, freezer or pantry, vacuum sealing can extend the shelf-life of food products and enable you to store the foodstuff for a longer period of time.  A food dehydrator is another great tool for extending the life of food. Read more about it here.

Easy Food Storage 

Why Invest In A Vacuum Sealer
  • Fresh Foods: You can use a vacuum sealer to seal most veggies, fruits, herbs, etc. and preserve them for several months in your refrigerator or freezer for use later on. 
  • Liquids: You can vacuum seal your open bottles of oil, wine and vinegar, which allows you to store them efficiently. Vacuum sealing the bottles helps to keep the liquids fresh for a long time. 
  • Dry Ingredients: You can use vacuum sealing to extend the shelf-life of dry ingredients in your pantry that are used in very small quantities at a time such as nuts, spices, yeast, etc. This will not only prevent any spillages but also help to extend the freshness of the dry ingredients. 

Efficient Storage 

If you buy your foodstuff in bulk, especially large volume items such as large packs of seafood, meat, chips, flour, etc. a vacuum sealer can help to break down the items into smaller portion sizes that are more manageable and easier to store in your freezer, refrigerator or pantry. 

Vacuum sealing helps to minimize the space required to store the foods, allowing you to stack and store everything more efficiently. Vacuum sealing also allows you to store any leftover food that can be used later on and helps to minimize food waste. 

Or, you can use the method to store food products in recipe-sized quantities that helps to hasten your prep time while cooking. 

Why Invest In A Vacuum Sealer

Sous Vide Cooking 

If you love using the sous vide technique of cooking and do it quite often, then a vacuum sealer makes it extremely convenient to do it. Vacuum sealing the bag with the food inside for sous vide cooking ensures that no air remains within the bag. This saves you the hassle of dealing with fussy zip-lock bags or looking for other ways of sealing the bag. 

Vacuum sealing also ensures that all the air is removed from the bag, which prevents it from floating when you’re cooking the food. Further, vacuum sealing veggies helps to compress their cells inside, making your veggies denser, crunchier and more colorful. 

Storage Of Non-Food Items 

Why Invest In A Vacuum Sealer

You can use your vacuum sealer to protect even non-food stuff such as important documents, which you can protect from any kind of water damage. 

You can also vacuum seal household items like matches, candles, etc. from getting spoiled. Vacuum sealing medications, bandages, etc. that degrade over time can help to preserve their effectiveness for a longer time. 

So, to answer the question, “is investing in a vacuum sealer worth it?” The simple answer is “yes.” A vacuum sealer is a very useful kitchen accessory that is beneficial for people who purchase foods such as veggies, meats, fruits, cheese, etc. in bulk. 

It helps to prolong the shelf-life of foods by around 4 to 6 times, prevents oxidation, freezer burn or food spoilage, helps to preserve and store food and prevents food wastage.