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Yum Asia Rice Cooker Review & Buyer’s Guide

Published by: Chef Matty Riedel • Updated: March 15, 2024

The Yum Asia Sakura rice cooker is a wonderful product to keep in your home for rice cooking and a range of other things. It makes cooking rice and many other foods easy, which can help you eat more healthily. 

Because you can cook quite a lot of rice with this device, you can feed your family, plan ahead, and get the best results without babysitting your rice every second while it cooks. That gives you time to rest, breathe, and relax. 

In this Yum Asia rice cooker review, we’ll explore the pros and cons of the Sakura model and help you figure out if it’s the right rice cooker for you. 

Yum Asia Rice Cooker Review 

The Sakura rice cooker keeps rice grains at the perfect temperature and gradually fluffs them to the right size. It uses induction heating to give you quality results and doesn’t overheat, making it safe to touch while in operation. It’s a safer alternative to cooking a pot of rice on the stove if you have children or pets who like to play in the kitchen. It’s a versatile device that several different types of home cooks will find useful.

When you invest in the Yum Asia Sakura rice cooker, you can cook rice on your own schedule. You can choose the number of people you want to cook for and know precisely how long your rice will take. That way, you can plan your other cooking so everything is ready simultaneously. 

But if the rest of your meal takes longer to make, don’t worry. The Sakura also keeps rice warm for up to 24 hours.

The induction heating settings allow you to steam your rice instead of blindly cooking it in a pot. The inner lid stays tight to steam the rice continuously. This means that your rice never burns. Instead, it keeps moisture in your rice so it doesn’t dry out. 

The Sakura rice cooker’s state-of-the-art control panel is designed in Korea, and the screen is easy to use. It’s easy to see the progress of the cooker. 

However, that easy-to-use control panel is part of a bold black-and-grey design that won’t fit with every kitchen. Although it stands out, the Yum Asia Sakura remains one of the most functional rice cookers on the market.

Another issue some users reported is that the Sakura sometimes overcooks some of your rice during pre-cooking. This is more likely with long-grain rice such as basmati rice since the grains are larger and have more contact with the bottom of the bowl.

Yum Asia Sakura Rice Cooker Yum Asia Sakura Rice Cooker
  • The Yum Asia Sakura Rice Cooker is a high-end appliance that promises to cook perfect rice every time.
  • It uses advanced fuzzy logic technology to automatically adjust the cooking time and temperature based on the type and amount of rice being cooked.
  • The Sakura also has a variety of other features, including a 24-hour keep-warm function, a delay start timer, and a steam function.

  • Cook on a schedule
  • Keep rice warm
  • Rice won’t burn or dry out
  • Simple control panel
  • Bold design may not match your décor
  • May overcook long-grain rice
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Yum Asia Sakura Rice Cooker: Specifications

  • Yum Asia Sakura

  • Capacity:

    1.5 Litres

  • Power Source:

    Corded Electric

  • Colors Available:

    White and Silver, Black and Silver

  • Power:

    860 watts

  • Controls:


  • Auto Shutoff:

  • Display:


  • Keep Warm/Timer:

    24 hours

  • Item Weight:

    5.05 kg

Yum Asia Rice Cooker Features And Benefits  

When you invest your money and time in the Yum Asia Sakura rice cooker, you benefit from several different types of technology. The rice cooker is packed with new technologies that make it far more functional than a standard rice cooker you turn on and leave for hours.

The cooker’s “brain” uses advanced fuzzy logic technology to control the rice’s temperature so it can cook in phases. Instead of cooking at the same temperature until the water is gone, the cooker constantly changes temperatures to cook your rice perfectly and leave it fluffy at the end of the cycle.

The Yum Asia Sakura uses the same 7-phase rice cooking technology, no matter how much or how little rice you cook. 

First, the device preheats to ensure your rice is ready for cooking and the water warms properly. Then, the device will raise the temperature slowly to heat the water and ensure all the rice absorbs water properly. 

During the heating phase, the temperature rises to 75 and 85 degrees centigrade to ensure the cooking process is not too intense. The setting you choose also changes how the rice will be cooked. 

The steaming stage raises the temperature to around 100, and the condensation will drop from the lid back into the bowl. This part of the cooking process makes your rice fluffy and helps unlock flavours that would otherwise be lost. 

The rice cooker will cool down at this point and switch to the keep warm mode until you are ready to eat. You can also turn it to the keep warm mode for up to 24 hours if you do not plan to eat all the rice at once. 

The keep-warm function has an alarm that will ring after ten minutes to let you know it is about to change to keep-warm mode. It does this automatically, so you don’t need to worry about burning your rice or forgetting to change the setting.

The touch panel is easy to read and manage. It is one of the most sensitive on the market, and it can detect your finger even when you are barely touching it. This makes it easier to change settings or start cooking even if your hands are wet or have food on them. 

The ninja ceramic bowl is the beating heart of this rice cooker. When you use this product, the ceramic coating helps conduct heat more evenly throughout the rice, and you will find that the five-layer bowl is so heavy that it radiates heat even more than normal. The bowl is also BPA-free and PTFE/PFOA-free. 

The 3D heating technology is perfect for a quick cook, but it also helps with long cooks to radiate heat throughout the vessel. If you do not have heat in every part of the vessel, cooking all the rice evenly is difficult. 

You can easily clean the Sakura rice cooker because of its design. The product’s design allows you to remove the bowl for cleaning easily, and you can quickly wipe down any other part of the device that is not cleaned to perfection. 

Best Used For? 

The Sakura rice cooker is best used for cooking large batches of rice to store. It’s also the perfect device for cooking for large groups.

But it’s not all about cooking rice. You can also cook porridge in the cooker. You can use rice or oats as your base for a different texture. 

The Yum Asia Sakura is a compact appliance that fits almost any kitchen. When you have very little space to work with, you can slide the cooker out of the way until you are ready to bring it out to work. Plus, you can use the cooker when travelling with a rice cooker and/or cooking in closed quarters.

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Reasons To Buy? 

If rice is a staple of your diet, a rice cooker will make your life easier since you can leave it unattended, and the rice won’t burn or dry out. Thanks to its precise multi-step cooking process, the Sakura will give you perfect, fluffy rice every time

This rice cooker is ideal if:

  • You have very little room to work with
  • You have a hard time cooking rice
  • You are cooking for large groups
  • You easily get busy in the kitchen
  • You prefer to cook large batches and store them
  • You want to program the rice cooker to perform certain functions
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Yum Asia Rice Cooker: FAQ  

How Does A Rice Cooker Work?  

When you use a rice cooker, add 2 to 1 water to the rice. The cooker will heat up to a high internal temperature and slowly steam the rice until it’s done cooking. The cooker has a lid that allows water to drip back down into the rice so it doesn’t dry out. 

Most rice cookers, including the Yum Asia Sakura, have a function that will keep the rice warm and ensure your rice cooks in the proper amount of time. For maximum flexibility, look for rice cookers with settings for different types of rice, including long- and short-grain rice and different rice dishes.

How To Use A Rice Cooker 

When you want to use a rice cooker, ensure you have the right amount of rice to serve your family or guests. Add that rice to the rice cooker, plus twice the water. For example, you would cook one cup of rice with two cups of water.

Then, close the lid, turn on the rice cooker, and let it cook until it turns off. You do not need to open the lid until you finish the cycle. You can also close the lid and allow the rice to stay warm. The cooker can usually keep your rice warm for up to 24 hours.

What Else Can You Cook In A Rice Cooker

Despite the name, rice cookers aren’t just for rice. You can also cook beans in a rice cooker, which will steam and soften over time. You can steam vegetables using the shortest setting to avoid overcooking them. Like standard white rice, you can also cook brown rice in the cooker. 

You can even use a rice cooker for baking or to cook a cheesecake. You might want to use parchment paper or a similar product to make removing your dessert from the device easier when it’s done. 

Want to make your own yoghurt? You can use a rice cooker for that, too. You can also use it to cook soups or use it like a slow cooker, avoiding the need to buy another device. 

Yum Asia Rice Cooker Review: Summing Up  

If you’re not a fan of rice cookers, we hope this Yum Asia rice cooker review has shown how useful they can be for meal prep and everyday cooking. When you pull out your measuring cup for the first time, you can pour in the right amount of rice and instantly get results. 

The Yum Asia Sakura rice cooker allows you to cook any amount of rice you want, and it provides you with the same quality results every time, thanks to carefully calibrated technology that changes the temperature during the cooking process. Buying this rice cooker helps you save money and time. Plus, it allows you to cook the perfect pot of rice on your own schedule.

Where To Buy The Yum Asia Sakura Rice Cooker


Yum Asia Sakura Rice Cooker

  • Cook on a schedule
  • Keep rice warm 
  • Simple control panel

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