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The Popularity Of Kettle And Toaster Sets

The kitchen is an essential space in any home setting. Like most people, you may find yourself in the kitchen at least severally in a day. Nowadays, everything is all about simplicity and efficiency. The kitchen is getting a boost too. New appliances are being manufactured every day. In the rush of modernizing the kitchen, the visual appeal of kitchenware items is very critical. Manufacturers create the best-looking appliances and often shipping them in sets. Is that why kettle and toaster sets are so popular? Let's find out…

Kettle And Toaster Sets

If you walk in most kitchens in the UK, the high chances are that you will find a matching kettle and toaster set. Besides, the sets are in huge demand across the UK, both online and offline stores. Why are the kettle and toaster sets gaining popularity? If you ask yourself that question, read on find out more about the kettle and toaster sets.

Reasons For The Popularity Of Kettle And Toaster Sets

1. Functionality

Kettle and toaster sets serve as the most fundamental attribute in the kitchen. Almost everyone starts their day with a cup of coffee, tea, or chocolate with some bread. Since breakfast is considered the most important meal, it’s essential to invest in good appliances to make a fantastic breakfast. 

While conventional kettles and toasters were precisely used to prepare coffee or tea, the modern ones are loaded with extra features. For instance, some toasters offer extra features such as reheating and defrosting capabilities.


2. Design

The aesthetic appeal of any appliance goes a long way in satisfying the needs of a person. Most kettle and toaster sets are crafted in unique materials and colours to enhance the appearance of your kitchen. Although there are numerous sets in the market, the colour changes the attractiveness of each brand. Besides the appearance, the sets have to be durable to sustain everyday use. 

Kettle and toaster set heating elements are often covered to ease the task of cleaning them. Maintaining cleanliness in the kitchen is more manageable and thus the popularity.

3. Temperature Control

Good kettles should have variable temperature control. You can set an optimum temperature for a particular drink. This feature is impressive because different drinks are best when the water is heated up to a specific temperature. 

Boiling water is not ideal for coffee and tea. Coffee is best when the water is between 91 – 96 ⁰C, while 70 ⁰C is the ideal temperature for tea.

4. Limescale Filter (Kettle)

Regular boiling of water leads to the build-up of limescale. Some kettles come with a limescale filter to remove the effect of limescale, while others have a concealed compartment for heating to reduce the build-up of limescale.

5. User-Friendliness

Most kettle & toaster sets are easy to operate. You don’t require complex programming to use them to make a perfect breakfast. The control panel is strategically placed, and the buttons are gentle for easy pressing.

6. Browning Levels (Toaster)

A good toaster should possess different levels of browning. You can set the browning levels in most sets effortlessly. The toaster browns the bread depending on the side selected.

7. Warming (Toaster)

You should acquire a set whose toaster can warm bread rolls and croissants. The warmer is a metallic rack that is linked to the toaster separately. You don’t have to fear if your bread gets cold.

Our Top 3 Most Popular Kettle & Toaster Sets

1. Russell Hobbs 24361 Inspire

Russell Hobbs 24361 Inspire Electric Kettle, 3000 W, 1.7 Litre, Black with Chrome Accents with 4 Slice Toaster

The Russel Hobs 24361 is one perfectly furnished set. Its surface is made of plastic with lustrous chrome inflexions. The lift-off lid coupled up with a strategically placed spout for pouring makes the set classy. 

The kettle toaster set is available in various colours; grey, cream, black and red. These colours go a long way in improving the appearance of your kitchen. The efficient kettle allows you to boil a cup of coffee/tea in an incredible 45 seconds. It also features a transparent window to let you see the inside. 

The toaster has 4 slots with different temperature controls to regulate the crisping of your toast. The browning regulator is adjustable, letting users set personal crisping fondness. These exemptional features make customers admire it greatly.

Quick Profile

  • Warranty

    2 years

  • Material


  • Kettle Capacity

    1.7 litre

  • Toaster Slots


  • Available Colors

    Grey, Cream, Black, Redd

  • Features

    Beautiful design; Adjustable browning regulator

Russell Hobbs 24361 Inspire Electric Kettle, 3000 W, 1.7 Litre, Black with Chrome Accents with 4 Slice Toaster

2. Swan, STP3050BN Symphony

Swan Symphony 1.7 Litre Jug Kettle and 2 Slice Toaster Black

Swan STP3050BN is an affordable glossy black set
with copper accents. The combo looks fantastic and performs
well. It’s cost-effective and at the same time gives your kitchen
a new unique look. 

The toaster has 2 wide slots and thus can be used to toast crumpets, sliced bread, bagels, and other snacks. The toaster has excellent features such as defrosting and reheating. Furthermore, it has regulators to ensure that browning levels are precise. 

The 1.7l kettle has a 360⁰ swivel base making it usable by both left and right-handed persons. The 300W coupled with rapid boil technology ensures you spend little time waiting for the water to boil.

Quick Profile

  • Warranty

    2 years

  • Kettle Capacity

    1.7 litre

  • Available Colors

    Black, Grey, White

  • Toaster Slot

    2-wide slots

  • Features

    360 Degree Rotational Base; Rapid boil technology; Removable filter; Removable Filter

Swan Symphony 1.7 Litre Jug Kettle and 2 Slice Toaster Black

3. Bosch DesignLine Plus

Bosch DesignLine Stainless Steel Cordless Kettle with Toaster

The Bosch DesignLine Plus set features a simplistic design, despite packing cool features and having incredible performance. Its passe mint green polish gives the combo an old-fashioned accent. The best thing is that it’s cost-effective and thus affordable for most families. 

The kettle has a detachable filter which makes cleaning super easy. The kettle is compact and features a cordless and lightweight design. The pivot base gives it stability. It also has lid latches to ensure it does not open when water is boiling inside. 

The toaster has 2-wide slots, enough to fit many sizes of toast. Its minimalistic design makes it easy to operate thanks to a light signal that indicates whether the gadget is on or off. Also, it has a dial to control the level of crispiness. Lastly, the toaster has an adjustable bun tray which is helpful in warming snacks without crisping them.

Quick Profile

  • Color


  • Kettle Capacity

    1.7 litre

  • Toaster Slots

    4 slots

  • Kettle Wattage

    3000 watts

  • Toaster Wattage

    1940 watts

  • Kettle Features

    360 degree rotary base and safety locking lid, Limescale protector, Easy pouring without spills

  • Toaster Features

    Defrost and warm-up settings, Automatic shutoff, Toasting chambers separately operable

  • Warranty

    2 years

Bosch DesignLine Stainless Steel Cordless Kettle with Toaster

Summing Up

As you plan to replace or modernise appliances in your kitchen, you should strongly consider the kettle and kitchen combo sets. The combo works perfectly, and you will forever prepare your breakfast in fashion and using less time. 

The excellent features of the kettle and toaster sets are the reason for the rapid rise to fame. Although different combo sets pack different features, you should get a good set without spending too much. 

Some expensive models pack more features that increase the efficiency in the kitchen. However, even the inexpensive models pack the essential features that you need to prepare breakfast with style. 

Did you know that colour is one of the most critical attributes to look at when purchasing a kettle & toaster set?

Cate Nderi