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How To Cook Meat To Be Tender

Published by: Chef Matty Riedel • Updated: January 22, 2024

With These Tips, You Will Revolutionize Your Cooking To Get Succulent And Juicy Meat.

Whether you are a fan of chicken, beef, lamb or any other type of protein, you owe it to yourself to cook it to the best of your ability. Cooking meat is an art you should learn and appreciate by looking into the many different ways to cook it. The mark of excellently cooked meat is the tenderness enjoyed when you sink your teeth into it. With this in mind, there are several different ways to cook your meat in a way that makes it tender and flavorful. Pressure-cooked meat is one way, but for this article, I’ll be discussing the sous-vide method

Since this is such an art, you should take advantage of the points below, which will dictate how exactly you can make your meat as succulent and juicy as any you have ever tasted.

Sous Vide is a tried-and-true method many people have taken to get the absolute most out of the meat they eat regularly.

How To Cook Meat To Be Tender

Understanding The Sous-Vide Cooking Method

This type of cooking involves placing meat in large quantities of hot water over an extended period of time. By doing this, you will be able to give yourself the opportunity to have succulent, tender and juicy meat with every bite. In most situations, people first immerse the meat in hot water using specially sealed bags, allowing them to place the meat into the hot water. You must manage and keep tabs on the temperatures while doing this so that the meat is properly cared for and that you do not develop bacteria and pathogens that set in when your meat is exposed to warm temperatures for long periods of time. The best foods to cope with this method are efficient meats, as vegetables are a bit more tricky.

Pros And Cons Of Sous-Vide Vs Using The Stove Or Grill

You have many options when trying to cook your meat to the best of your tastes, so you should consider this method instead of cooking on a grill or a stove. Let’s look at the pros and cons of choosing sous-vide instead of cooking on a range or a grill.


This method is so beneficial because it helps you avoid having dried and overcooked food. Using other methods, you will be able to get textures and flavours of meat that you otherwise would not have had access to.


Time is a factor with this method, so you may be unable to use it if you are in a pinch. Further, you must invest in equipment you probably do not already have.

Some Ideal Sous-Vide Dishes To Try

There are several quick and easy dishes that you can cook when using this method.

Burgers are a great choice and should be an excellent option that you explore. Using this method, you can also cook steaks of all different types to perfection. Salmon is another dish that works very well with sous vide.

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Get Your Hands On The Right Equipment

If you want to make the most out of the sous vide method, you must purchase specialised equipment. The minimum equipment you need to produce the most tender meat is the following;

  1. Immersion Circulator (we recommend this one, and this one is great, too!) or a water bath
  2. Food Storage Bags
  3. Searing torch

How To Cook Meat To Be Tender: Summing Up

The sous vide cooking method is a simple and easy way of cooking meat to be tender. Use these tips to get the most out of your cooking. With sous vide, your meat will turn out succulent and juicy each and every time. Once you get into sous vide, the number of dishes you can create is almost limitless.

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