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F. Dick Knives Review & Buyer’s Guide

Among the many tools and accessories that a chef will use in the kitchen, few things are more important to food preparation than a good knife. There are many sets of knives to choose from, each offering unique benefits, but few provide the effectiveness and reliability of the Dick Knives brand.  

The German company Friedr. Dick creates its knife sets with long-term use in mind. The manufacturing process ensures that every blade that hits the market is highly resistant to deterioration and corrosion. 

Below is our in-depth Dick Knives review, in which we provide all the information necessary to help you decide which of these knives are most suitable for your kitchen.  

F. Dick Red Spirit Series

F. DICK Red Spirit 81173000 Knife Set (Magnetic Case, Chef's Knife Ajax, Bread Knife, Santoku, Carving Knife, Office Knife, Sharpening Steel, 56° HRC)

The Red Spirit Series knife set was developed according to modern manufacturing trends and aesthetics. At the same time, despite using new techniques, the F. Dick company did not forgo the traditions crafted in their knife manufacturing, instead combining them to make something wholly unique. 

As a result, Red Spirit knives have a distinctive Asian style rounded alloy steel handle for an extremely comfortable grip. 

Main Features 

  • A comfortable, ergonomic design that allows the holder a more solid grip.
  • A special tempering procedure that targets specific parts of the blade, making for a uniquely shaped and finely honed edge. 
  • Blades crafted from the finest-quality steel, with a natural hardness of over 60 HRc. 

The Set Includes:

  • Magnetic Case
  • Chef's Knife Ajax
  • Bread Knife
  • Santoku
  • Carving Knife
  • Office Knife
  • Sharpening Steel


  • The sharpness of the blades allows for more precise cuts.
  • The added hardness allows the Red Spirit knives to keep their edge even after extended use. 


  • The more rigid blades makes the knife easier to break.

Quick Profile

  • Blade Material

    German Steel

  • Length

    25.4 cm

  • Weight

    68 g

2. F. Dick 5 Knife Set + Carving Fork + Magnetic Case 

Dick Knives GF529 Magnetic Knife Case Set

Friedr. Dick Knives offers a comprehensive knife set that comes loaded with every cutting tool you’ll need in a kitchen, an additional carving fork, and a secure magnetic case. Each utensil comes from their Premier Plus Series, a line of knives manufactured specifically for use in professional kitchens.  

Friedr. Dick creates each knife with German XCrMoVMn stainless steel that is further strengthened with chromium, a metal that grants anti-corrosive properties. Additionally, like most of Friedr. Dick’s stock, the knives for this set come with a full tang and bolster. “Full tang” means that the sharp edge stretches along the entire length of the blade, allowing the user to make stronger cuts with less force. 

Main Features 

  • A knife set made to typical Friedr. Dick quality standards. Every knife falls within standards for the Premier Plus series, knives specifically made for professional use. 
  • 10″ serrated slicer 
  • 8 ½” chef knife 
  • 5″ boning knife 
  • 4½” paring knife 
  • 2″ peeling knife 
  • Carving fork 
  • A seamlessly connected blade and hand, allowing for ease of cleaning and handling. 
  • Friedr. Dick makes each blade from chromium-enhanced stainless steel to promote wear-and-tear resistance. Each knife can last for a long time, even after extended use.  
  • Comes with a stylish, magnetic case for easy storage of your knives when they are not in use. 


  • Heavier knives allow for cleaner cuts through tough materials.
  • Magnetic case reduces the risk of misplacing knives.  
  • Blades come with natural curves that work best with a rocking motion. 
  • The magnetic case is lockable and sold with a key for added security.   


  • The heaviness of the knives makes precision cutting difficult. 
  • Longer lasting overall but lose their edge quickly.
Dick Knives GF529 Magnetic Knife Case Set

Quick Profile

  • Set Contains

    Serated Slicer, Chef Knife, Boning Knife, Paring Knife, Peeling Knife, Carving Fork

  • Length

    Serrated Slicer (25 cm), Chef Knife (22 cm), Boning Knife (13 cm), Paring Knife (11 cm), Peeling Knife (6 cm)

  • Material

    German Steel

3. F. Dick 4 Knife Set + Sharpening Steel + Wallet

Dick Knives S903 Active Cut Knife Set with Wallet, Black

The Friedr. Dick 4-Knife Set is similar to the 5-Knife Set, offering professionally crafted knives for use in the kitchen. They come with the traditional full-tang edge seen on most of the Friedr. Dick knife line, allowing for a similarly enhanced chopping strength. Each knife is also ergonomically designed to allow for ease of handling, minimize the risk of injury, and enable more precise food prep. 

While the F. Dick 5-Knife Set carries knives from the brand’s Premier Plus Series, Friedr. Dick stocks the four-knife set with blades from their ActiveCut Series. The difference between the two is noticeable right away, with the ActiveCut knives lighter in weight and having extra-fine honing along their edges. 

All ActiveCut knives are tested with laser technology to ensure a fine cutting edge. At the end of the manufacturing process, the knife makers hone each blade a second time to give it the maximum level of sharpness.  

Main Features 

  • Four ActiveCut knives made to typical Friedr. Dick quality standards while also being lighter and easier to handle. The set includes:
  • 8″ chef knife 
  • 8″ slicer 
  • Flexible 7″ fillet knife 
  • 3.5″ paring knife 
  • Laser technology hones knives from the Freidr Dick ActiveCut series to extreme sharpness. 
  • The set comes with 12″ sharpening steel for honing the edge of your knife before use. 
  • The set also comes with a stylish, rollable wallet for easy storage.   
  • Handles are ergonomic, abrasion-proof, and non-slip.  


  • Lightweight knives are easy to handle. 
  • Versatile selection of knives. 
  • Non-slip handles for better control of the blade. 
  • Extra-sharp blade better for precision food prep.   


  • May not be as precise as a knife from a Japanese brand.
Dick Knives S903 Active Cut Knife Set with Wallet, Black

Quick Profile

  • Set Contains

    Chef's Knife, Slicer, Flexible Fillet Knife, Paring Knife, Sharpening Steel

  • Length

    Chef's Knife (21 cm), Slicer (21 cm), Flexible Fillet Knife (18 cm), Paring Knife (9 cm), Sharpening Steel (30 cm)

  • Material

    German Steel

Dick Knives FAQ 

Where Are F. Dick Knives Manufactured? 

Friedr. Dick is a kitchenware company based in Deizisau, Germany. Initially established in 1778 by founder Johann Friedrich Dick as a file manufacturer, the company started its first foray into kitchenware by introducing steel sharpeners into the product line in 1873. By 1889, Friedr. Dick had a factory in Esslingen that employed 100 workers to create butcher knives and cleavers. 

Since then, F.Dick has become renowned for its high-grade sharpening steels and cutlery. They’re a respected supplier of top-quality kitchen knives in both the professional and (to a lesser extent) public sectors. 

While F. Dick knives haven’t gained mainstream appeal in North America, they are among the most respected kitchenware brands in European countries. Esslingen converted the old F. Dick factory into a landmark after the company moved to Deiziasu in 1997.  

What Does Edge Retention Mean? 

One of the marks of a quality knife is its ability to retain its sharpness after multiple uses. All cutlery brands are vying for the customers’ continued business down the line and ensure that their products are the highest quality possible to entice lifetime purchases. Edge retention is the measure of a knife’s resistance against wear and tear. 

Essentially, the greater the edge retention, the less time you’ll spend sharpening your knife after prolonged use. While it’s a necessary quality to pay attention to while buying kitchen knives, it shouldn’t be the one quality you base your purchasing decision on. An important consideration is that it doesn’t have an official standard of measurement, so what constitutes good edge retention is subjective. 

Another drawback is that high edge retention tends to mean low toughness – meaning the sharper the blade’s edge, the easier the knife as a whole can break. 

What Is The Rockwell Measuring Unit? 

The Rockwell Scale of Hardness is a measurement used by metallurgists to define the hardness of a piece of steel. In the Dick Knife review above and in other knife reviews, you’ll see overall hardness denoted by an HRc. The HR represents the Rockwell Scale, while the letter written after indicates which scale is in use. Manufacturers use a different scale depending on the material they work with, with a “C” representing the one used to measure the hardness of steel used in knives. 

The higher the reading on the Rockwell Scale of Hardness, the harder the material is. But it’s important to remember that harder doesn’t necessarily mean better. While a more rigid metal retains its edge better than a softer metal, the lack of flexibility makes the more rigid blade easier to break than one made of softer materials.  

Dick Knives GF529 Magnetic Knife Case Set

So, what’s the correct hardness rating? How do you know which knife to purchase? Well, it depends on what you’ll be using it for. A simple pocket knife benefits from a high HRc because people don’t usually put it through challenging or extensive use, which, in turn, allows it to maintain the sharper edge given to it by a high hardness rating.  

In contrast, survivalist knives, typically put to much more rigorous use, benefit from lower hardness ratings. While they may not have the sharpest blades, or what sharpness they do have dulls quickly, they make up for it with increased ruggedness and longevity. 

So, a good general rule to remember when purchasing a knife for any purpose is: 

  • High HRc means a more effective blade good for precision cuts but with a shorter lifetime.
  • Low HRc means a less effective blade but an extended lifetime and added reliability. 

Cleaning And Maintenance 

Proper maintenance and regular cleaning are essential if you want to get the best performance out of your knives for the longest amount of time. While standard kitchen knives don’t require much work to keep in a usable state, professional-grade knives, such as Friedr. Dick cutlery, require upkeep that is a bit more involved. 


The most important rule for cleaning high-quality knives is never to put them in the dishwasher. The combination of caustic detergent, high heat, and jostling works to damage the knife. After numerous dishwashing cycles, it’s not uncommon for a knife’s handle to be cracked or rotted, for the blade to have dulled and received nicks, and for the knife to have damaged the interior of the dishwasher. 

For your knives to retain their superior cutting edge, the best practice is to wash them by hand. To do so correctly, first, make sure that you wash it immediately after you’ve used it. Allowing the knife to rest risks food staining the blade, and those stains are harder to clean. Allow the knife to soak in warm, soapy water if the food does dry. 

Otherwise, run water over the blade and wipe away any residue with a damp cloth or sponge. Make sure the edge is facing away from you to avoid injury to your hands or arms.  


It’s a good practice to keep a sharpening tool on hand for when your knives start to dull from repeated use. While a dull knife may seem like a non-issue if it still cuts, the loss in sharpness translates to a loss of control, and you can quickly end up hurting yourself. It’s the best practice to sharpen your knives every few months or, at minimum, once a year. 

Dick Vs. Global Knives 

German and Japanese kitchenware manufacturers tend to have different design philosophies, leading to notable variations between knife brands. These variations are particularly notable between the German knives brand Friedr. Dick and the Japanese brand Global Cutlery. 

Knives from the F. Dick line are rounder and thicker than Japanese knives. They are created with softer steel to promote greater durability, allowing them to work on even the toughest bone or gristle with much less risk of breaking. Their blades are made even stronger with their full-tang construction, making F. Dick knives a reliable and consistent option in the kitchen.  

However, one particular drawback to the increased toughness is a loss in blade sharpness. Even at their sharpest, some F .Dick knives can’t compare to other brands when it comes to precise cutting. 

Knives from the Global Cutlery line are made in a manner different from Friedr. Dick’s knives. They are crafted with harder steel and honed to have a razor-sharp edge. While some knife series from Global Cutlery have full tangs, that tends to vary depending on the type of knife. In general, Japanese knives are lighter, with the blades curving at shallower angles to aid in making precise cuts.  

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Dick Knives Review: Summing Up 

The F. Dick 1905 Couteau-éplucher, five-knife sets, and four-knife sets are made to the same quality standards expected from the Friedr. Dick line. The German company takes the time to ensure every knife in their inventory is honed to the sharpest edge possible. Additionally, each set includes knives for a variety of uses and the means to keep them secure and maintained. 

While Friedr. Dick knives may not match the sharpness of some competitors’ knives, the soft metal and full tang on the blade ensure reliable cutlery that you’ll use for years to come. 

F. DICK Red Spirit 81173000 Knife Set (Magnetic Case, Chef's Knife Ajax, Bread Knife, Santoku, Carving Knife, Office Knife, Sharpening Steel, 56° HRC)

F. Dick Red Spirit Series

Editors Choice

  • Precise cuts
  • Keeps its edge even after extended use
  • Finest-quality steel 
F. DICK Red Spirit 81173000 Knife Set (Magnetic Case, Chef's Knife Ajax, Bread Knife, Santoku, Carving Knife, Office Knife, Sharpening Steel, 56° HRC)

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