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Le Creuset Griddle Pan Review & Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for a way to bring the taste of the grill indoors to enjoy throughout the year? A high-quality griddle pan is an ideal tool for the job. We have researched for you in our Le Creuset Griddle Pan review, so read on to see if this skillet is worth the investment for you and your family.

Le Creuset Griddle Pan Review

Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Grillit Frying Pan With Helper Handle and Two Pouring Lips, For All Hob Types and Ovens, 26 cm, Cerise, 201832606

What sets the Le Creuset Grill Pan apart from the other cast iron skillets or non-stick grill pans out there? Le Creuset modernised its cast iron pans to fit today’s technology and lifestyle while retaining the best features of traditional cast iron. The resulting utensils require less time-intensive care while still providing decades of reliable cooking.

Material And Design Created For Results

Grilling enthusiasts know the magic of the grill is in the char marks. These characteristic dark lines result from the caramelisation of the food’s natural sugars resulting in a smoky, mildly sweet flavour. They are not lines of burned food, characterised by an acrid smell and bitter taste.

Char marks result from a reaction between carbohydrates and the amino acids in foods under heat called the Maillard reaction. This process requires high heat to begin. The problem arises when the temperature difference between the metal grill and the spaces is too great, resulting in an uneven finish.

You need specific conditions to obtain a well-cooked dish with those lovely, flavorful char marks, not just a grid of metal for the food to cook over. If you focus on creating these lines without the proper conditions, you may end up with a lacklustre dish made up of nicely charred marks while the rest of the food remains undercooked. The Le Creuset Griddle Pan’s design helps prevent this undesirable outcome.

Cast iron is loved for its durability and even cooking. Combine that with the ridges in Le Creuset’s grill pan design and the protective enamel coating, and you have an ideal tool to create tasty results right in your home kitchen.

The ridges provide concentrated heat to form perfectly charred grill marks, and the remaining cooking surface’s heat distribution ensures even cooking throughout the dish.


  • Durable and Dishwasher Safe 
  • Even Heating
  • Helper Handle for Easy Use 
  • Available in Many Colours  


  • Heavy 
  • Relatively Expensive
Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Grillit Frying Pan With Helper Handle and Two Pouring Lips, For All Hob Types and Ovens, 26 cm, Cerise, 201832606

Le Creuset Griddle Pan Features And Benefits

Helper Handle 

Anyone who has used a cast iron skillet knows they are much heavier than their steel counterparts. Transferring cast iron pans from grill to oven or hob to counter is difficult for many because of this added weight. Our Le Creuset Griddle Pan review focused on the 26 cm square version, which comes equipped with an integrated helper handle for improved stability and easy manoeuvring.

Cast iron handles can also get extremely hot, especially if you use your skillet in the oven. I find that even on my hot plate my handle gets too hot to just pick it up in my hand. But My Home Selection has found a solution. Silicone Hot Handle Holders. The Lodge can stand up to 232C or 450F, they come in a range of colours and they can be washed in the dishwasher

Another benefit of cast iron pans is the fact they are all one piece. You never have to worry about the main handle or helper handle loosening with use. Just remember to use oven mitts for both handles when lifting or moving the griddle pan from the hob to the oven, table, or counter.

Pouring Lips 

What if char marks make no difference to you? What benefit does the Le Creuset Griddle Pan have over other cast iron pans? The same ridges used to produce those char marks lift the food above the rest of the cooking surface so that you can achieve even results without your food cooking in its excess fats and oils, creating leaner meals in your home kitchen.

Le Creuset included pouring lips in their griddle pan design to allow quick, easy, and clean draining without drips and spills. The two lips sit on the sides opposite the handle and helper handle for comfortable use for both left or right-handed cooks.

Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Grillit Frying Pan With Helper Handle and Two Pouring Lips, For All Hob Types and Ovens, 26 cm, Cerise, 201832606

Enamel Coating

Other than their weight, what is the main complaint home cooks often have about cast iron pans? They are not dishwasher safe and require more care than more modern skillet types. However, the entire Le Creuset Griddle Pan is enamel coated to protect the cast iron core for great results with low maintenance.

The pan’s enamel coating increases its durability and easy care. Clear enamel coats the cooking surface, and a wide range of coloured enamels are available to cover the outer portions of the pan.

What is the benefit of enamel? To answer this, we must first consider cast iron’s main drawback. It rusts.

The extra care needed for cleaning and maintaining traditional cast iron cookware is necessary not only to protect the patina responsible for its non-stick coating but to prevent the iron from rusting. Since rust results from iron’s interaction with oxygen, an enamel coating provides excellent protection. It also allows the skillet to stand up to dishwasher jets and soaps.

Certain types of utensils such as metal tools, knives, metal scrubbing pads, and electric mixers should not be used with the pan. They may damage the enamel protecting the cast iron and lead to rusting. However, with proper care and use, a Le Creuset Griddle Pan should last a lifetime.

Best Used For?

The Le Creuset Griddle Pan’s design lends itself best to grilled foods and searing meats. The raised ridges lift cuts off the main cooking surface to allow for easy removal of excess fat and oil while also providing direct heat to create the perfect char marks for added flavour and visual appeal.

The pan is also ideal for deep and shallow frying. Ensure you completely cover the base with liquid oils or fat before placing it over the heat and avoid allowing the skillet to boil dry. Heating with partial coverage may cause enamel damage.

The Le Creuset Griddle Pan is poorly suited for dry cooking outside of grilling meats. The enamel surface itself is not a non-stick surface. Seasoning is needed to create a non-stick patina, so always brush with butter or oil to prevent sticking when grilling.

While possible to use for baking, the textured cooking surface may cause frustration if used to cook battered foods, cakes, or frittatas. Should you decide to use it for such dishes, the pan should either be well seasoned to create a patinated, non-stick surface.

Reasons To Buy Le Creuset Griddle Pan 

If you enjoy grilled foods but live somewhere where the weather or a lack of outdoor space make grilling out difficult, the Le Creuset Griddle Pan will make an excellent addition to your kitchen tools. Its square shape, ridged design, and spacious 26 cm surface maximise the available cooking surface while remaining compact enough to fit most kitchens.

You can use this versatile cast iron skillet on the grill, hob, or in the oven.

The cooking surface design and cast iron core provide even heat distribution for consistent results. The ridges create direct contact points that can be oiled at high heat to produce char marks when desired.

Solid casting means the sturdy handle and helper handle are part of the main body of the skillet. There are no seams or bolts that can loosen over time, so both handles will remain stable grips for transferring between the oven, hob, and table for the life of the pan. Pouring lips on either side allow for easy and mess-free draining.

Finally, the complete enamel coating brings cast iron into the modern era. While seasoning the pan to create a non-stick coating is possible, it is not a necessity. The enamel creates a dishwasher-safe seal to protect the cast iron so long as you follow the use and care instructions.

  • Colour


  • Product Dimensions

    35.31 x 38.35 x 6.6 cm

  • Capacity

    1.6 litres

  • Volume Capacity

    1.6 litres

  • Material

    Cast Iron

  • Auto Shutoff


  • Special Features

    Induction stovetop compatible

  • Item Weight

    3.2 kg

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For those who have never owned a cast-iron skillet or a griddle pan before, their care and use can be a bit confusing. Even cooks who have used traditional cast iron cookware for decades may find a few features a bit different than they imagine. Below are a few questions we had when beginning the Le Creuset Griddle Pan review with the answers we found while researching.

Do I Need To Season The Le Creuset Griddle Pan?

The answer to this depends upon whether you prefer the convenience of dishwasher cleaning or put in the work to let your Le Creuset Griddle Pan build a non-stick coating over time. Those who can put the pan in the dishwasher do not need to season it. The abrasive nature of the spray and soapy water would damage or remove the patina anyway.

If you want your griddle pan to develop a non-stick coating, seasoning is needed to create it. 

How are cast iron pans seasoned? The process starts with an initial cleaning with warm, soapy water. Then, the clean and thoroughly dried pan is coated with oil, heated for several minutes, and wiped out.

Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Grillit Frying Pan With Helper Handle and Two Pouring Lips, For All Hob Types and Ovens, 26 cm, Cerise, 201832606

You repeat the process of oiling, heating, and wiping out the pan several times to create a patina. Then it is maintained by washing with only hot water and a cloth. Should soaps or intense scrubbing be required due to burned on messes, it is advisable to repeat the seasoning process.

Le Creuset’s enamel coating on their griddle pans helps simplify this process considerably. The enamel seals the cast iron and prevents rusting, so oil sealing is not required. While seasoning your grill pan upon purchase will ensure a non-stick coating from day one, the process is not strictly necessary.

Those who want a non-stick coating but do not wish to go through a time-consuming seasoning process may brush the already hot pan with oil with each use. Then gently wash with hot water and pat dry. When repeated, this will build a patina over time.

What Is the Best Way To Clean The Griddle Pan?

Always allow the Le Creuset Griddle Pan to cool completely before cleaning. The thermal shock of hot but still cooler water on the hot skillet can cause chipping and cracking of the enamel coating that protects the cast iron.

Once the pan has cooled, use a cloth or paper towel to brush out any food remnants in the pan. If there is sticking, fill the square skillet with water and soak for 15-20 minutes before cleaning with a cloth.

To get the best results and longevity from your griddle pan, avoid brushes, metal scrubbing pads, and harsh abrasives when cleaning it. These may damage the enamel coating and lead to rust development.

While the Le Creuset Griddle Pan is dishwasher safe, please note the use of soapy water or dishwasher cleaning will delay or completely prevent the development of a non-stick coating on the cooking surface. Clean with hot water only and pat dry to build and maintain the patina responsible for the desired non-stick coating. Should you have stubborn, stuck-on food in the pan, use a small amount of baking soda.

What Can I Cook On Griddle Pan

The generous, square cooking surface, even heat distribution, and its ability to be used on the hob, in the oven, or directly on a grill makes the griddle pan a versatile tool for your kitchen. Taking the time for proper seasoning and care increases the possible uses for the skillet.

Even heat distribution and the ridged texture of the cooking surface make it ideal for indoor grilling. It is a square pan, adding a few precious centimetres to the overall cooking surface to make grilling enough for the whole family possible. Brush the preheated surface with fat or oil before adding your meat or vegetables for lovely and tasty char marks.

It works well for shallow or deep frying, and seasoning a non-stick coating onto the cast iron griddle pan gives it the ability to be used for baking as well.

Le Creuset Griddle Pan Review: Summing Up 

Le Creuset’s brand notoriety causes many to wonder if the product lives up to the hype enough to make it worth the price.  We took pains to keep our Le Creuset Griddle Pan review objective to give you a clear and accurate view of the product. 

While it can take a bit of work and practice to become accustomed to the griddle pan and its care, it produces consistent, excellent results. It is a versatile cooking vessel, and with proper care, it is durable enough to last generations. Add in Le Creuset’s offered lifetime guarantee, and the Le Creuset Griddle Pan is well worth the investment.

Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Grillit Frying Pan With Helper Handle and Two Pouring Lips, For All Hob Types and Ovens, 26 cm, Cerise, 201832606

Le Creuset Griddle Pan

Editors Choice

  • Attractive design 
  • Boils quickly
  • Large 1.7 L capacity 
Le Creuset Signature Enamelled Cast Iron Grillit Frying Pan With Helper Handle and Two Pouring Lips, For All Hob Types and Ovens, 26 cm, Cerise, 201832606

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