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Magimix Blender Review & Buyer’s Guide

Published by: Chef Jan Dubsky • Updated: February 22, 2024 • Checked By: Chef Matty Riedel

Save time and find ways to use it more effectively!

Find out how in this Magimix Blender review! Most productivity gurus share posts on the importance of time management. Spend time on social media responsibly, and automate tasks so that you can listen to an audiobook while commuting. The list goes on. 

What about other productivity hacks outside of our virtual realm? One of them sure is saving time when preparing food. Spending less time cooking more efficiently each day can go a long way. Even when you enjoy cooking, there is not enough opportunity for daily time-consuming kitchen sessions. 

That’s where my excitement about blenders comes from. Although I enjoy cooking, I also want quality, nutritious food, even on busy days. Grab and go kind of thing. Blenders can help us with many tasks. It is worth spending money on quality equipment. It will provide reliability and long-lasting performance. 

I have tried many blenders so far. Magimix Blender stands out from the crowd due to its amazing performance-to-price ratio. It is easy to use and even easier to clean.

Magimix Blender Review

Magimix is a well-established brand that has been making professional food processors and kitchen robots since the 60s. The company stands behind the invention of the very first food processor. Made with the touch of French design and precision, it is no wonder why it is still a popular brand.

The Magimix Blender is a reliable kitchen helper that can replace a few kitchen appliances, especially when used creatively and skillfully. Its simple design and operation make it suitable for most households and levels of cooks. People with more interest in nutrition than cooking will find its ease of use very convenient. More advanced cooks needing an assistant in their kitchen will appreciate the wide range of tasks this machine can handle.

Magimix blender will help you with milkshakes, smoothies, protein shakes, cocktails and slushies. The powerful motor will crush ice cubes into fine powder. It can blend hot soup into a nice smooth puree. Save your time mixing pancake batter in the mornings, which is useful, especially when making breakfast for the whole family.  My favourite part? This blender is one of the easiest to clean.  

Magimix 11619 Le Blender Magimix 11619 Le Blender
  • You need an appliance that handles its job easily.
  • Although the jug is made of glass, the overall appliance is compact and durable, giving you security.
  • Its classic design is marvellous, and it takes up very little space in your kitchen. 
  • It comes with a good guarantee and add-on accessories that are very handy in the kitchen, especially if you love adventures.
  • A 30-year motor combined with a 3-year parts warranty is something rare.
  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for hot and cold ingredients
  • Powerful and quiet
  • Not designed to run for long periods of time
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Magimix Blender: Specifications

  • Magimix Blender

  • Capacity:

    1.8 litres

  • Number of Manual Speeds:

    4 – Progressive, Starting up, Turbo, Pulse function

  • Number of Pre-programmed Modes:

    4 – Desserts, Ice, Soups, Smoothies

  • Jug Material:

    Heat resistant Borosilicate Glass 0% BPA

  • Colour:


  • Item Weight:

    4.8 kg

  • Power:

    1200 watts

  • Jug Material:

    Heat resistant Borosilicate Glass 0% BPA

  • Warranty:

    30 years on motor, 3 years parts and accessories

Magimix Blender Review: Features And Benefits

Powerful And Relatively Quiet

Fresh fruit or root vegetables will be liquidized in seconds. A precisely engineered motor will crush ice, frozen or dried fruit and even nuts. However, the manufacturer recommends using the mill attachment for crushing nuts and spices. To preserve the longevity of the blades. Proceed at your own risk. 

Awarded with the Quiet Mark Accreditation. It is quieter compared to other blenders in the same category. Don’t expect that you can make a quick midnight pina colada without waking up the neighbours. If you insist on doing so anyway, at least share a glass with them. 

Hot & Cold Use

In this Magimix Blender review, I want to highlight the durable, borosilicate glass jug that it comes with. It is designed to hold cold and hot ingredients. What I like about using a glass jug is that it won’t leave any scratches or leftover odours, compared to plastic jugs. Its only disadvantage is more weight. This blender will blend hot soups into smooth puree or make refreshing ice-cold slushies. 

Manual And Pre-programmed Settings

Add your 5-a-days into the jug, top it with coconut water and let the Smoothie mode do the rest of the job. Each mode will change the speed accordingly and switch itself off when finished. Magimix blender offers 4 pre-programmed settings. Crushed ice, drinks, soups, and frozen desserts.

 4 manual speeds will give you more control over your creations. However, remember not to let it run longer than 60 seconds at a time. Always start at the lowest speed and gradually shift to higher gears. 

What is the Magimix PULSE function for? It simply runs the blades at maximum speed and automatically switches itself off when you release the button. It gives you the ultimate control over the texture of your dish. Emulsify ingredients or pulverize unpeeled tomatoes into atoms. 


Cleaning is the best part of this kitchen helper. It saves a lot of time, especially on the busy mornings. After you are finished with blending, pour warm water inside the jug, and optionally add some dish soap. Turn on the AUTO CLEAN mode. Rinse in clean water, and you are done. Ready to blend more. To clean it more thoroughly, the whole jug can be easily taken apart and washed, even in a dishwasher. Assembling the parts back together is quick and simple.

Easy To Use

Operation is very simple and straightforward. The buttons and mode-selecting wheel are sturdy and easy to clean. I find this very useful compared to the blender I had before. That one had a touchscreen, which was clumsy to use with wet hands. To wipe the screen, I had to unplug it first so it wouldn’t turn some features on. Not very practical for clean-as-you-go habits. 

The 8 mods, 4 pre-programmed and 4 manual, are enough to complete most jobs. The bigger selection will bring headaches studying and remembering which was for what. 

A plastic lid with rubber sealing holds the contents well. A hole at the top is useful when adding ingredients while blending. Or leave it closed with a cap that can also be used as a measuring cup. Use it to fold some chocolate chips into the cake batter. Or pour additional juice if your smoothie is getting too thick. It comes equipped with a spatula to scrape all of the blended goodness from the jug’s sides or stir the ingredients inside.

Additional Attachments

Magimix offers additional attachments for the blender. A smoothie cup of two sizes equipped with a lid. Take your homemade smoothie with you while commuting to work or the gym. Simply replace the glass jug with the smoothie cup. Blend, cap with a lid and go. Leave the cleaning for later. 

I find the second addon even more useful. The Mill attachment is designed to grind spices and other hard ingredients. Instantly make a crumble with some biscuits. Turn caster sugar into icing sugar in seconds. You can even crush coffee beans. However, if you have a coffee grinder, please do them justice and use the grinder. 

Best Used For?

As I am excited about this kitchen helper, I want to share a few tips with you in my Magimix blender review. These are just a few suggestions for getting the most out of a heat-resistant blender like this one. 

Smoothie Bowls, Protein Shakes, Cocktails And Other Drinks

I use it to blend my favourite cold drinks or nutrition-packed shakes. I’ll cut some fresh fruit for a thick smoothie bowl and freeze it first. It will save most of its nutrition. In a way, it can replace a cold-press juicer. I know it is different from juice, but nutrition will be preserved. I then blend frozen fruit with coconut water or plant milk. Using fresh fruit with ice will reduce the flavour. I like adding cocoa and protein powder. The result will be a bowl of thick goodness. I usually top it up with fresh fruits, seeds and nuts. It makes a nice, light, but nutritious breakfast.

Hot Soups And Purees, Sauces

bowl of carrot soup on a blue tablecloth

As I mentioned earlier, the heat-resistant jug is a powerful feature. I can cook my favourite soup and turn it into a smooth pure without an immersion blender. Just top it with some croutons, and it’s good to go. A small kitchen makes me thankful when I don’t have to keep many tools in it. I find it especially useful when making traditional caramel sauce, which requires much attention. If the sugar starts crystalizing when stirring in a pot, use this heat-resistant blender. If you have a passion for making desserts, give it a try. You’ll get a smooth caramel sauce every time. 

Batters For Cakes, Pancakes Or Protein Waffles And Desserts

On Sunday mornings, I like to make pancakes. However, making the batter and cleaning the whole mess later breaks the idyllic idea. With the Magimix blender, I’ll just put the ingredients in the jug and let it blend on a low speed. When mixed well, I’ll pour it directly into the pan. One pancake at a time. The opening in the lid makes it easier to add flour or other dry ingredients gradually into the batter. Very convenient for making cakes, I can fold in chocolate chips or pieces of nuts towards the end of blending so they won’t get chopped. 

Plant-Based Milk

I’m a big fan of plant-based milk alternatives. Cashew nut milk is my favourite. However, it can be pricey. I also want to have control of the sugar content in my drinks. With a blender such as Magimix, I can make any plant milk for which I can get ingredients. Sugar-free, sweetened with honey or dried dates. There are a lot of options. 

Reasons To Buy

Magimix blender will bring a lot of value to every household. Those who live a busy lifestyle, focused on other activities more than cooking, will appreciate the convenience of making various dishes using one machine. It is especially useful if nutrition is your priority. I try minimizing dairy in my diet. Homemade plant-based milk saves me a lot of money. 

Home cooks and aspiring chefs interested in advancing their cooking skills will also find this blender very useful in their kitchens. It will help you make smooth puree or sauces of all kinds. Personally, I don’t make desserts that often. I do not need to pay for an expensive, bulky stand mixer. With this blender, I can make some simple batters very easily. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Clean My Magimix Blender?

1. Pour warm water into the jug and let it run at speed 3 for 30s. Or turn on the auto clean mode. 
2. Disassemble the jug by removing the lid and unscrewing the blade attachment at the bottom. Wash with dish soap and let dry. 
3. Clean the surfaces with a wet cloth. Make sure that the blender is unplugged before cleaning. 

Can It Grind Spices?

Yes. Manufacturer suggests using the Mill attachment

Can It Grind Nuts?

It can grind most nuts if ground in small batches. The manufacturer recommends using the Mill attachment as objects too hard can damage the blade. Proceed at your own risk.

Can It Grind Coffee Beans?

Yes, it can grind coffee beans; however, it is better to use a coffee grinder. 

How Do You Use The Magimix Blender?

Assemble the blender. Add ingredients to the jug. Cover it with a lid, and make sure that it fits properly. Select the blending mode and press the button. For manual blending, always start at a low speed, increasing gradually. Do not blend for longer than 60 seconds at a time. Use the PULSE button to make the mixture even more smoother.

Can I Make Hummus Or Tahini With This Blender?

Yes, The Magimix blender can make a smooth Hummus or Tahini sauce. 

Is The Magimix Worth The Money?

It can definitely replace a few other appliances, prepare fast nutritious meals, and save time cooking and cleaning.

What Comes It With In The Box?

It usually comes with a recipe book, spatula, measuring cup, lid, jug and blender.

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Magimix Blender Review: Summing Up

Magimix Blender is a very versatile tool. I like how easy it is to use it and clean it. Pre-programmed modes are great for making quick, proven recipes, while manual mode lets me get more creative.  Considering that it can replace a few other appliances on the kitchen counter, that sounds great, too, as I only have a small kitchen in my apartment. The nice, minimalistic design gives the kitchen a neat look. The perks with a long warranty give it a great price-to-performance ratio. 

Where To Buy The Magimix Blender

Magimix Blender

  • Easy to clean
  • Suitable for hot and cold ingredients
  • Powerful and quiet 

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